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  • Accessibility:
    Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
    Relaxed Performance
    Sight not needed
    May not apply to all performances. You'll find more information about accessibile performances and how to book tickets in the accessibility tab below.
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


Wild and wonderful #Pianodrome house band S!nk bring you to life with a full spectrum of new music and movement in their traveling 100-seat amphitheatre made entirely from upcycled pianos. With different guest acts each night and a specially designed light show, spend an evening at the biggest small venue in town. Two shows in one. 'The best thing I've ever seen' (Amanda F Palmer). www.madeinscotlandshowcase.com. Visit www.pianodrome.org for full guest line-up. Shows on 16th, 17th and 24th are for S!nk only.

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General venue access

  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
    Relaxed Performance
    Sight not needed
  • Accessible entry: Information not supplied
  • Wheelchair access type: Permanent Ramp

  • Stairs: Information not supplied

Each venue can contain several space with different accessibly information. Visit the venue page for full venue accessibility info

Relaxed performances

  • Dates: 7 August, 14 August, 21 August
  • Booking options: You can book independently online, or contact our access team for more information or to discuss any accessibility requirements.
  • Character Introduction Details
  • Additional information: During these shows audience members are welcome to come and go as they please. Ushers will be available to give advice or to lead audience members to a calm area. It is recommended that audience members who feel they might like to leave the space take a seat on one of the bottom benches of the Pianodrome.

Be aware that this show features:

  • Total Audience Black Out
  • An intermission
  • Permission to move around and make noise
  • Permission to engage with performer

Show does not feature:

  • Flashing Lights/Strobed Lighting
  • Loud/repetitive/high pitched/unexpected or overlapping sound
  • Distinctive smells
  • Special effects (e.g. smoke/bubbles/pyrotechnics)
  • Latex balloons
  • Characters expressing anger
  • Heavily dialogue-driven scenes
  • Audience required to walk around
  • Audience required to undertake directed movement
  • Audience required to sing/speak along with/for performer
  • Audience invited on stage
  • Performer goes into audience area
  • Audience chill out area
  • Show guide or synopsis or character list

How and when to make an access booking

Our access tickets service is available to anyone who:

  • Would like to book specific accessibility services, e.g. a hearing loop, audio description headsets, captioning units, seating in relation to the location of the BSL interpreter
  • Requires extra assistance when at a venue
  • Has specific seating requirements
  • Is a wheelchair user
  • Requires a complimentary personal assistant ticket to attend a performance

Ram Salafia 108 days ago

Absolutely amazing venue, a place that resonates with the performance that takes place in it and puts both the audience and the performers in a more interconnected and participative mode of watching and breathing the show...
Plus all the acts have always been of outstanding quality, and the whole concept keeps in mind sustainability and the reusage of materials that would otherwuse go to scrap. Most impressive, interesting and innovative project seen at the Fringe in years

Matthew Bourne 117 days ago

Please come and support this fantastic venue, and the community of people who created it. So much love has been poured into making this space a home away from home, a gentle yet adroit departure from what to expect in a conventional concert or musical event setting. S!nk, the house ensemble, were excellent hosts, and superb musicians - making full use of the space both within and outside the performance arena... (I won’t spoil the surprises!), achieving a rare state of grace: one cannot help but feel included as an equal in their creative endeavours throughout the performance.

The Pianodrome itself is a beautiful cacophony of recycled pianos - each tier of seating housing its own, playable piano. The eye is free to wander amongst the inexhaustible details of its construction, and yet it is a space that inspires intimacy, fun, and communion with music.

So... if you’re going to make a choice of what to go and see at the Fringe this year, make space in your diary for one of these wonderful shows. You will not be disappointed :)

Victoria Salmon 119 days ago

***** A brilliant concept - an amphitheatre of recycled pianos - and executed with fun and imagination. Amusing and engaging for anyone of any age. Great music too. I with them every success - well deserved.

Ian Macdonald 124 days ago

This is an exceptional venue and show. S!nk are quite remarkable musicians and performers, and the venue, with seating made from old pianos is so unique. The live guest was Callum Easter, awesome.

Al Ramsay 127 days ago

Loved the venue, loved Anna Mieke who I think will go on to big things, loved S!nk who were imaginative musicians, clearly having fun and who interacted so well with each other and the audience. We’re already looking to see which accompanying act we would like to go back to see.
I loved the intimacy of a small setup which reminded me of some of the quirkier venues of the Fringe from years ago before the bigger, standardisation of venues took grew to a large proportion of venues on offer. The fact that they repurposed old pianos so well and lit it so well is fantastic.

Alan Shepherd 127 days ago

Fabulous venue, original, fun and intimate. The house band, Sink, are superb - a talented and fun bunch of musicians - and they have a great range of special guests.

sally freedman 127 days ago

It's a phenomenon - Pianodrome!
Thinking of checking it out - go! There's NOTHING like it, it's divine madness manifested in pianos.
Brilliantly talented musicians float and swoop like larks and swallows, with sound and movement. They are SINK! your heart will open and your ribs will be tickled by their complete openness to the present moment. There is subtle yet dramatic lighting throughout, and a burgeoning bar in the welcoming entrance area. Pitt Street's industrial realm pulsates with the musical mystery of it all...

marilyn nicholl 127 days ago

Unique, inspiring, convivial - the incredibly talented group SINK combine music and improvisation with wonderful audience connection. Having, with volunteers, created an amazing theatre entirely from upcycled pianos, they now invite a range of musicians and performers to work alongside them each evening. Anna Mieke performed for this first evening, but it was SINK themselves who stole the show. I found parts of the music and singing almost haunting- certainly touching - and other pieces with soaring sax or violin, terrific double bass and percussion just plain exilerating. Go see/hear for yourselves ! If I had stars to offer I would give them FIVE...

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The List (5/5 stars) 104 days ago

Unique and magical hour at the Fringe courtesy of house band S!nk...

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 109 days ago

What do you do with a lot of old pianos? Why, build a Pianodrome of course. ...

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EdFestMagazine (5/5 stars) 109 days ago

The Pianodrome is one of those incredibly rare things; a passion project that has been successfully executed.
Pianodrome is a ‘radical re-imagining of what the piano is and can be in today’s throw-away culture’ and every element attests to how clever design and creativity can break away from a wasteful society. Come for the concept, stay for the incredible music that’s being performed every day and night. A truly special space.

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Fest (4/5 stars) 112 days ago

Could Pianodrome be the friendliest venue in town? Situated in a functional market building on an unassuming side street heading towards Leith, it's certainly off the beaten track. The name of this unique den of music derives from the central, in-the-round performance area dominated by a tall 100-seater constructed out...

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Deadline News (5/5 stars) 117 days ago

UNDER the dome, among the seats made of old music the magic becomes tangible.

Pianodrome house band S!nk bring you to life with a full spectrum of new music and movement in their traveling 100-seat amphitheatre made entirely from upcycled pianos.

It was not a regular live film score but a complete spectacle with a musicality so well achieved that it is hard to believe that most of what is happening is improvised.

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