Paved with Gold and Ashes

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Based on a true event in New York City, 1911. With immigrants arriving in floods from all over Europe, for many the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory is one of the most coveted places to work. Some say that in America the streets are paved with gold - full of wealth and opportunity. But as these five young women battle poverty, capitalism, unfair working conditions, and - on one fateful afternoon in March - one of the deadliest workplace disasters in US history, their dreams soon turn to ashes… 'An unflinching mirror to today' ***** (

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Sean Davis 32 days ago

Paved with Gold and Ashes (****)
We get a taste of the lives of five young immigrant women who work running sewing machines in a 1911 garment factory before its horrendous fire. Even though two are sisters, each life outside the factory is quite different from the others, and allows the play to provide an expansive view of life as a poor immigrant in New York City. Since the fire is the source of inspiration for this play, it was gratifying to see how they could provide many of its details within the framework of the play.

This is the 36th most enjoyable of the 184 shows I have seen so far at the Fringe this year. I hope to see more than 200. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

Robin Fishkind 34 days ago

Truly Outstanding. Beautifully written -poetic, poignant & powerful. Stellar acting from the cast of 5 women who share the day to day work experience at the factory, their hopes & dreams, their memories, and ultimately bring us right into the experience of tragic fire. With use of only their voices, beautifully spoken and sung, and their movements, the terrifying is realized, the heartbreak felt. Delivered so well, the audience momentarily still & silent. This is the best show I’ve seen at The Fringe. Highly recommend!

Maja Bloom 38 days ago

Such an incredibly heartbreaking story delivered with passion & commitment

PJ Vickers 39 days ago

Just Saw This…
Five plucky, young immigrant factory girls in NYC, in the first decade of the 20th century, hope for a better life in the production-line American dream.
The five actor cast tell the story in direct address, off-set by tasteful choreography and elegant physical touches, executed so with gusto.
One really feels for these brave and bright young souls, we celebrate their optimism with them.
But their early disregard for the union and the consequences of their willing wage-slavery comes back to bite them.
Though the story is set over 100 years ago, the spectre of 9/11 hovers. It’s a kind of pageant to the end of the Dream, the end of naïveté.
The piece feels like a folk tale, but the sentimentality is off-set by such sensitive, heart-warming artistry and precision - its creators are craftsmen and women. And it has a cast of FIVE! A rare treat in the era of the dreaded solo show (I say that and I’m doing one myself).
This is one to watch. And the singing’s fab. A beautiful show.

Charlotte Walker 39 days ago

Well written and well researched piece beautifully brought to life by excellent acting and directing. No gimmicks or special effects, just words, music and real heart. A lovely piece.

Hug Hernandez 41 days ago

Brilliant. Absolutely mesmerising. The writing is so pure and detailed. It transports you to the time and place of the events instantly. 5 incredibly talented actresses that give their heart and soul to their performances. Beautiful singing, staging, devising and attention to every single detail. Truly a must see. If there's ever been a 5 star show it's this one. 10/10.

Kevin Marchand 42 days ago

A very well crafted piece of theatre around the disaster, powerfully weaving various immigrant stories together. if you like engaging theatre make time to see this show. A top 3 show for me
(Reviewer 70 year old straight male)

Stuart Forbes 42 days ago

This has been a highlight of my Fringe. One of the most powerful shows I've seen so far, it's emotional and heartbreaking, with a rising sense of tension that builds to a gut-wrenching finale. Highly recommended.

Pam 44 days ago

This is simply superb. See it if you can.

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 34 days ago

a very engaging performance

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Theatre Reviews 36 days ago

A very powerful piece of theatre. One of the strongest works I’d seen so far at the fringe.

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Theatre, Films and Arts (5/5 stars) 39 days ago

The importance of the improvements in factory working conditions and the work carried out by the Unions comes to the forefront when tragic stories like these are bought to the Stage

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2nd From Bottom 47 days ago

This is a show which deserves to pick up traction once it makes the journey north – best wishes to the whole production.

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