Palatable Gay Robot

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Singing, dancing, butt stuff. Experience an array of perfected prototypes as one comedian recalibrates his queerness for optimal effect. In his Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut, Stephen Brower begs the question, how gay is too gay? This edgy amalgamation of stand-up and theatre takes the technological world by storm. Directed by Zachary Prince. 'Likable and disarmingly funny' (San Diego Union-Tribune).

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Celeste Cahn 39 days ago

A really fantastic show. It has so many layers and is such an interesting but extremely funny watch. It touches on extremely important content, but does so in a way that never feels didactic. It takes a unique lens, combining genres and ways of telling stories to get at themes around homophobia and what it means to be told to be gay in a “palatable” way. At its heart it is a touching story with compelling characters and a world that makes you want to know more (in a good way). It had me laughing throughout, but the way it deals with the themes also led me to reflect on my self and I believe leaves many audience members doing the same. It is a beautiful show with a strong beating heart and a sharp wit.

STUART RITCHIE 39 days ago

A cleverly written comedy piece with a touching genuineness. It's topical, thought-provoking, and truly funny wrapped up in a unique and engaging structure. This show impressively hones in on the modern gay reality and brings humour to some of the biggest challenges faced in the modern reality of being gay. A great example of a lived reality and acute observation forming an equally hilarious and hard-hitting show. It's a lot of what this guy does phenomenally on his social media channels delivered within a wider thematic commentary on the complexities of being gay in contrast to how gays are viewed both in reality and comedy, and how this affects the comedy of gay comedians themselves. A great watch, would recommend.

Bob McDevitt 41 days ago

SO charming, SO funny and ultimately very moving. A really excellent performance from Stephen Brower and a clever script that feels spontaneous while obviously being meticulously rehearsed. Highly recommended.

Bryan Stoops 42 days ago

Palatable Gay Robot is a triumph of a show. The balance of comedy and tragedy (heartbreaking tragedy that is at its core universally relatable) is really quite something. Stephen Brower is incredible as he guides the audience through the show; he delivers jokes that are deeply insightful and at times self-aware. Steven dances and sings, and the audience understands very quickly that we are seeing him: a talented, witty, thoroughly special performer sharing of himself and his experience via the tropes of the show.

The design of the show, particularly the prerecorded audio, is especially well done. Steven interacts with a prerecorded voice so convincingly that the voice truly does become another character, almost palpable and living, inside the Olive Studio. The pacing of this show is so deliberate that as an audience member, at times it feels like it's almost possible to see the sculpture that must have gone into its creation. The majority of the show is fast paced and the term "freewheeling" might even be applied. However, that is balanced with more dramatic moments that retain the momentum, but purposefully slow to allow for the maximum impact.

Palatable Gay Robot is one of the most affecting theatrical experiences I have had in some time, and potential audience members should make sure not to miss it. Congratulations to everyone involved in the creation of the show; not only is it palatable, but the production has an incredible sense of sentience and soul.

Brian Menzies 43 days ago

Just saw the most fantastic, self confirming show I could've asked for, and all because he put a call out to fill the house for a review.
What makes a gay guy, are you any less of a gay guy, any less of a member of the rainbow community just because you're butch and not effeminate? Because you "pass" and therefore may not have had the same teenage struggles, do you have the same right to call yourself Gay.
Questions I have pondered with, struggled with and drove myself crazy with for years. I got the reassurance when I saw Bill in The Last of Us. Tonight, that reassurance got a huge boost after seeing this!
Highly fucking recommend!!!

HD 44 days ago

What a unique and well crafted performance. Truly feels like something that exists in its own genre. Stephen has found a way to provide important commentary in a comedic way that feels both reflective and restorative without being heavy handed. This is absolutely one to see!

Mairi Clancy 45 days ago

Steven is a very talented actor and performer. I was gripped throughout. The show is hilarious, engaging, sharp, progressive and deep. I cannot recommend it enough. One of the 'needle in a haystack' fringe shows that truly deserves success and acclaim. This review from a somewhat grumpy, reluctant to laugh local. Thank you Steven, you're a star X

Jon Daly 46 days ago

One of the most versatile, funny and moving shows I’ve seen so far. A really skilled comedian, completely on top of his game, and emotionally engaging. Please go see him, and then you’ll be able to brag that you saw a top talent when he was just making a Name for himself.

Lewis Flexman 47 days ago

Saw this on an absolute off chance between shows, can honestly say this show was one of the highlights of my Fringe this year!
Equal parts Goofy and sincere, but unbelievable well written and performed - would recommend to anyone!

Jess Gough 47 days ago

walked into this show on a whim after seeing a poster outside and it was AMAZING quite possibly the best thing i’ve seen at the fringe. engaging, entertaining and heartfelt, this show deserves to sell out !!!

Genna 47 days ago

To say this show is just hilarious would do it a disservice; it is also a metanarrative on identity as a performance. The quick-fire changes to character, the singing, and the dancing demonstrate the breadth of Stephen Brower's talents. I wanted to see this show because of his Instagram videos, and he maintains that level of presence for a full hour.

Jenny Leon 48 days ago

Loved this show!! Somehow both charmingly slick and indelibly human, you’re in great hands with Stephen Brower. There’s pathos, there’s humor, there’s a (remarkably good) song and dance number??? This club has *everything*. Highly recommend to anyone who can relate to feelings of alienation & questioning your performative identity… or if you just like to laugh, loads of those, too.

Julia Johnson 48 days ago

An absolute gem of a show. I have seen many one-person shows at the Fringe and other places, and this might be my favorite! This is an expertly written, beautifully performed show that had myself (30's female), my father (70's male), and stepson (20's male) - I know, weird mix - laughing hysterically and talking about it afterward. I hope to make it a second time. GO SEE THIS! My only complaint is I wish there was more singing! That voice!! Job well done to all involved. Run don't walk.

Nicola Macri 49 days ago

A totally brilliant absolute gem of a show. Hilarious, meaningful, cleverly crafted and expertly performed. Go!

Claire Tumey 50 days ago

A MUST SEE! Incredibly well-written, well-paced, well-directed. The specificity and detail of Stephen's craft is on excellent display in of a WIDE range of characters; his performance is staggering, impressive, and nuanced while still DEEPLY referential of the canon of Gay Archetype. WHATS MORE?! Stephen's personal experience shines through in perfect tandem with the more gag-y type bits, making PGB extremely well-rounded, perfect for solo-show-goers of varying tastes and interest.
We are ordering our very own Billie Bowtie Post-Haste! Thanks for an amazing hour of laughter and insight into your experience, Stephen!

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Entertainment Now (5/5 stars) 40 days ago

The careful craft behind this piece makes revolution the most fun it can be.

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