Outside the Gate

Theatre (online performance, new writing)

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  • 45 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Elephant Camel Productions and 7th Floor Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing
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How can you change the world? Stereotypes are shattered when two misfit mums meet outside the school gate. A dramedy about an Iranian and an American living in Middle England.

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Caitlin Moore 28 days ago

Beautifully acted to showcase very relevant and urgent debates happening today inside and between the minds of mothers. I especially enjoyed the raw and tender emotions signaling each character's inner and unspoken conflicts that add a layer of human complexity that goes well beyond the dialogue and hits home to the audience. I appreciated the lingering tensions and questions that are left ultimately unresolved as it speaks to the quality of the script and its subject matter. Well done, I look forward to much more!!

Lauren Glynn 30 days ago

Such a beautiful and compelling performance from both Claire Lebowitz King and Betsabeh Emran.
What a great perspective of society and culture told through such emotive story telling. Excellent pace laced with humour and humility, a really great watch.

Gary Brackett 30 days ago

Well done. Leaves you wanting more- always a good sign. The story pulls you in and becomes very engaging. The characters are well developed; issues that are brought up are quite current and topical without being preachy. Quite easy to identify with the characters contrasting life approaches. We know these people yet in the play they remain fresh and relevant and therefore believable: the acting had nice rhythm and there was a nice balance between humour and seriousness. The production although low budget confirms that the theatre does not need all the bells and whistles of costly shows; high tech gimmicks; nor super stars to be effective. It’s enough to have a good script and direction; talented actors and subject matter that is relevant. Could be a nice pilot for a series or film?

Martin Foster 31 days ago

As I regular at my daughter's school gate, I can really relate to the subject matter raised by 'Outside the Gate'... that desire to fit it stemming from fear of judgment and ostracism, juxtaposed with the urge to speak up and be yourself - to hell with old dated societal norms. We've all struggled with it, right? Well observed writing, and solid acting from the two leads. Recommend!!!

Maximilian Kempf 32 days ago

Timeless and universal subject matter of motherhood with well developed and relatable characters. Outside the Gate has the potential to be expanded into a longer piece as I would enjoy seeing these characters in different situations. Heather's activism and her conversation with Samira about whether one needs to carry a fetus to be considered a mother reminded me of Duncan Mcmillan's play Lungs and its parallels between global warming and bringing a child into the world under tumultuous times. The friendship and conversations between women of different faiths and backgrounds also reminded me of 2007 film Arranged also set in the public school system.

Scott Purvis 35 days ago

A cleanly-written insight into the fraught politics of identity found somewhere between parental conversations about sleepovers and the impending climate catastrophe. Building to a tense conclusion, Claire Leibowitz King’s piece is a quickly-paced, well-acted two-hander on holding on your individuality in a world suspicious of outsiders.

Kathie S & Howard L 41 days ago

Very thought provoking and heartfelt depiction of literal “outsiders” in an obviously hide bound, closed and less than welcoming society. Excellent acting and direction. Highly recommended.

Isaac Scranton 43 days ago

A deeply intimate look at the social issues that permeate our world in the 21st Century, examining how cultural interaction and best intentions can add as much chaos to life as they solve. A must-see for those who wish to find new ways forward for society that leave none behind.

Kim Fraczek 48 days ago

The complex layers of this performance was incredible. I empathized with both of these characters, Iranian and United States mothers, struggling with cultural and personal differences living in England. Assimilation to protect oneself vs commitment to values and views that don’t fit in the English town. I love how the topic privilege, politics, and protest all intersected with painful personal stories.

Leila M 48 days ago

A beautiful and witty peak into the lives of outsiders living in England. Being an expat myself (and a woman in my 30s) this show couldn't have resonated any more - those small reminders when you least expect it that you the same, and completely different at the same time. There were many moments where I thought, 'Yup, been there'. The two leads delivered the naturally-written dialogue, effortlessly, and with the perfect amount of emotion. The direction was tender and intelligent. I actually wanted the play to be longer! Bravo.

warren K 49 days ago

What a breath of fresh air with, deals with cultural differences and shines a light on discrimination and climate change. Beautiful performances by Betsabeh Emran and Claire Lebowitz King, great direction and very well presented.
The writing is so very organic and one could be outside many schools gates across the UK.

Bravo, a joy to watch

Lindsay G 50 days ago

A riveting polemic that gets at the heart of what identity politics seeks to ignore--exposing the individual and systemic dynamics of terror/danger under exploitation. Fabulous performances, poignant cultural critique. Leaves you to think about what we owe to each other and how we owe it. So good!

Morgan JENNESS 53 days ago

OUTSIDE THE GATE is a lively and haunting look at two women trying to navigate their outside status in the society as well as a relationship with each other. Complex and real characters..issues of assumption and denial...not only looks at the individuals portrayed but at the society as a whole. Was particularly struck by the observation that the UK in some ways still sees itself in 1945!

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Theatre Travels 40 days ago

An engaging and empathetic character study of two women in the same town both trying to make the world a better, safer, more equal place with the resources and power that they have at their disposal. It is simple and effective, drawing you in and making you care and question.

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Lothian Life (3/5 stars) 40 days ago

…this is a show very much worth watching.

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LouReviews (3.5/5 stars) 48 days ago

In a short runtime, 40 minutes, a lot of complex issues are raised about culture, expectation, racism, gender norms, white privilege and more. Fi constantly cradles her baby in a harness, while Heather feels businesslike and professional.

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