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Sequins, reality television and the complete works of Oscar Wilde: not much else survives in a secret bunker far in the fascist future. Conceived by Neon Coven, a growing non-traditional creative collective, OSCAR at The Crown is an immersive nightclub musical detailing the rise and fall of one of history's most flamboyant figures. 'A party-inducing Rocky Horror transplanted to a 1990s Madonna video... very entertaining' (New York Times).

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Paul Cunningham 95 days ago

The energy, commitment and stage presence of every single member of the cast made this an incredible performance.
I would happily have watched another hour.
If this group are back next year I will want to see them again.

James Firth 97 days ago

Simply the best piece of musical theatre I’ve ever whitenesses … from the costumes, venue, lighting and stage design to the incredibly talented cast (both in voice and dance) and innovative ‘nightclub’ setting!
I cannot praise this show enough, it’s a must see, simply stunning and breathtaking in every way!

Alex 100 days ago

Potentially the best show I’ll see this fringe, a brilliant high energy musical that everyone needs to see. It would be my top pick if the sound was sorted; the music drowns out the cast members and you can’t understand anything being said. I’ve heard this has been the same over other nights, please look into this as I want to come back!

JM 100 days ago

I was a little unsure about this show due to some mixed reviews but I am so glad I saw it! It was forty minutes of non-stop, incredible energy with a startlingly poignant and gorgeous ending! Every member of the cast was an amazing singer, but "the wife" was absolutely phenomenal, a stand-out performance in a brilliant cast! It was a little hard to make out the lyrics at times but the energy and sheer joy was absolutely infectious. Very camp and flamboyant, Rocky Horror meets punk dystopia! Well worth a watch!

Gareth Watkins 102 days ago

It was sold as something immersive, but the audience was largely stood around, watching passively.

The audience should be the protagonist in an immersive production. If the audience is simply allowed to move around in the space, then it’s just called promenade.

Also, the performers completely lost everyone when they started getting bogged down in plot - something or other about someone called Julie Cooper? Not very engaging.

Some good dancing and great singing voices, but it generally fell into the bracket of what I would call ‘queer tourism’ - straight people’s version of a queer night out. Ideal perhaps for hen nights.
But Oscar Wilde himself wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

David Evans-Powell 103 days ago

Wow! A mix of Thunderdome and Rocky Horror and even that doesn't quite capture it lol. This is a brilliant immersive show full of dynamism and energy. Honestly, these guys just don't stop moving! Also loved the electro, high energy score. I absolutely loved it, I'd say it's a must see.

Eva Bailey 107 days ago

If you're after a night of phenomenal singing, joyful queerness, and a theatrical experience like no other, then this show is for you. I was utterly blown away by the performances of the cast in this immersive nightclub musical, so much so that I was moved to tears multiple times by the sheer beauty of it all. It's highly camp and wonderfully absurd and I can see it heading towards big things. Enter with an open mind, and prepare for a highly entertaining 60 minutes.

Toby 108 days ago

Very talented performers but the sound mix was completely off. Far too loud and poor diction so that I couldn’t follow the story. Not that there was much story. It has potential but it comes across a bit tacky given the real struggles Oscar Wilde faced at the end of his life

Gemma 108 days ago

Didn’t know what was going on for half of this show. Cast very talented and dance strong but there was no clear storyline. There was also no moment of respite for the entire 60 minutes.

Kell Cowley 108 days ago

Oscar at the Crown is an immersive Spiegeltent show which transports its audience to a dystopian future where society's outcasts have sought refuge in a secret bunker they've converted into a hedonistic nightclub. A newcomer arrives during an evening dedicated to celebrating the life and works of Oscar Wilde. The singing, dancing and costumes in this show are spectacular, and the way the standing audience are moved and incorporated by the chorus makes for an intoxicating sensory experience.

Ross Fraser 109 days ago

Saw flamboyant musical spectacle Oscar at the Crown at the Edinburgh Fringe last night -- wildly beautifully sung on dance rhythms, a re-envisioning of Oscar Wilde and his trials. Cuter than real-life Lord Alfred Douglas.

William (Billy) Weems 110 days ago

Seems to try too hard. Sex sells, but...what else is here?

John S 111 days ago

An insanely fun and immersive experience - the characters are constantly moving around the crowd and bringing such high energy, and their performances and choreography are top tier - even my dad with a long held hatred of all musicals said it was one of the best productions here.

tiggy jones 114 days ago

Don't leave the fringe without seeing oscar at the crown!!! The most incredible singing and choreography, SO much fun, and really creative set up!! GET UR TIX NOW!!!

Shona Mcintosh 114 days ago

If you're looking for a full on, immersive, queer nightclub experience with incredible set, costumes, dance and story this is it! Definitely don’t miss this one 5*****

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Jenna's Jamboree (4/5 stars) 98 days ago

A vibrant celebration of pop culture and queerness.

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North West End UK (3/5 stars) 100 days ago

The Neon Coven performers deliciously and impressively work the mostly standing crowd and deliver exciting entertainment.

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West End Best Friend (5/5 stars) 104 days ago

Apocalyptically sexy!

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Playbill 104 days ago

Oscar at the Crown has the rarest and most marvelous thing of all: a genuinely ear-worm of a score.

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Culture Fix (4/5 stars) 106 days ago

The hedonistic immersive night life setting, ferocious performances, and scintillating pop soundtrack ensure that Oscar at The Crown is a sinfully delicious affair.

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To Do List (4/5 stars) 107 days ago

An addictive technicolour trip into the Wilde life!

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Theatre Travels 114 days ago

A beautiful celebration of queerness, pop culture, and the glitzy side of literature.

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