Theatre (drama, new writing)

  • Greenside @ Riddles Court - Willow Studio
  • 11:35
  • Aug 19
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Bristol University Spotlights
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes, Scenes of a sexual nature, Strong language/swearing
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'To be, or not to be? That is the question. What question? To be, always. To laugh, to sing, to dance, to shout, to cry, to sweat, to rage. To be. Always to be.' Ophelia is alive. This is her story. Controlled by her father and brother and hurtling into a suffocating love, life has never felt like her own. As Ophelia begins to question everything, the world around her explodes into chaos. Come and witness her resistance, her rage, her spirit, and relive Shakespeare's tragedy – a little differently this time.

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Mark Walker 35 days ago

A great chance to relive Shakespeare's tragedy in a way that challenges conventions and highlights the resilience of a woman finding her voice. "Ophelia: This is Her Story" is a must-see that promises to captivate, inspire, and leave you with a renewed appreciation for the power of storytelling

Amanda Bradley 35 days ago

Excellent performances, phenomenal acting, the direction and staging was uniquely gifted given the fringe space, and all around well put together show. 10/10 Highly recommend. Excellent adaptation and strong character development.

Rosie Lambert 35 days ago

A professional and enjoyable classic story with a modern twist. It was an intimate theatre setting and all the actors nailed the brief of the story without falling into the trap of overacting. The hour length performance had real passion. I would happily pay money to see these actors again.....not forgetting the writing and the technical team. Well done.

richard ryan 35 days ago

Ophelia was all about what would have happened if one of Shakespeare's female characters didn't die quietly off stage. It also examined the likely/potential relationship between Ophelia & her brother, Laertes. The writing was both credible & strong. The acting was sharp & completely engaging. The stand-out performances were Ophelia & Laertes but the whole cast were word & pitch perfect. This was a powerfully emotional play written & performed by Bristol University students that belied their youth. Bravo!

Emma Brech 36 days ago

A profound and moving analysis of Ophelia as a young woman trapped by patriarchal norms that begin in the original Hamlet and are explored with great nuance and emotional depth as they extend into modern day. What has changed, the play asks? Are young women still condemned to being controlled, sidelined in life and literature - or can Ophelia find a way to outlive her destiny and find her own vitality and voice? This performance, so beautifully acted by a talented cast, made me want to cry and laugh at the same time as it brings Ophelia’s inner narrative alive for the first time - go see the last performance tomorrow!

Hussein Malik 36 days ago

For someone who hardly remembers Hamlet, this show is an ode to Shakespeare and therefore a major credit to itself. Ophelia's character and its potential complexity are explored making you think about the depth of messages within the original piece and the relevance of the one which is addressed in this retelling. In a world where societal constructs are more freely discussed, it concisely criticises the patriarchy and its 'softer' actions towards women, those done with seemingly good intentions yet contradicting themselves in their results. The cast was brilliant, particularly Hamlet who plays an anxious, afraid but easily roused character struggling to find his place in the patriarchy too.

The show also highlighted my Porsche ownership. Not bad eh.

Rose Maguire 36 days ago

Saw this amazing play today. Cannot recommend it enough. The script is brilliant and really analyses toxic masculinity. The acting is
outstanding. You must see it!

Venetia Curtis 36 days ago

What a fantastic show. Written beautifully and performed to perfection. Ophelia is outstanding closely followed by Hamlet and the rest of the cast. The space was tight but they managed it well and were truest in character. A clever set and some engaging physical theatre. Highly recommend this show just a shame it’s a short run.

Mairead 37 days ago

Excellent script and very talented cast make this a must watch! The audience is immediately engaged by the characters and taken on a roller coaster of emotions from first love to anger & loss. So much packed in to a very short time. Wonderful - this is the stuff which makes the Fringe so special.

Neil Pearson 37 days ago

Sensitively written and directed, and performed by a cast whose names you’ll know very soon. Highly recommended.

Petra Luckman 37 days ago

This is an outstanding production by a new writer and what the Fringe is all about. Excellent performances by talented young actors in a tightly directed and engaging show. Go if you can!

Niamh Vimpany 39 days ago

Really moving, great production and cast. Great for anyone looking for an amazing retelling of a Shakespeare classic.

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North West End UK (3/5 stars) 35 days ago

It offers hope, along with a fair amount of the spirit of the Fringe: fresh, thought-provoking, and worth taking a chance on.

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British Theatre Guide (4/5 stars) 36 days ago

This tightly written, riveting, expressionist glimpse of one of the tragedies in life that are so often invisible is well worth seeing.

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Starburst Magazine (3/5 stars) 37 days ago

This is a thoughtful adaptation which directs our attention to one of Shakespeare’s more background, but very important, female characters.

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