Theatre (lgbt, magic)

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  • 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United States
  • Group: Megan Hill presented by NYC's Flying Carpet and The Tank
  • Warnings and additional info: -
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An LGBTQ love story. A woman called The Magician presents a myriad of tricks for our entertainment, yet is attempting something more impossible than illusion – rescuing her girlfriend from death. 'Open brings attention to a pair of downtown’s most bracing talents... 'Wonderful; critics pick' (New York Times). 'The show transforms into an exploration of how romance opens you up and leaves you both stronger and more vulnerable' (TDF Stages). Features Megan Hill, directed by Fringe favorite Jessi D Hill. From the geek girl mind of Crystal Skillman, a playwright with 'downtown renown / midtown polish (New York Times).

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Nathan Miles 30 days ago

God I love this play so much. I've had the pleasure of discovering it as a reader, seeing a digital production, and then directing it. Now to finally see the original production in all its magic is an experience that did NOT disappoint. Crystal Skillman's play is magical in a way that only the theatre could allow. It's beating center is the kind of love we all hope to find in our lives. This is a deeply human and relatable play that displays the kind of magic that can occur when female creatives come together and tell powerful stories. I can't wait until this play and I meet again.

Pauline David-Sax 32 days ago

A richly layered piece about belief in love and magic and the promises we make, both to others and ourselves. Fast-paced while simultaneously digging deep. Brava Crystal Skillman, Megan Hill & Jessi D. Hill as well as the lighting and sound designers who worked (so powerfully!) on this show.

Tyler Riley 32 days ago

I had the pleasure of not only witnessing this piece in person during its run in NYC but again here online. I must say that any trepidation I had about the "magic" being lost in the transition to a screen quickly dissipated. Megan Hill gives a tour-de-force performance as The Magician making me audibly guffaw in moments and weeping the next. I am in awe of the words of Crystal Skillman who has mastered this way of making us connect to her characters within the first minute of them speaking. It's not that we know their life story, but within those first words we know them, we see them. I cannot recommend this show enough, and the stage magic while not what I expected is truly all that I needed. Thank you to this team, and thank you to Edinburgh for including it this year for the world to see!

Lauren Elder 32 days ago

Open by Crystal Skillman is one of the most beautiful, intriguing plays I’ve ever seen. She combines magic and time with raw human emotions in a way I have never seen on the stage. The characters are bright, bold, charming, and REAL. Open will make you laugh, cry, feel incredible wonder, and make you believe in magic and love, even if the harsh world creeps in and reminds us that it is all fleeting.

Nic Lawton (co-founder of Expial Atrocious theatre company) 32 days ago

“Secrets are the balls we keep in the air.”

I absolutely adore shows that begin before the audience has settled. Watching the performer already acting, already being someone else. I’ve always found it an interesting and special experience and this was no exception.
Megan Hill’s performance of Crystal Skillman’s script was pure electricity. Her energy towards this piece and the character was infectious. She seemed to enjoy and relish every word she spoke as this lovesick and grieving magician. Her interactions with the audience were welcoming and friendly, which really helped to get everyone on her side before dashing this upbeat persona right before their eyes. The tragedy of this show was complimented so wonderfully by all of the joyous, and somewhat humorous magic tricks. It felt a little Brechtian in its format, how you draw the audience in to care about the person telling the story and just as you get fully invested, the lights change with the tone and a magic trick about connecting hoops is performed. And catching the audience off guard mid-flow to ask a poignant question carried a lot of weight, as I didn’t realise I had been leaning forwards until she asked me if I know what my fears are. I really had to take a second. I love moments like this.
This was also a great theatrical light show. I’m in love with the light switch movement and the dual shadows on the walls as Kristen (Megan Hill) is surrounded by herself, her brain battling for solutions to impossible problems.
The use of silences in this show were so satisfying to me, as I never found them awkward or too long. They were full. Full of things Kristen wanted to say, full of tricks she didn’t know yet, full of her girlfriend and Jenny and the absence of Jenny.
‘Open’ is just such a fantastic show, and though some of the audio quality wasn’t the best, I still listened to every word. Hill’s storytelling abilities are ascendant and I felt that I could watch her forever. Her enthusiasm, her believability, her presence. All of it was spot-on, and her line-delivery? Good lord. Amazing. The yelling? Heartbreaking. The way she built mental images in the audience’s minds? Successfully clever.
I didn’t think a show about LGBTQ+ topics and magic would make me as emotional as it did but here we are.
This show is pure theatre and it has really cast its spell on me.

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Fringebiscuit (4/5 stars) 21 days ago

An amateur magician grasping at the impossible, Crystal Skillman excels in this heartbreaking and relatable queer love story. Endearingly quirky, if overwritten at times, both script and performance exude passion, with stunningly intense moments that leave your heart racing.

LouReviews (4/5 stars) 29 days ago

I enjoyed Open and admired its humour, its bravery, and its honesty, and as an addition to the LGBT+ dramatic space, this is welcome into the room.

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