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Real-life events of a first-generation immigrant navigating the duality of two cultures, Habesha (Eritrean/Ethiopian) heritage and British identity. It looks at the effects of memory loss on a displaced community. When you've left everything behind for the promise of something "better", and it's not better… When you have nothing but memories and memory is fading… What do you have? Interviewing language, customs and music with wearable tech MiMu gloves, it's a poetic reflection of an emotionally visceral experience unpacked through an Afro-Futuristic East-African lens. Neither a musical, drama or gig theatre... It's a new kind of storytelling.

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F.M 27 days ago

The show was truly captivating. It goes without saying that Lula has a beautiful voice and is a brilliant performer. Her use of tech in telling the story was beyond anything I've seen before and the powerful connection to East Africa sent shivers down my spine. Despite not knowing her, I felt an instant sense of pride seeing her up there and in her ability to bring the story of many to life through her voice. It truly is OommoO. Sadly I only caught the last show but I'll be sure to watch it every week, next Fringe!

Sean Davis 29 days ago

OommoO (****)
Lulu creates wonderful music with catchy rhythms using looping, a computer, and her pure voice. She brings her exuberance to every piece and her comments. My ears couldn’t handle the constant reverb that interfered with understanding her words, hence the four stars, but the crowd would give her 5 stars.

This is the 21st most enjoyable of the 184 shows I have seen so far at the Fringe this year. I hope to see almost 200. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website: https://fringefan.com/

Brendan Barnes 30 days ago

This is a great show. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It blends so many different ways of conveying a narrative around the question of belonging….and it has lots of heart. Hope to catch part 2

Alex Wrathall 32 days ago

This is an amazing show, unlike anything else I’ve ever seen! The MiMu gloves were used to great effect, combining music, movement and character in a seamless way. Even with all its inventiveness and playfulness, OommoO never trades in on emotional depth, with an especially moving musical sequence about 2/3 of the way in. All the more impressive given this is Mebrahtu’s writing debut! I will definitely be coming to episode 2 if she comes back next year :)

JL 32 days ago

You’re taken on a journey in this show that never lets you settle. Combines creative use of tech with powerful storytelling and observation. Some very funny moments too. Brilliantly performed.

Sadia Cuthbert 32 days ago

Saw OommoO. Beautifully performed by Lulu. Touching and yet happy - she communicates nuances of living across cultures for displaced people. Look forward to more from her

rebecca palmer 34 days ago

I described Oommoo as octopus magic moments after I left & I don't have a reference that more accurately covers the many layered, many limbed intricate weaving together of sound, story, history, family, instinct & authenticity that Lula Mebrahu gives to us during their hour. Technology shifts time & place, tone & intimacy seamlessly & literally it is all on their fingertips. This was part one, can't wait to see how this opus will evolve.

Simon Prag 36 days ago

Easily the most inventive and unique show I’ve seen at the fringe. Lula is such a warm and generous performer - from the very beginning it feels not only like she’s performing a show but inviting us into her world. Using *the* coolest piece of tech I’ve ever seen - gloves which allow her to control the tech aspects of the show, as well as record and manipulate live sound - she creates a story full of beauty, humour, wonder and pain, with some truly beautiful singing, using the gloves to layer lush harmonies. It’s a show with universal appeal, our innate human need for community, connection and belonging, and there was a palpable felt sense of community and heart between Lula and the audience - this is a truly special show, an absolute triumph and thoroughly recommended.

Katie C 36 days ago

This show is nothing like I've ever seen before! Absolute incredible acting, technology and the use of different media to convey a powerful message! A must see!

Charlie Martin 37 days ago

An incredible and unique experience. A beautiful performance and a stunning voice. The technical details are out of this world!

Joe White 38 days ago

What an INCREDIBLE experience!

From beginning to end OommoO had us captivated, we laughed, we cried, we laughed again and we learned so much. This show had everything and really felt like we had left the room and gone into another dimension influenced by culture, music, dance, and heart. The performer, Lula was absolutely amazing, will go again!

Shazad Khalid 38 days ago

Get ready to experience a truly unique blend of theatre, music, cutting-edge wearable technology, heart and soul with Lula's captivating show at the Fringe! Although the story is told through the perspective of a Habesha woman, Lula masterfully weaves universal themes, alluding to the profound title 'One of many, many of one.' Prepare to witness an unparalleled Fringe experience that defies expectations.

Brett Sanders 38 days ago

I’ve been a fan and supporter of LULA MEBRAHTU’s work for about a decade now. It’s been so exhilarating and inspiring to see all of her talents and genius as a multidisciplinary artist over the years culminate so perfectly in this vehicle OommoO. The project is something so unique and special and forces you into Lula’s world of both whimsy and pain of battling to retain identity as a first gen immigrant. OommoO is worth seeing for the music and singing alone! So adding the brilliance of her acting, dancing and technical abilities makes it an experience like no other.

Benjamin Giblin 40 days ago

This was an amazing show. A masterful blend of music, storytelling, drama, comedy, and multimedia, resulting in a fantastically engaging piece of theatre. It's definitely one of the most imaginative and creative Fringe shows I've seen in years. Would highly recommend to anyone whose interested in seeing a performance at the forefront of experimental Fringe, featuring an artist with incredible range.

Karin Petersson 44 days ago

The best theatre show I’ve seen on this year’s Fringe! Touching, modern and creative piece about living in two cultures - when one of them is inherited from your parents the play asks the question when they are not around anymore what will you do with it?
The acting is brilliant, constantly in contact with both the audience and the story of the play.

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Across the Arts (3/5 stars) 25 days ago

any performance of hers should not be missed

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The List (4/5 stars) 27 days ago

Lula Mebrahtu mesmerises her audience

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Fest 35 days ago

Mebrahtu holds a world of sound in the palms of her hands

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Butterwort.art (4/5 stars) 38 days ago

Creates a beautiful aesthetic, while raising important questions on racism and on the challenges that still await a first-generation migrant like her.

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