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Gemma and Aidan deliver food they can't afford for mega-corporation Eatsaroo – but things get messy when it cuts their pay and starts muscling in on their budding romance. That's one weird love triangle. They resolve to group together and take on the bosses – but fighting a billion-dollar algorithm isn't that easy. Winner of Best Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe, 2021 (MusicalTheatreReview.com). 'Raucously witty to its core... has a kick-ass soundtrack to boot' ***** (BingeFringe.com). 'A riotous delight of a show' ***** (MusicalTheatreReview.com). 'Finger-clicking good' ***** (TheatreWeekly.com).

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Andrea Bird 91 days ago

We all loved it! Great songs, great script, great acting -- what's not to like? We sent our friends to see it -- they all thoroughly enjoyed it as well. We hope to see more work from this group.

Clive Morrison 95 days ago

A solid 5 from me. Thoroughly enjoyable entertainment. Witty songs and a first class cast.

Gary Brown 95 days ago

5*, an exuberant and whitty musical that really engages with its audience. Great performances from all the cast and the musical arrangement was fab too.

karen schmitt 96 days ago

This was an excellent show! It was our favorite so far of everything we’ve seen. The actors were phenomenally talented (some of whom had Broadway level voices). All the voices complimented each other incredibly well and when they briefly went a cappella that became even more obvious. The story was incredibly original and with multiple fresh perspectives and would be an excellent candidate to be adapted into a longer two-act musical.

Peter Mills 98 days ago

A very enjoyable and entertaining new musical. The plot needs some work but the songs were catchy and witty. The four actors were excellent though I have to mention the chicken shop owner Felix who lit up the stage every time he came on. Recommended.

Wilcox Family 99 days ago

If you like musicals, what can possibly be better than this? Four young actors singing and dancing their hearts out and they do a smashing job at it. Catchy tunes, funny characters, thoroughly entertaining. One of our favorite experiences at this year’s Fringe. Would love to see them again next year.

Serena Glover 99 days ago

This was by far the best show I saw at the Fringe this year. Clever lyrics, great tunes, engaging performers full of energy, fantastic choreography (loved the chicken shop homage to Beyonce), funny and poignant all in one. I go to a LOT of musicals with big production values (West End and elsewhere) and this really stood out as a show which SHOULD be in the West End. it was so original yet capable of appealing to a wide audience. My only regret is not seeing it sooner so I'd have found out about Jungle Street as well (ts was the last store I had time to see!) !

I wish this theatre company ltd of luck as this is a refreshing, warm hearted show we all need to see!!

Fiona Yeomans 99 days ago

Came across this by chance when one of the cast gave us a flyer in the street, and so glad we did. Extremely talented young cast and loved the theme of the story. Chicken shop numbers including dance moves a particular hit. Well-written witty script. Deserves to play to full houses and tour elsewhere!

Anna 101 days ago

I left this superb musical with a smile on my face and music in my head. Brilliantly written, and performed by a cast of four very talented, energetic young performers with impressive voices. The lyrics are laugh out loud funny and very clever. Everything musical theatre should be; a fun and witty story line with a gentle romance, and just enough of a social and political message to take away, set to catchy and toe tapping music.
There was a delightfully surprising number part way through, brilliantly choreographed, and danced by all, but it was chicken shop owner Felix (Tom Hayes) who really stole the show for me.
Really excited to see more from this company in the future.

Paul & Lily Martin 102 days ago

Lily speaking, the show was absolutely amazing and the plot was extremely funny. The cast were such talented people and when we asked for a photo at the end of course they were so sweet about it !!

Laura Hunter 102 days ago

Just finished watching this show, agree wit all the reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ this is an excellent, well worth an hour! Shame we don’t have time to see the other show they advertised, they are a very talented bunch

Collin Forth 104 days ago

A very enjoyable show - great performances from the cast with singing and dancing that was excellent.
Well worth seeing and wishing the young cast all the best in their future careers.

Barbara Fisher 104 days ago

A hugely enjoyable hour at Fringe that went past far too fast. An original, highly entertaining show with catchy songs delivered by a very talented cast and crew. Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended.

Dave Edwards 104 days ago

IMHO a must see show… if you want to see a brilliantly performed, superbly choreographed show with four supremely talented actors and singers with serious comedic chops, not to mention a “distractingly handsome pianist” then you will not be disappointed. A very witty script with some truly memorable numbers… will definitely check out their other show, Jingle Street.

Ella Fitt 104 days ago

The greatest show at the fringe!!;)

Karen Lange 104 days ago

Utterly delightful with clever, catchy songs, hilarious dancing, and relatable characters. I grinned from ear to ear the whole time, Definitely a favorite of my festival experience.

Terry Bavaro 105 days ago

A zany script with loads of humor. Sucks in the audience. Loved it.

Amy 105 days ago

Cute premise and such catchy songs, great comedic timing as well from all the actors with a very funny script - has so much potential for future West End! Would definitely recommend!

K 105 days ago

Great music, funny throughout, great production value and well worth the money!! Saw this 2 years ago and the show had great promise, very happy to see how far it’s come! 5/5

Lisa 105 days ago

Very enjoyable musical. The cast had lots of talent and energy. Only negative was that sometimes the music was louder than singers so we missed some of the lyrics. Would definitely recommend!

David Evans-Powell 105 days ago

BRILLIANT SHOW!! Funny, warm, well acted and well sung. A gem of a show this year! Must see

Simon E 105 days ago

Funny, charming, well acted/sung. The perfect way to kick off our Fringe. Do yourselves a favour and go see it.

Chris Niel 105 days ago

Utterly charming, beautifully staged musical. A real joy.

FurryBoots 106 days ago

Thought this was brilliant! Great script. Clever and very funny. Cast can really sing. Can't think of anything negative. So glad I went to see this. An absolute bargain too. Thank you.

Alex Homer 106 days ago

I saw this at the last minute and I'm so glad I did. The songs were cleverly written, and they were beautifully (often hilariously) performed, with witty choreography. As other reviewers have said, Felix is a standout character acted to perfection, but the whole cast and the (live!) musician were brilliant; I loved the a cappella section at the end. This show wouldn't be out of place on the West End stage—but you won't be able to see it for 11 quid if it gets there, so take your chance now…

Also, I second the request below for a cast album. I need these songs in my life!

Benjamin Booth Clibborn 107 days ago

I can see why this won best musical in 2021, a must see! 4 immensely talented Actors partnered with a hilarious and engaging script with just the right balance of meaningful emotion and comedy, Particular standout is Felix the chicken shop owner. I really enjoyed the variation in song genres partnered with excellent dance breaks. 10/10 must be on your list of shows to see this summer!

Oscar R 108 days ago

This is the best surprise of Fringe for me. The storyline is simple yet compelling and so, so funny. The actors in this production bring great dancing, impeccable singing and bucket loads of energy to create a top quality performance. If I had time, I would go back and watch this again (and again!).

Ann Booth-Clibborn 108 days ago

I absolutely loved this show - thought it was a piece of best practise musical theatre. A strong cast with great voices and a natty set of witty dance routines which underpinned songs that keep the story bowling along. I laughed a lot and left feeling uplifted. Who would have thought a story about two delivery drivers could deliver that! Book to see this if you can get a ticket.

Philippa W 108 days ago

We came in last minute courtesy of a flyer to see On Your Bike and were so pleased we did. Huge energy, great singing, dancing and music and it made us laugh- we left with huge grins on our faces. Do go and see it!!

Steve Woodbridge 108 days ago

I really enjoyed On Your Bike yesterday. It's hilarious, energetic, entertaining and fun. The songs were belted out with enthusiasm and the dancing was great. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend it. Go and see it you will love it.

dawn harris 108 days ago

Excellent show, chicken dancing superb. Full of energy and fun will leave you uplifted and wanting more.

Hugh Walcott 108 days ago

On your bike was fantastic, the best comedy musical I saw this fringe, and potentially ever. I particularly loved the ethical story line, and will never look at a deliveroo rider in the same way again.

Gill 109 days ago

Fantastic show by all cast members at the faultless performance this afternoon of 'On Your Bike'.The show began with an energy and enthusiasm led by the character Gemma and we were all captivated as each actor added an extra dimension to the perfomance. The comedy timing, choreography, excellent singing supported the perfomance beautifully leaving us completely entertained. We would recommend this show to anyone looking for a brilliant festival experience.

Charlotte Jobling 109 days ago

What a show seen this with my boyfriend and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, very funny with great original music. The talent from the cast was incredible, couldn’t recommend more!

David Copley 110 days ago

First show for me on the Fringe this year, and an excellent choice. Enthusiastic and capable performers telling a story that needs to be told. But funny at the same time and with great songs.

Maria Clark 111 days ago

Amazing music and dance - great fun and powerful singing

Norma Harris 112 days ago

Good developing musical with all of the right conventions to be successful. Energetic and engaging cast. Thought provoking topics.
Very skilful piano player who directed the musical. Loved it.

Ian Gardner 112 days ago

Superb show yesterday, great fun musical, pianist is as amazing as he is distractingly handsome ;p and strong performances from the cast, really enjoyed it!

Jam Greenland 113 days ago

Had a really fun time watching this! Actors were giving their all and the songs were fun and catchy.

Lucy Pattinson 113 days ago

I loved this show. There was humour, tenderness, laughter but with a message as well. 5 stars to this

The Unusual Suspects 115 days ago

Political without being preachy, and it's a good deal of fun! Four sympathetic and energetic young stars with great voices, backed by a tireless peppy keyboardist. The best chicken dances that we've seen anywhere outside of France. The children 9 and 11 in our group are still singing the clever lyrics. If you have time for just one of their two shows, see this one, but if you can, see both!

L 115 days ago

Hilarious! Standout song was ‘Don’t Let the Chicken Cross the Street’, when the actor playing Felix the chicken shop owner had the audience in hysterics. Talented cast, funny story and great social commentary to boot. 5 stars!

H 116 days ago

really recommend this show - hilarious story with some very catchy songs and a talented cast!

Elizabeth 116 days ago

A real find of a musical, packed with memorable musical numbers and plenty of heart. All performers are clearly having a great time, and the two supporting actors playing Daisy and Felix are particularly brilliant value. Buckets of energy and spot-on comic timing. Would recommend for anyone wanting to fill their afternoon with a feel-good hour of comedy and music.

Melissa 116 days ago

This was a fun fringe musical - well sung and a little bit ridiculous is just what I'm looking for.

The piano was too loud though, which did make some of it difficult to hear, despite the fact they had mics!

Kathy 117 days ago

Great musical! The lyrics were particularly clever and well written - with a surprisingly diverse mix of musical styles throughout. The chicken shop owner Felix absolutely stole the show and had me giggling away constantly. Sad that there isn't a cast recording as some of those songs are definitely stuck in my head! Only small gripe was that the sound balance could be adjusted to hear the lyrics a bit more clearly but imagine this will be fine tuned as the Fringe goes on. If you're a musical fan, definitely go see it!

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Kat Masterson Blog (5/5 stars) 106 days ago

On Your Bike is a relatable and heartwarming musical

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