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Delivering food you don’t get to eat is hungry work. Outside a chicken shop, a group of delivery riders wait for orders, trying to figure out life and love while they do. Threatened by nosy landlords, angry exes and even their own employer, Eatsaroo, they realise they have to group together and take the battle to the bosses. But fighting a billion-dollar algorithm isn’t that easy. From the award-winning company who brought you SiX and Rust comes this toe-tapping new musical about love, labour and leftover pizza.

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Beth Murray 145 days ago

Must see show. This show has everything, the cast are phenomenal, the production is extremely professional and the musical pieces are quite frankly perfect. If you see one show this year, make it this one.

Ella Bar 146 days ago

Incredible show on a timely and relevant subject. Musical theatre at its best - a smart and thoughtful reflection on modern society, just more fun and with singing. Excellent lyrics and music, and great work by the actors as well. Looking forward to see the full version on Broadway some day!

Gabrielle Carr 147 days ago

Myself and my 3 friends thought this show was absolutely smashing. It doesn’t yet feel completed, but I think the cast are limited by the 1-hr time slot. Only 4 cast members and they have incredible stage presence, energy and buckets of talent. I can’t wait to see where this show goes next. This is a must see if you like modern and unconventional musical theatre that is very in touch with modern life.
If nothing else, you’ll see how square wheels work!

Fiona Sayer 147 days ago

A really fantastic show - witty lyrics, wonderfully catchy songs and great singing and acting. The final song and choreography was incredible! We enjoyed every minute.

Peter Thorburn 148 days ago

Really enjoyed this performance. Really worth seeing this show.

Sarah Travers 149 days ago

This is a sunny and uplifting show performed with great enthusiasm. Am going to row against the tide of the majority of reviews here to say that it is perhaps not the best thing around in Edinburgh at present- it is a novel idea, delivered in a polished but ultimately quite conventional way. Andrew Lloyd Webber knows where to find his heirs.

Jo Welch 149 days ago

A brilliantly written piece with catchy tunes and superb singing. Exploring the theme of the gig economy, capitalism and how close people can come to losing everything in this environment. Swinging between heartwarming and heartbreaking, you will come out humming the tunes with plenty to think about. Fringe at its best. Highly recommended.

Leah Palmer 149 days ago

This is a fantastic show!! The cast is amazing and the writing is new, original and very relevant for today. There is a mix of musical styles so something for everyone and you'll be singing the songs for days after. On Your Bike NEEDS to be on your list of shows to see this fringe!!

Alison Smith 149 days ago

Charming and witty with great songs

Alison 149 days ago

Engaging performance with some lovely acting and singing from this talented young cast. Spot on for Edinburgh Fringe.

William Reith 150 days ago

'On Your Bike' proved to be an excellent way to begin my visit to the Edinburgh Fringe. The script dealt with relevant and topical issues, but was written with entertaining creativity and wit rather than trying to bash you over the head with a singular 'message'. The musical numbers were memorable, full of variety and well performed. The lighting and sound were also first-rate, combining with the exquisite acting to create a highly enjoyable production. I strongly recommend that you go see it!

Katherine Garvey 150 days ago

We really enjoyed the show, very funny script and amazing acting and singing!

Will So 150 days ago

5* fringe

A really fun musical, catchy songs, great cast and a workable book. Can see a lot of potential with this show with the right workshopping & tightening the book!

Cast were fantastic! Would certainly recommend!

David Boyd 151 days ago

Excellent: the fringe at its best.New witty songs around a theme were all familiar with- the gig economy. Star performances by talented cast. If you like musical theatre don't miss this

Maresa Bailey 151 days ago

This was such an entertaining and original show. A great script paired with a multi talented group of actors. Joyful acting and boy, can this cast of 4 sing! The choreo was also a bit brilliant! Totally recommend!

Richard Fereday 152 days ago

We'd seen a couple of average shows yesterday and 'On Your Bike' restored our faith in the Fringe. Great music, voices and story - fun with a a bit of a message. Go and see it!

The Bunsen 153 days ago

Great show, enthusiasm, skill, style and sheer love of performing it reminds me of what going to the fringe should be at its best.

Laura Sanderson 153 days ago

A big highlight of the Fringe as far as we were concerned - a really original setting for a timeless coming of age/love story, complete with great tunes, very witty lyrics, dance numbers, different styles (from Cole Porter to Sondheim to a bit of a cappella) and all material 100% original and written in lockdown when most other artists struggled to create. Four great leads, all with lovely voices and performances that were very natural. Get tickets if you can and go.

Matt Davies 153 days ago

The performances were wonderful, the plot was heartwarming and the songs were brilliant! 5 stars, and I’d strongly recommend you grab a ticket while you still can.

Lindsay Seal 153 days ago

Strong cast, enjoyable show, niche theme
Not quite so blown-away as other reviewers though!

Meredith Hyde 155 days ago

This show is just a sheer joy, from the brilliantly clever lyrics to the poignant questions it raises, leaving them gently in your mind while making you laugh out loud. I’d see it again immediately if I could ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shanil 155 days ago

Highly recommend watching this show! Only 4 cast members, but they are all multi-talented and performing a really well put together show. Tight harmonies (partially owing to the great work of the sound guys), simple but effective choreography, and a great show leaving you with a smile on your face!

Vivien Devlin 157 days ago


E 157 days ago

Highlight of the fringe! A highly original and very funny script, good singing and acting across the board and a really inventive concept overall. Could see this blowing up, and definitely a show to watch!!!

Anna Hutchinson 158 days ago

Great, upbeat show, made even more outstanding when you realise the 4 wonderful actors are all full time students. My daughter and I loved it!

Tristan Selvage 158 days ago

Of all the wonderful shows I had the pleasure of seeing at the Fringe this year, this was the absolute best.

It is an absolutely amazing musical about the cruelty of modern capitalism, and every part of it - from the acting to the music to the bitingly funny script - is without fault. I have not seen a musical quite like it in terms of subject matter, and I don't think I will ever forget it. I wish I could have watched it a second time!

Emma Yeo 159 days ago

An incredible show and massive well done for pulling this together after such a weird eighteen months! I hope you make it to the West End with this but in the meantime do consider post-Fringe making a concept album of this; I’m sure loads of the audience members would listen!

Loved the characters and professional quality acting and singing.


andrew eaton-hart 159 days ago

Well written , musically excellent, strong and genuine performances by all the cast, this is the perfect lift for an otherwise-diminished Fringe. You will be smiling, laughing and tapping your feet with the rest of the audience , and leave with a spring in your step, a dislike for zero hours contracts, and a new respect for chicken .

Lynne Davis 160 days ago

Very impressed by this show. Great catchy songs with witty lyrics, funny despite dealing with serious issues including zero-hours contracts, animal welfare and homelessness, and very well performed. We particularly liked Felicity!

Looking forward to seeing this (or its evolution) hitting the big time!

Debra 160 days ago

Easily my favourite show I’ve seen this year. Loved the music, the clever lyrics and the talented cast. This is what the Fringe is all about!

Cathy Mulcahy 160 days ago

We highly recommend this accomplished performance. They address contemporary issues. We thoroughly enjoyed their it.

Geoff Bland 161 days ago

Well, what a thoroughly charming little show. Amazing to think that the 4 performers are full-time students who effectively do this for the enjoyment of it. They approached and performed the show with such enthusiasm and enjoyment and plenty of talent to boot. We especially enjoyed the mix of song styles and on-point gig economy subject matter, combined with some bitter-sweet boy meets girl (or maybe girl meets boy...we're all for greater equality :0) ) classic sweet storyline. Great performances all round, with an extra vote given to Emilia Grace for her sassy, confident performance of a sassy, confident young lady. A feel good show that is a wonderful way to kick off an evening at the fringe.

Eddie Green 161 days ago

Great original topical story which we thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend. Could easily see this being developed into a full musical.

Gillian Fischer 161 days ago

Absolutely fabulous! The energy of the cast leaves you wanting more. A taste of more to come for sure. I will be looking out for the show in full length in the future! The cast all have amazing singing voice, great diction ! I heard and understood every word !
Sad situation that we can all relate to with a happy ending we all want to have. Especially in a musical.
Came out in a fantastic happy mood. Thank you all !

Chris England 161 days ago

What a way to spend an hour! You don’t want to miss this.

Matthew Taylor 161 days ago

Very entertaining. Our first show this year..fantastic start.

Eileen Mahony 162 days ago

This is a remarkable show on every level. I am told the cast are all students from Cambridge who do musical theatre as a sideline. Perhaps they will all, one day, give up their day jobs. The story and script are fast paced and fun, the music is at times quite beautiful. The singing is rich in tone, full of humour and pathos, and the acting superb. I would have enjoyed another hour of this. Certainly the best show on the Fringe this year, of the ones I have seen. An intelligent triumph.

Ellen Wright 163 days ago

Brilliant show - great acting, singing and dancing - the 4 man cast worked fantastically well together on a very current themes of homelessness, job insecurity. Heartwarming ❤️

Simon Lundy 163 days ago

What a great show! We booked with only the synopsis to guide us and the production exceeded our wildest expectations. The four cast members sang and danced their way through this delightful story which would do credit to any west end stage. This is my highlight of the fringe. I recommend it as a perfect hour of musical theatre suitable for everyone.

Kimberley Halford 164 days ago

If you love musical theatre then you’ll love On yer Bike. We chose this show as we liked the sound of the synopsis, love musical theatre and the timing fitted in with other plans on Saturday 7th but wow what a perfect pick.
A fabulous heart warming show with humour, emotion and brilliant chemistry between the four performers. It’s relatable content and well written lyrics were fantastic entertainment and a
delight. I can easily see this story being extended into a 2 act production worthy of any stage. You won’t be disappointed.

Ell Barnes-Ward 165 days ago

I went to see ‘On Your Bike’ on Saturday 7th August at Surgeon’s Hall and I was blown away with the talent on show.
From the start of the show I was fully engaged right to the very end by the incredible 4 cast members performing for us.

Some big highlights of the show for me was the opening number and closing number, really showing off the strengths of the cast and constantly had some really strong harmonies coming through. Another was the duet between Daisy & Aidan, where the beautiful harmonies were 100% on point and it was probably my favourite song of the show. The tap dancing from Felicity whilst singing was incredible and an absolute spectacle to watch! A couple of Gemma’s solos were also a joy to watch and listen to! There was also a good amount of comedic moments, the character Aidan especially had some fabulous comedic timing and all of the cast had really believable interactions with eachother.

Also, a shoutout to the sound and lighting team for doing a Sterling job! No mistakes were made that I or any of the audience were aware of, such a professional job by them and the rest of the backstage team!

Overall the show was a really light hearted and heart warming story with some great comedic value to add on top of that.

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Theatre Weekly (5/5 stars) 152 days ago

Walk past any city centre restaurant or fast food outlet and you’ll be tripping over the delivery riders queueing up to collect orders to be whisked back to customers still sat comfortably at home. It’s a convenience that has become essential to many during the pandemic, and has also inspired On Your Bike, a new musical by Ben James and Cambridge Footlight Joe Venable.

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 154 days ago

It’s the perfect pick-me-up show to put a smile on your face: sweet, fun and the charming story

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 154 days ago

Wickedly clever and impressively polished production deserves to sell-out its run

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Musical Theatre Review (5/5 stars) 155 days ago

This is a lot of plot in a fast-paced show that never lets up for an instant – that it all happens in less than an hour is nothing short of miraculous.

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