On the Other Hand, We're Happy

Theatre (new writing, drama)

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  • ROUNDABOUT @ Summerhall - Roundabout
  • 14:15
  • Aug 24
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Paines Plough and Theatr Clwyd
  • Warnings and additional info: Audience Participation, Strong Language/Swearing, some references to drug use and sex. No latecomers.
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A single Dad meets his adopted daughter for the first time. Then he agrees to meet her birth mother. When their two worlds collide, will what they have in common outweigh their differences? A one-off meeting. But three lives will be changed forever. On the Other Hand, We’re Happy is a tender, funny, hopeful play about being a mum when your name is Dad. Written by Daf James, award-winning writer, composer and performer. His first play Llwyth (Tribe) was a water-shed play that changed the landscape of Welsh language theatre forever.

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Sean Davis 80 days ago

On the Other Hand, We're Happy (*****)
A loving couple who have grown up together must make decisions about marriage, having a child, and/or adopting. Their love suffuse this whole piece as the plot evolves in a natural way to explore the many decisions facing a couple creating a family. The edgy character of another mother sets out in high relief the calm love of the couple.

This was the 10th most enjoyable of the 152 Fringe shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website: www.fringefan.com.

Elisabeth H 85 days ago

Paines Plough's presentation of ON OTHER OTHER HAND and DAUGHTERHOOD this year are truly extraordinary. Both productions are exceptional, but ON THE OTHER HAND is the standout. Top 3 of the dozens of shows I've seen this year. Brilliant and emotionally gut-wrenching.

Richard Collier 91 days ago

A wonderful play, well-acted and interestingly staged.

Theatre in the round is a risky gambit. It either significantly enhances a play or just gives you a 360 degree 4th wall with the actors facing away from most of the audience. Happily, this production makes great use of the opportunities, with the actors addressing & sitting in the audience, breaking the 4th wall without breaking the narrative spell. Having no props or scenery, the audience imagination is creating the actors’ environment anyway, so there’s no 4th wall to break and no matter how many times the actors remind you that they’re actors, the audience is still bound up in the characters’ story.

Wonderfully effective lighting design, perhaps facilitated by the fluidity of the venue structure.

Difficult topics are raised, requiring nuanced and layered performances. The characters are real, not caricatures, and not always likeable or sympathetic. So real people. The biggest acting burden there perhaps falling on Charlotte O’Leary – whilst Toyin Omari-Kinch and Charlotte Bate are excellent in the characters they play, her bottom-of-the-heap mother and daughter could have been lazy stereotypes but are lovingly written and well-acted.

The only thing I took issue with was that I don’t think we needed to see the character’s inner turmoil represented by them flailing around between scenes. The great strength of the play is that it raises some complex, nuanced emotions and questions which don’t have easy (or any) answers, well written & well performed by the 3 actors, so the sudden blunt physical representations of real grief were jarring. We got it from the performances. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take the shine off an excellent and extremely involving play. Hats off to the author and the cast. Definitely recommended.

OM 92 days ago

This show is both heart-breaking and very funny. It is performed in an incredibly intimate space that makes the audience feel like part of the performance. This was my favourite show of this year’s fringe.

Prof Teak 93 days ago

The posters and synopsis of On The Other Hand, We're Happy do not do this performance justice. It sounds so humdrum, "Mr.Mom"...and it is not...it is fantastic
and beautiful.
Well-scripted and well-performed by three talented actors.
In a multi-dimensional timeline (think "Constellations") this is a story of love and the circularity of creating family and losing family. And for the moment in that cycle when We Are Happy.
I was impressed by all three performers creating very dimensional characters, and dealing well with a few stops along the way to address the audience.

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An Organised Mess 80 days ago

On the Other Hand, We’re Happy is a fantastic piece of writing. Humour, happiness, grief and life are brought together by three fantastic actors.

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The Times [paywall] (4/5 stars) 82 days ago

Josh and Abbi have known each other since they were six and know they are meant to be together. Now they are in their early twenties, having way too much fun, until one night Abbi mentions having a baby. “God, for a minute there, I thought you said baby!” cries...

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 82 days ago

Rarely amid this year's Fringe programme will such an uplifting and positively joyful play come with such a thick side order of tragedy. ...

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 85 days ago

On The Other Hand, We're Happy begins with a whirlwind journey through Abbie (Charlotte Bate) and Josh (Toyin Omari-Kinch)'s relationship. Buying a house, wanting children, marriage. Not being able to get pregnant. They decide to adopt. Daf James' script combines with Stef O'Driscoll's direction to make brilliant use of the...

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Everything Theatre (4/5 stars) 86 days ago

The fast-paced direction and upbeat script make seventy minutes go past in a jiffy. And after an emotional rollercoaster that provokes as much laughter as many red eyes, the story ends on a cliff-hanger, leaving us on a positive note. On the Other Hand, We’re Happy is both heart-wrenching and uplifting. Just as great theatre should be.

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Miro Magazine (4/5 stars) 89 days ago

Here is another show that isn’t afraid to tackle the hard questions head on in the name of love and loss and devotion.

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 89 days ago

Josh and Abby meet as schoolchildren. His dog has died and she has lost her dolly. Love at first sight? They grow up together. They fall in love. They marry.But they cannot get pregnant. After extensive discussions, they agree that adoption is the answer. And just as three-year-old Tyler comes...

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Exeunt 90 days ago

What brings Josh and Kelly together is the profound love they share for a girl they both consider their daughter. Up until now, Josh and Kelly have never met. Their bitter-sweet and anticipated encounter sits at the centre of Daf James’s thoughtful but scattered new play, On the Other Hand,...

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Theatre Weekly (5/5 stars) 91 days ago

On the Other Hand We’re Happy is quite simply a triumph. An honest, beautifully tender story of how such an important subject as adoption affects every party involved that asks and answers the biggest questions in the same sitting. With every member of this team giving their absolute all and it well and truly paying off, this is a piece that you cannot afford to miss.

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Bouquets and Brickbats (5/5 stars) 93 days ago

The conclusion is almost overpoweringly emotional and I watch the actors taking their well-deserved bows through a film of tears. If you like quality theatre, head down to Summerhall and catch this vibrant, beating heart of a play before it moves on.

It’s one of the best shows we’ve seen at this year’s Fringe.

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 95 days ago

"It looks nice. A nice place to live," says Josh, looking around the empty stage in the heart of Summerhall's temporary Roundabout venue. "Let’s do this," partner Abbey agrees, which is fine—we’re used to Fringe dramas with little or no props and scenery to either set up or take down....

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Whats On Stage (3/5 stars) 97 days ago

Budding young couple Abbi and Josh are high on mandy, coming back from a party. Abbi, breaking out of a meandering spiel, turns deadly serious: she says she wants to have a baby. Josh, boggled, sweaty, trying to get his bearings in the back of an Uber, agrees. Months and...

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