Nobody Likes You When You’re 33

Comedy (interactive, stand-up)

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  • Sweet Novotel - Novotel 2
  • 17:00
  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Thom Bee and Andrew Marsh
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong Language/Swearing
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Thom Bee and Andrew Marsh don’t know what to do now their 20s are over. They’re getting old, damnit, but they’re not going to worry about it, not now, because one thing keeps them young: the angst-ridden world of pop-punk. This is the show that takes their favourite music, and distorts it through a new lens, focusing on all the small things, to how these two can be their own worst enemy, to the misery business that is ageing. You better make damn sure you join Thom and Andrew on this bizarre musical journey.

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Laura Waller 109 days ago

Really funny and original show, which is definitely worth an hour of your time! The show takes the form of a chat show and the fact the comedians playing the special guests have no idea what’s about to happen adds to the chaotic fun. Go with an open mind and you’ll struggle not to enjoy it!

Ryan 110 days ago

I mean, it’s just an hour of pure chaos and I loved it! If you like alternative comedy and arrive with an open mind and a love for pop-punk you will enjoy yourself. The guests (band members) were great on this particular showing. Absolutely loved that one of them identified as a dog. ‘It just looks like a Manchester bus stop’ had me in stitches. Must see!

Adam D 113 days ago

An hour of manic fun. Couldn’t help but laugh from start to finish. Great show!

Lukas Curtis 114 days ago

so glad we managed to catch this show. 5 stars from us. seems like quite a comedic defining show from some of these reviews and I guess the guys weren’t kidding when they asked for good reviews after some of the harsh things said. sure it won’t be the best thing we’ve ever seen but it was certainly a good hour of comedy

Adam A 114 days ago

Really enjoyed this “late night talk show”. Not quite what we expected from the flyer but very funny. Can only think the people who have left such bad reviews aren’t fans of alternative comedy or seeing something they couldn’t 100% predict. It’s more improv than stand up so shows might change day to day but the guests on and the main hosts were excellent the day we saw.

Aimee 114 days ago

There are 5000 shows at the fringe, and I'm sad that an hour of my time here was spent on this one. I was surprised to hear that it was the 13th show, as it felt like it had been written that morning, and was totally unrehearsed. There were next to no pop punk references, and the show had no relation to the blurb, so I felt ripped off- it was an unfunny mess. Some of the guests tried their best but they weren't given much to work with, and the host had a great ability to kill anything threatening to stumble into the vicinity of a joke dead, by adding his own unfunny comment, zero sense of comic timing. It was just two mates wgo think they're funnier than they are in a room together, having taken my money. There were several walk outs, I wish I'd been one of them. The joke at the start about people paying more was the funniest, just for the irony. The best that can be said about this was that we had a lot to talk about afterwards, directing exactly why it was so terrible.

Ricky 115 days ago

Top few reviews are 100% fake, felt robbed! left half way through the show, it was terrible , half of us left the show half way . 100% woudnt recommend it to anyone!!!! waste of money and my time.

Mark P 115 days ago

Funny show that takes the form of a spoof chat show that felt a little bit like Knowing Me, Knowing You. The two hosts work really well together, there are fun ideas throughout and the guests were very good at improvising with whatever was thrown at them. Definitely worth seeing if you are looking for a fun hour of comedy.

Leon Brown 116 days ago

1 hour of pure fun from start to finish. The dynamic between Thom and Andrew is like a classic double act with Thom playing the straight man and Andrew as the bungling sidekick. It's very reminiscent of the play that goes wrong but with a pop punk talk show setting instead. Very enjoyable and unpredictable when you add in the special guests who apparently change with each show and rely upon improvisation which should give you a different experience each time, the member of the audience they brought up was so game and just rolled with everything making it a brilliant example of how well it works with the show as he didn't seem out of place in the anarchic goings on of the rest of the event.
I'm looking forward to seeing it again with a different set of improvisors to see just how different of an experience it can become.
Props to the lads, it was excellent!

Laura Packwood 116 days ago

Do not waste your money. Ignore the good reviews (I suspect they might be fake.)

Nothing to do with pop punk. Not funny. Not clever. Not even a show.

A group of not funny men sitting looking gormlessly at one another.

Feel robbed.

See something else. Anything else. Just watch yourself in the mirror for an hour or take a really long pooh. You'd have more fun.

(Also lots of people left during the performance. I would have if I wasn't blocked in.)

Nathan 117 days ago

An absolute pleasure. Utter anarchy, I have a hard time describing what I saw but I had an absolute blast. The shows format is of that of a talk show celebrating pop punk through the years, it quickly descended into something else entirely. One point that involved the participation on an audience member almost had me on the floor.

Ellie 118 days ago

In the form of a late night talk show these two (and guests) made us feel comfortable and bewildered in equal parts. They might have you confused but you’ll be having a great time. Highly recommend for Pop Punk fans and anyone looking for an early evening easy laugh. A brilliant show which is exactly what the fringe is about- regular people taking their interests and creating a hilarious hour of comedy.

Caileigh Marshall 118 days ago

With a panel of guests that changes every day, this show is chaotic in the best way possible. The pop-punk references to the music (and just how silly pop-punk bands can be) are consistently great. However, I see benefit in the accessibility of the show from an knowledge standpoint. It's fun to get all the small references as a big fan of the genre, but I don't feel like it was too niche, and I felt welcome even when a reference slipped by me. This show has broad appeal, mostly due to the main hosts of the show, who are chaotic and eccletic and wonderfully fun. If you're a fan of utter chaos, pop punk and pretend pilots for a documentary on the rise and fall of a pop punk band made up of improvisers, this one is definitely not one to miss.

Colin 118 days ago

It honestly felt like 2 guys were forced to come up with a show in less than a day while being deprived of sleep and inspiration. Although I would expect even under these circumstances 2 average guys could create something vastly better than these guys did. The themes from the blurb for this show are left largely untouched and are very misleading as you are exposed to a dismal display of scant preparation that pads it's way to a very welcome end.

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