Nine Months

Theatre (comedy, devised)

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Breaking the 4th Wall was founded by Imelda Reynolds and Frances Moylan. They have collaborated to devise an innovative production, Nine Months. It provokes the question: have things changed for women in Ireland? It is a kaleidoscope of Irish stories, taking you on a hilarious, thought-provoking, rollercoaster, captivating journey, with audience participation, where characters transform with each new narrative. It touches on contemporary and historical issues that relate to pregnancy and childcare in Ireland over the last 50 years. It dramatises peoples true narratives, taking them from page to stage by using devised comedic theatre techniques.

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SANDRA MCGUIRE 89 days ago

I would highly recommend this excellently written, entertaining, poignant & powerful play. Imelda and Frances are truly talented actresses and dealt with serious historical & current issues with passion. There is enjoyable audience participation, it is engaging, hilarious, thought-provoking and superbly performed. A must see!

Maureen Dardis 90 days ago

Brilliant Show,I highly recommend this play it's a must see,both thought provoking and hilarious .Fantastic performance from Frances and Imelda.

Ger Flannery 90 days ago

This is a fantastic show; a brief history of Irish womens’ experiences of pregnancy, child birth and rearing could be very dark , and although very thought provoking and poignant at times , you will be in stitches (pardon the pun ) most of the time. Very creative and innovative; the audience participation will keep you engaged . Bravo !

Neasa Flaherty Burke 90 days ago

These two ladies are amaaaaaaaazing....super talented acting...they show passion ,exhuberance and hilarity .
On stage they are both so engaging, energetic,charismatic and versatile..The serious issues of the piece are portrayed so well as are the lighter ones.I came out of this play on a high and also I gained a lot of food for thought .
The best 45 minutes I ve spent in a while.

Janet Christie 90 days ago

Catch Breaking the 4th Wall's Nine Months, a hilarious and sometimes horrific take on the complexities of pregnancy and childcare in Ireland over the last 50 years. Innovative, seamless, thought-provoking theatre from this talented and energetic duo who give voice to real life stories, skewer their targets, and deliver a message with mirth.
And, spoiler alert, there WILL be audience participation and you WILL like it!
A Fringe must-see, at [email protected], Nicolson Street, 9.20pm until 17 August,

Orlaith Hopkins 90 days ago

Excellent show a must see. It is both hilarious and moving. You will enjoy every moment

Margaret Jones 90 days ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this play. It is thought provoking as well as hilarious. The interaction with the audience is great, bringing us into the performance. The two actors’ ability to switch between characters is amazing and was done seamlessly. This play will bring tears to your eyes; from laughter and also from the sadness of the real life stories of women in Ireland. Great balance between comedy and serious issues. I would highly recommend this play, it is a must see!!

Mark Taylor 91 days ago

Hilarious and poignant. Bold and touching. Just what the fringe should be all about - innovative theatre at a down to earth venue with fun and talented performers. Loved it from start to finish. 100% recommended.

marion gilsenan 91 days ago

A must see. Both funny and moving and horrifying all within one 45 minute show. Do catch this one!

Mary Curtin 91 days ago

45 minutes well spent: Nine Months has you lurching between laughter and tears - and sometimes both at the same time. The issues are heavy, some moments are very dark, but the cast of two have found ways to shine light on them and acknowledge the social and biological challenges which women in Ireland have faced in the scarily-recent past.

If you prefer to see other people do the audience-participation bit - sit at the back and they'll leave you alone!

Fiona Moylan 91 days ago

This show is hilarious from start to finish. I love the audience participation and interactive.

David Larkin 91 days ago

If you want to see (and maybe even participate in!!) forty-five minutes worth of laughing and crying at a very entertaining and thought-provoking show then this is the show for you!!! The hugely talented Imelda and Frances have crafted a very fine black comedy based around true experiences of, and issues surrounding, Irish women over the last five decades during and after pregnancy. Highly recommended, I'm looking forward to seeing it a second time to pick up on the bits I missed while laughing and crying.
Bring a box of tissues, guaranteed you'll need them!!!

Fionnuala Gallagher 91 days ago

Such an entertaining performance. Very thought provoking. The two ladies shocked us into laughter and almost tears. This show deserves huge recognition for this amazing collaboration. I would go to it again as it's probably slightly different each time due to the audience participation.

Mick Brown 91 days ago

This show, Nine Months is excellent, not to be missed. it raises issues in relation to women from the past but also issues which women currently face. I found it to be thought provoking, and was moved from tears of compassion to tears of laughter within seconds. I found it to be a very emotional but exhilarating play. It is extremely well written and I found the performances to be outstanding with the scenes changing so seamlessly. There is a wondeful synergy between the two lead actors and it is quite hilarious at various times. Well done all, I only wish there was more, please keep writing and come back to Edinburgh again next year !!

It's a very thought provoking play but also hilarious

Colin Hattersley 91 days ago

This is a great balance of rib-tickling silliness, well-crafted comedy, sad poignant moments and thought-provoking pathos - a great blend.
Even better than I thought it’d be - and I did expect it to be very good.

Fiona O'Donnell 91 days ago

An excellent performance by two very talented ladies. So good I have seen it twice! Funny, yet emotional in parts in their portral of females and pregnancy in the past and currently. A must see !

JOHN MORLEY 91 days ago

Wonderful show delivered by 2 great performers. Insightful as well as entertaining. A must see,

Geoff Allan 91 days ago

Blown away by the performance, an electric atmosphere on opening night. Hair-raising montages and warm, funny audience participation. Thoroughly recommended, as good as anything I've seen in the fringe this year.

Joe Walsh 91 days ago

Guys I really enjoyed 9 months yesterday evening. Great entertainment and energy.. Great chemistry between Imelda and Frances and the two man effort with the multiple characters and changes made the scene transformation seamless.. A few things came to mind with the script mainly I felt that overall there is definitely a bigger and longer production waiting to happen here on the back of this one where all the vulnerabilities of irish women particularly in the recent past are highlighted. there is probably a hierarchy inherent because there were so many of these unjust situations in different forms.

. A hard hitting introduction on the need for theatre to remember these narratives might also resonate particularly with overseas audiences.. Hats off to Imelda and Frances and Michael.. And of course Daniel on lights.. Well done.

Alison Campbell 91 days ago

We loved this show, funny, interactive yet poignant at times, I would really recommend it , put it on your 'must see ' list at the Ed Fringe!

david rosenthal 91 days ago

Was at the opening night yesterday and it was fantastic: funny, sad, heartfelt, with great performances. Most of all, thought-provoking about the experience of Irish women around the issues of pregnancy and parenting. Loved it.

Mary Collins 91 days ago

I had seen this show twice. And I would go and see it again.
It is funny, it's educational, it's emotional, it is thought provoking. It's very personal and intimate. All based on real life stories which makes some of them truly and deeply touching.

It's almost a must for women to see, it's another must for men to see too.

Btw, you will laugh. it's guaranteed!!

claire garabedian 91 days ago

just saw this show at the Edinburgh Fringe tonight = FANTASTIC! Funny, engaging, thought provoking, personable...great pacing and thoroughly entertaining!

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