Never None (but She)

Theatre (new writing, storytelling)

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  • theSpaceTriplex - Studio
  • 11:05
  • Aug 24
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Asterglow Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Audience Participation, Contains Distressing Themes, Strong Language/Swearing, Themes of Abuse, Assault, and Sexism
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'Once upon a time, a girl saw every star in the sky disappear.' As folktales collide with modern day, Pan, Lilla and Tansy find themselves immersed in darkness. They struggle to start down an unworn path and rewrite their endings. With their lives intertwined, they learn to depend on each other and their own inner power, transforming themselves and the world beyond their imagination. Embark on an adventure of resilience. Of dark days and bright nights. Of sowing planets and sewing stars in the sky. Generations of hurts and hopes merge in this tapestry of tales.

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Andy 92 days ago

Magical show, worth EC very penny, brilliant cast all future stars in the making. If looking for a morning show, this is the one, time is running out!

Erica 92 days ago

A truly captivating show from the very beginning. Amazing acting, incredible singing, magical atmosphere. Engaging with often unspoken themes in a touching way, the story moved me deeply, as I could relate to some of the issues raised. I read the elegant simplicity of the story as an encouragement to honestly speak up about abuse, violence, mistreating. The metaphorical nature of the show opens the way to a variety of interpretations. I would recommend going to see the show with an open mind, ready to be shook by the power of its message.

Chris Pearson 95 days ago

A simple semi-magical set; poetic imagery; engaging music; a feminist message without being preachy, and which expands to cover many other issues where people can make a difference; and a hopeful ending. Definitely recommended. 4*

Chris Green 101 days ago

A thoroughly charming piece that uses poetic imagery of stars and magic to highlight the power that women have to change the world. What could have been a preachy diatribe (and just for one split second seemed about to be) was ultimately wholly inclusive. Special praise must go to Anna Kiakowski for her subtly nuanced performance as Lilla, the character around whom most of the magic revolves.

Just as a postscript, we booked the show largely because the title of the show evoked the medieval carol 'I Sing of a Maiden that is makeless' and its line 'Mother and maiden was never none but she'. Never underestimate the power of a good title!

Maggie 103 days ago

A well put together show by young female actors, touching on some very grown up themes. Thought provoking and interesting, the play is well written and the performances are enthusiastic and full of emotion. The cast have clearly worked hard and their performances are stronger for it.
The Fringe delivers another bright set of stars to the world of theatre.

Dawn M 103 days ago

A very well written play acted out by amazing talented young actors... I really enjoy the use of powers and stars to relay a current and important topic. The actors really connected with each other and were superb in their parts. Well done all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Colette Hemmati 105 days ago

Never None (but She) is engaging, thought provoking, with the odd hint of humour and you will definitely not be disappointed. The actors all draw you into a very powerful and topical production that ends on a high. It is well written and produced to a high standard. Well worth a visit and I agree that I can see it develop into something more - a short film/play/musical. 5 stars!

Jon 105 days ago

There's no doubt that this show is beautifully set and acted. It is genuine and thought-provoking and I agree with other reviewers that it has potential to grow into something bigger.

My only reservation is that it is too general in its portrayal of various stereotypes. I was uncomfortable (not in a positive way) about who seemed to be oppressing whom because the way this was presented over-simplifies the situation which is central to the idea of the play.It's true that the identity of the villain does offset this a little but I'm left wondering whether this is intentional or simply a contradiction in the writing.

Overall though this is good theatre and well worth a visit.

James Sullivan 105 days ago

Set almost tinkles with magic, like an uncrowded Easter shop full of artists' trinkets. Emotional acting, it's obvious the actors firmly believe in what they're performing.
Will definitely remember this play the next time I see the stars.
The play eloquently confirms the darkness in society's structures, but at the same time is a breathing space in which to focus in on systems that are often overwhelming to understand.

Richard Carruthers 106 days ago

What a superb piece of new writing with a beautiful uplifting theme, engaging performances and revealing moments. I thoroughly recommend this and would love to see it developed into a musical! 4 stars.

Ryan brady 107 days ago

The one thing I love about the fringe is watching new local productions. This is deffo a show to watch out for as has great story line and the potential to become something bigger. I left imagining the sequel or what a great TV show it could be. The cast are excellent and the setting simple but great. So if you have the time go watch this as I will be going again

Paola 108 days ago

Enchanting and endearing - wonderfully executed with a beautiful presentation and creative staging along with original music to convey an important message.

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All Edinburgh Theatre (3/5 stars) 87 days ago

Never None (but She) is a story of magic and female power from Asterglow Theatre at theSpace Triplex that reminds of Ovid’s Metamorphosis as well as folk tales. Once upon a time the stars in the sky went out and the tailor Lila watched them all disappear. In the small...

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 90 days ago

Asterglow theatre is a new amateur company focused on new writing centered on female and non-binary individuals. The company also strives to be accessible to everyone and offers relaxed performances where loud noises and bright lights are turned off, and subtitles are provided for every show. It’s a commendable effort...

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 91 days ago

Taking its name from the medieval lyric poem I Sing of a Maiden, Never None (but She) channels the pastoral charm and ye olde setting of this song into the modern day, by focusing on the contemporary issues of gender equality and sexism. The story tells the tale of three...

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The List (3/5 stars) 104 days ago

Poetic and feminist show that looks at the environment...

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