National Killing Day

Theatre (thriller)

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  • theSpace on the Mile - Space 3
  • 18:50
  • Aug 18
  • 45 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Gingerlee Does It Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Includes swearing and some upsetting scenes and loud gunshots sound effects.
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies are not allowed in the venue
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


When the government declares slaying legal to reignite a sense of self responsibility and respect, James has the urge to pay his ex-wife a visit... Join James as he traipses across the breadth of Britain whilst encountering an array of characters, all trying to make sense of the world and themselves on such a horrible day. With twists, turns at a fast walking pace, will the day prove to be a success? 'NKD is a thrilling and fast paced hour of entertainment... incredibly tense and exciting to watch' ***** (Megan Hyland,

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