Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (circus, acrobatics)

  • Assembly Roxy - Upstairs
  • 17:25
  • Aug 28
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 8+
  • Country: Canada
  • Group: Agathe and Adrien in co-production with Acting for Climate Montréal
  • Warnings and additional info: None
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 18 months


Provocative, dysfunctional and tender, N.Ormes is a circus show that pushes the limits of gender norms with never seen before acrobatic exchanges. Don't miss this Fringe debut! Skilfully combining acrobatics and dance we follow our two protagonists and their relationship, navigating between complicity and power struggles. The stage becomes an arena! One by one, the archetypes fall in battle, giving way to a quest for friendship and fairness through power and fluidity. Come witness this inspiring journey to see how the exchange of roles and acrobatics blurs our preconceptions!

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  • Wheelchair access type: Not fully wheelchair accessible

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Carrie Todd 32 days ago

Brilliant performers and conception. Awesome demonstration of strength and balance and the show was mesmeric. Almost ballistic at times, it was a really thought provoking piece and the performers deserved the standing ovation they received. It is very important to see young women with great physical strength who can lift and support a man as we never see this. The woman, Agathe, is my hero. I wish more people could see her in action. She is so courageous, in so many ways, and the dedication to her performance is inspiring. Both performers demonstrated a commitment to portraying humanity and human relationships and vulnerability and it was a breathtaking joy. Some parts were a bit long and slow but mostly it flowed. I am sure they have learned that a smoke machine setting off the fire alarm is not good for a performance and will reduce the haze in future. I felt it was unnecessary to have smoke. Possibly limit it to certain parts in future.

Hashbaz11 34 days ago

This is a stunningly strong show and I am so glad I was convinced to go see it by someone else because I would not have naturally chosen it. For me, it was about the ebbs and flows of a long-term relationship, the dance we form with eachother, it's various movements and periods of development until ultimately the dance becomes a private and unseen consummation between two symbiotic people. You make of it what you will but it spoke to me in an unexpectedly moving way. They deserve to sell out to the end of their run.

Alice Bailey 35 days ago

An incredible display of acrobatics - go see this for something unusual and seriously impressive We were blown away by the talent and emotion Agathe and Adrien conveyed. Amazing show!

Laszlo Ferencz (from Budapest) 37 days ago

Amazing circus duo, hard skills, loveable personalities. My kind of stuff with hand to hands and headbalance. Was great to talk with you Agathe after the show.
Thank you. :-)

Christian Hege 38 days ago

Good god. See this show.

If you have just the slightest wisp of a liking for acrobatics, or maybe you don't even know, then see this show. And then you can forget altogether that you're watching acrobatics -- you're watching the crests and ebbs of a relationship between two people - desire, consent, whimsy, impatience, struggle, anger, distance, separation, renewal, common ground, love itself, and maybe even eternity. And oh by the way -- the acrobatics! And the beauty of the human form, and just of being human. How wonderful, how wonderful.

I've just finished at the fringe (my show closed yesterday) and the emotions that had built up all came rushing forward when I shook Agathe's hand afterward. I couldn't speak to her, I burst into tears.

Good god, see this show.

Georgia Tuohy 38 days ago

I thought this show was so moving - the acrobatics, the dance, the music, the emotions of the performers. I would highly recommend!

Jos van de Mortel 38 days ago

A beautiful and moving performance in which the emotions, layers and imperfections in relationships are portrayed extremely aptly. Physical challenge, dramaturgical imagination and a heart-wrenching look inwards coincide beautifully. Music, light and movement are carefully brought together in a piece that took Agathe and Adrien on a three years journey to make. I was crying in my seat.

Euan Innes 38 days ago

One of the most accomplished physical performances I've ever seen. The thematic content of the ebb and flow and power shifts of the performers relationship is perfectly mached by the matched which the physicality of the acrobatics at the performances core.

Earle Stuart Callender 38 days ago

Breathtaking acrobatic skills interwoven with an honest narrative exploration of a relationship over time.
You might not think this is the type of show for you but I defy you to not come away thrilled.
A dynamic, beautiful and thought provoking experience.

Russell Emeny 39 days ago

Wow. What a great show. A romantic narrative thread runs though the performance, which makes it really stand out. The skill, strength and humour of the acrobatic actors is amazing. The chemistry between them is intense and rather lovely. Absolute must see.

Jeffrey 41 days ago

The physical abilities of these performers are top-notch and at many times breathtaking. What is absolutely remarkable though is how they use these skills to say their piece on the dynamics of human relationships and, yes, the imbalances around gender norms. You won't believe how well they convey what is written in this event's description through the medium of dance and acrobatics. Go see it!

Rita Cunha 42 days ago

A marvelous show. Very touching, the beauty of the movements. Incredible and absolutely unmissable. 10/10

Paulo Cunha 43 days ago

A masterpiece of acrobatics, a sort of poetry of movement. Amazing show!

L Dogg 43 days ago

Not the sort of show I would usually have gone to but I was blown away by this masterpiece of acrobatics? Might be the wrong word but either way the show was an incredibly powerful experience telling the story of a relationship through time with some of the most impressive people-climbing-on-each-other I’ve ever seen. Not a wobble in sight. 10/10

Rhona Crook 44 days ago

Amazing! Powerful acrobatics, gentle humour then such inventive and intricate dance movements.

Michael Calderone 46 days ago

I am glad there are already so many good audience reviews of this piece. I echo what has already been said and add that an 18 year old student of mine said they could now go home happy with a complete Fringe after seen this show. Wonderful!

Sarah Duncanson 49 days ago

This is a beautiful and inventive piece which brings something new to the dance/acrobatic space(no easy statement after my 23 years of Fringing!). In turns gentle, provoking, warm, challenging, funny, sad, and everything in between, just like the completely relatable complex relationship it is portraying. Expertly performed with perfect emotional timing from two very talented artists with electric chemistry to a great soundtrack. It is such a beautiful show with stunning dancing and a really interesting take on relationships. My best show this year. Really looking forward to seeing them back next year- maybe sooner when I go to this one again!!

Doriane Cote 49 days ago

Thank you for bringing such a beautiful show! Loved every aspects of it! So glad I attended it!

Carmen Allison 49 days ago

Wow, what a beautiful show. As described in the synopsis, this made me laugh and certainly cry. The performance was amazing and a really beautiful soundtrack to match. I loved every moment and would highly recommend. Merci beaucoup x

Hazel Marks 50 days ago

You’ll love this show which showcases the immense strength and comedy skills of Agathe and Adrien. It’s highly inventive and spectacular to watch and both performers are throughly engaging.

Loretta Hope 52 days ago

Incredible! The strength, the stamina.... really inspiring performance. Two amazing performers! So glad I came to see their work! Highly recommend!

Adrian 53 days ago

Brilliant show, amazing skill and so different to other acrobatic acts. I saw them at Best of the Fest and went straight to buy a ticket for that afternoons show. Very glad that I did

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Butterwort.art (4/5 stars) 39 days ago

Breathtaking acrobatics

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine 45 days ago

Agathe and Adrien in co-production with Acting for Climate Montreal have created something unforgettable and special with N.Ormes. It is a performance of extreme talent and deep and meaningful beauty. It makes you think and it leaves you breathless.

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Fringe Review 46 days ago

Provocative, dysfunctional and tender, N.Ormes is a circus show that pushes the limits of gender norms with never seen before acrobatic exchanges.

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