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A rock concert in a courtroom... and you are the jury. Fresh from a sell-out preview run comes an original musical full of crackling dialogue, dark humour and killer tunes. Unwilling pawn, madwoman or psychopath? You decide. 'Anyone who doesn't see Medea the Musical will regret it' ( 'Funny, thought-provoking and gloriously mad creation' (Varsity). ***** (

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Simon Peterson 31 days ago

What a simply marvellous show! I bought a ticket on a whim and very much did not regret it. Fantastic vocals with a strong performance from all the cast, with the lawyer striking me as particularly amusing due to his brilliant sass and effortless narration of the musical. I later found out the actress playing Medea wrote the script herself which makes the show even better!

Baokun Liang 31 days ago

Amazing work! Fascinating modern adaptation and setting. The music is beautiful and catchy, and the lyrics reveal its profound serious side. Hearing to the songs right now:)

Lennie 33 days ago

What a fantastic show! Absolute highlight of the fringe so far. Performers were excellent singers and actors and the songs were catchy and memorable (particularly loved the ‘way out’ song). I especially enjoyed the the comedy of the script - Glauce in particular was hilarious. Can’t believe it was all written by the lead performer. What talent! It would be criminally insane if this dosent reach the west end one day!

David Millican 33 days ago

Outstanding performance! In fact, probably the best thing I’ve seen at the fringe this year (and I’ve seen a lot!). Four very talented actors/singers accompanied by four very accomplished musicians. The musical was well-written and superbly performed. Highly recommended.

ELC 33 days ago

I was blown away by the superb performance of the four actors, especially Medea. All of them are talented with excellent voices. The act where Medea was holding two babies (i.e. folded jackets) and singing with heartfelt emotions was impressive and touching for me. I also appreciated the humour of the narrator/lawyer. With a simple setup - four square stools, the actors could capture the attention and imagination of the audience.

The live music was a fantastic treat, making the musical even more enjoyable and captivating.

Elena 33 days ago

Was so great I came back a week later!

Firstly, Glauce’s comedic brilliance deserves a shoutout. The audience were in pieces both nights. Her and Jason’s song is hilarious and was made even better by their energy and style. Hayley’s Medea was also fantastic - with a winning combination of stunning vocals and witty sarcasm, her character was so compelling.

The music itself, like the actors, has great range - from jazzy group numbers to impactful solos, Canham has seamlessly blended her own style with those of great musical theatre writers.

Would thoroughly recommend catching the last couple of performances! If not I hope the show continues its success elsewhere :) (and that the rest of the songs are put up on Spotify!)

Katie Jones 33 days ago

Went to this last night on a whim and was absolutely blown away. Spellbinding performances from the cast of four with beautiful accompaniment from the band. Clever, witty and decadently dark with gorgeous tunes and thought provoking lyrics. I was astounded to find all were written by Hayley (aka Medea) as it genuinely felt like a long established musical with a decade of runtime behind it. And boy, can they all sing! Absolutely captivating from start to finish, catch it this weekend while you can and look forward to bragging rights in years to come when you can say you saw it way before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon!

Lily Ewing 34 days ago

This show was absolutely amazing, as a lover of classical literature the story was great, as a lover of musicals the songs and lyrics where pronominal. 10/10 these people are going places.

Thomas 36 days ago

An amazing musical, captivating from start to finish. Engaging story, fantastic songs (performed with amazingly good vocals and an excellent live band), marvellous acting by the cast of four. Exceptional talent at work.

Steve Johnson 37 days ago

One of the outstanding productions at this year's Fringe, with one of the most exciting new musical scores I've heard in years. The songs are simply sensational, from the opening number to the last, brilliantly performed by the cast of four, led by the show's writer Hayley Canham, and band. Hayley has a magnetic stage presence and her stunning, haunting vocals are a real highlight. Framing the narrative around a courtroom setting really works and the meta theatre references allow for plenty of humour. It all makes for an exhilarating 75 minutes, with a sense, like when watching Six in 2017, of the emergence of something very special. Get yourself a ticket and say you were there at the start. Medea the Musical is an out-and-out triumph.

REB 39 days ago

Saw Medea The Musical yesterday. Definitely a highlight of our festival. Great songs, performance and pace! What a talented group. Would highly recommend!

Natasha 41 days ago

This show has incredible potential but currently still needs work. The songs are amazing, the acting was good, even the dialogue works but the show seems to want to inject ambiguity into the story but doesn’t have the time at the moment to do it. My suggestions would be to split the lawyer into two characters of one who is narrator and one that is a friend of Medea, find a way to explore the ambiguity of whether Medea is guilty (the same scene played two ways or hiding the actual action) and maybe giving a way for the audience to vote at the end. Personally I’d recommend seeing it because I think it has the bones of something that could go really big.

Jack Dryden 41 days ago

Wow this was powerful! Stunning gutsy vocals from the cast and a talented 4 piece live band to back them up. Love seeing a new original musical bring the house down!

Jamie Andrews 41 days ago

The songs and music are amazing! It gave me chills. The actors and musicians had so much emotion and depth into their acting and playing! Definitely go see this!!!

Carl 41 days ago

An absolute stonker! A grand rock opera on an epic scale, that simultaneously intimate and friendly. The cast are hilarious, engaging, distinct, and just generally disgustingly likeable and talented. And man, can they *sing*.

And special shout-out to Hayley Canham who appears to be "Lin Manuel Miranda"-ing it by writing the whole thing and then also carrying the show... Like I said: DISGUSTINGLY TALENTED.

Do not miss this. See it now when it's still in a modest room, before it goes huge and everyone in it becomes massively famous. Be able to say you were there.

Mark 42 days ago

Easily the best show we've seen at Edinburgh this year. The spontaneous standing ovation spoke volumes - for me it topped Sir Ian's Hamlet.

The writing, music and performance is just brilliant. I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t make it to the West End. Good luck to all involved and thank you for such a wonderful evening.

Graham Carpenter 43 days ago

Saw Medea the musical tonight absolutely blown away. If you are the Fringe you need to see this show. Performers and musicians are incredible and bring to life a beautifully crafted musical. Loved it.

Hailey 43 days ago

Hands down, one of the best examples of the 'descent into madness' trope I've ever seen performed. The writing and lyricism is incredible; poignant, intense, and bitingly funny with several beautiful callbacks to Euripides' original work. Absolutely floored by the vocal talent of the cast and the musical versatility of the band. 12/10, I'm probably going to be seeing this again during its run here at Fringe.

PHJ 43 days ago

Filicide made fun? Absolutely! Medea the Musical exudes fun; fun that’s delivered with a skill and soundtrack that mustn’t be missed…

Albert 43 days ago

You will laugh, you might cry, and then you’ll come out humming the songs. This bunch scream talent from the get go - it’s clever, mature, witty and just so fun to watch. Everyone should see it.

Mike Shapiro 45 days ago

At the close of opening night, when the lights dropped, the lead actor, who presumably thought the audience couldn't see her, did a brief victory dance. You know what? Totally warranted.

Gavin 45 days ago

Brilliant. Well-deserved standing ovation. Fantastic performance from musicians and performers. Very impressive

Carolyn 45 days ago

Can you make a musical out of misery, misogyny and murder? Turns out you can! Hayley Canham’s catchy tunes are high-energy and humorous but they pose powerful questions for our times. Impressive execution, in more ways than one. Well deserved standing ovation. Loved it!

Q 45 days ago

A well-deserved standing ovation on the opening night. An amazing musical that needs to be added to your agenda. Amazing music and very talented performers!!

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