Marrying Jake Gyllenhaal

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  • [email protected] - Season 4
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  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 18+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United States
  • Group: Melissa Center
  • Warnings and additional info: Scenes of a sexual nature
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 18 months
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Melissa Center is... Marrying Jake Gyllenhaal. No really – she is! What starts out as her Jewish mom's pesky fantasy (and mild-to-moderate... OK, major obsession) turns into a full-on mission as Melissa, single, struggling and *cough* *cough* approaching 40, searches for love (and Jake Gyllenhaal). There will be Jewish moms (or just the one). There will be bad dates. There will be music. There will be stalking. There will be laughter... and some tears. There will be a wedding. There will be Jake. (And, in some way shape or form, Melissa Center will do them all).

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2nd From Bottom 148 days ago

Wasn't quite what I was expecting - although I mean that in a good way. Full review here:

Nic Lawton (co-founder of Expial Atrocious theatre company) 152 days ago

"You need to keep writing your future."

Melissa Center has a great energy in this piece. She was animated and has a commendable talent for story-telling. The live music element of this show and the unexpected dance numbers added another layer to this show that I was expecting to see but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Center has such a powerful and traditional sounding musical theatre voice, while also managing to rap and add comedic elements to her songs.
One thing I expected from this show was for it to be solely about Jake Gyllenhaal. And I'm glad that it wasn't. While I'm a huge fan of him myself, I was glad to hear more about Center's experiences and her life. I know a lot about Jake, but next to nothing about Melissa. So I'm very glad I got to know her over the course of this performance. It is weird how she and Jake are connected in this distantly close, or closely distant way, and I found that rather thrilling. I was filled with anticipation, wondering if she would ever meet him or talk to him, and though I would love to meet him and shake his hand, I'd let Melissa skip the queue in front of me if it meant they would have a conversation. I was really rooting for her.
I loved her physicality and use of the space. The gloved hand passing her an old fashioned was also a pleasant surprise, breaking out of that film style and circling back to theatrical techniques.
I really did like this show, but what I loved was the message behind it and some of the topics that Center touches on. It is strange how we can feel like we are connected to people across space and time, how we feel a deep love and devotion to a person we barely know or we've spoken to in a cluster of pixels in the palm of our hand. It's a special and rare connection, but it also makes you wonder - what is coincidence? What is fate? Do either exist? Will I ever meet Jake Gyllenhaal? When Center talks about men and relationships, it's easy to feel a sense of comradery with her. I agreed with a lot of what she was saying, and I also think it's tragic that some of the men in positions of power don't take female issues seriously. Or they start hitting on you. The way she delivered these particular moments were heartfelt and I could sense an element of past experience in them. I also recognised her feelings of guilt about moving on from relationships, and that people in retail deserve more praise. It was only a short scene, but I'm glad she highlighted the struggles servers have. Please tip your waiters!
I liked that this was also a s** positive show, and Center didn't shy away from discussing her pleasures and her experiences with people.

Overall, I think the ending of this show really did it for me. The show was less about Jake directly as he was more at the heart of this show. He was her connecting force. The person she kept coming back to, and it never felt forced or anything when she would circle back to mention something he'd done in the news or an ex girlfriend of his.
This show is about finding love in the world and in yourself. I felt a sense of longing towards this show, but more in the sense that I really wanted someone else to come and sit next to her on that sofa and tell her she would be alright.

(Slight spoilers?)
My heart LEAPT for her when Jake eventually pops up in her inbox. This was such a great moment. But while she was searching for love in someone else, some random person from a dating app, or a man with a lot of money she had never met, she forgot to look toward herself. And the person she needed was under her nose the whole time.

Jessica Sherr 153 days ago

Absolutely love this show. Miss Center is an incredible talent. Funny, heartfelt and 100% entertaining.

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Broadway World (3/5 stars) 153 days ago

Performed with confidence and good humour

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LouReviews (4/5 stars) 162 days ago

Punchy, lively, and anchored by a skewed sense of reality, Marrying Jake Gyllenhaal revels in its own absurdity, pushing fairytale and fate to one side. It revels in the unusual, the coincidental, and the awkward.

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