Loft Clearance

Spoken Word (true-life, storytelling)

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What do we keep? What do we let go? Join Eileen as she rummages through a hundred years' worth of possessions that have accumulated in her loft. It's like finding an old diary but in physical form. Will she cling on? Or will she let go? But where will these pieces of her go to? Enjoy 50 minutes of light-hearted despair as the clearance unfolds.

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David Salmon 105 days ago

A fascinating set of stories, wonderfully told and interspersed with excellent audio and video clips. Eileen made this one of the most engaging shows we’ve seen, and I now feel inspired to undertake the task of clearing our own loft. Highly recommended!

Vanessa 109 days ago

A wonderful personal story about the daunting task of clearing a loft that turns up some extraordinary memories and unusual stories. Turning the mundane often heart wrenching task into something slightly sentimental yet utterly compelling, beautifully executed and a delight to watch. Would highly recommend.

Ian Richardson 109 days ago

Brilliant Show with lots of insights and commentary on our lives (the audience was great).
If you know a hoarder or collector this is a must - certainly a lot cheaper than therapy and likely to be more. Bring your friends and family.

Paul & Barbara 111 days ago

A beautifully crafted, told and resonant 'rummage' that captured the emotional v. pragmatic dilemmas faced when dealing with this inevitable task. Also demonstrated that it's not just about memories but also new discoveries. Some really helpful and practical advice too!

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Karen W 112 days ago

A calming show, nostagic show. I felt 'cleansed' afterwards, until I remembered the MCC membership cards . My 87yo father has a similar set of Old Trafford membership cards & realised that I too will have to go through all of this! Now which ones & how many will I keep?

Hanne 112 days ago

Warm, sensitive and also practical talk about this very personal task of clearing out of physical things from your and your families' past. Entertaining with flim clips, examples of objects and practical tips. Highly recommemded, especially if you have a loft full of things to clear.

Genna 113 days ago

This show addresses some big questions about the afterlife of all our stuff. It goes beyond the self-help advice about getting rid of what doesn't spark joy or what we don't want the next generation to have to go through, following the paths of manuscripts, toys, books, board game prototypes, and other heirlooms after they leave the loft. A thoughtful piece; I loved getting to know Eileen's family and spend some time in her loft.

Harry Birch 113 days ago

A simple yet moving piece, full of wisdom, wit and surprise. Skilfully written, artfully delivered. A must see - this is what the fringe is all about.

Caspian Cunningham 115 days ago

Absolutely wonderful show! Artfully performed by this wonderful storyteller. Her loft is full of charm!

Sally Wright 117 days ago

A delightful, thought provoking and heartfelt show. Eileen revealed stories about her family through objects, keeping us enthralled and interested. With lots of great tips on decluttering. Highly recommend.

Declan Fitzsimons 118 days ago

I was really taken by surprise by this show. Eileen manages to tell very personal stories without in any way being self-indulgent. Instead she touches on universal themes of memory, time, meaning and identity. What do the things we keep say about us? And what do the things others have passed to us mean? How do we honour the past without allowing it to clutter up the present? Eileen uses video, photos, artifacts, storytelling and her wonderful humour to keep us all entertained. It's really worth seeing this show!

Erica Steenkamp 118 days ago

Come to this show without any preconceptions. This is no ordinary loft and Eileen reveals its secrets and surprises with deft eloquence and wit.

Rosie Dalzell 119 days ago

Don’t miss this loft trip! A fascinating look at the joys and dilemmas of sorting the flotsam and jetsam of a family’s past, imaginative ways of passing on treasures and dealing with unexpected stories. Eileen is a natural entertainer - an amusing and heart-warming show.

Peter Saracen 120 days ago

I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I was drawn in to what is an everyday issue but I found Ms Mahoney's presentation absolutely fascinating. Not least due to a lot of obvious preparation as she dealt with one subject/collection after another including occasional videos. It is both entertaining and instructional and in addition you will cetainly leave with tips for clearing your own loft!

Oonagh Pierce 121 days ago

This show was both enjoyable and thought provoking. I am now slightly horrified at the prospect of clearing out my own loft but, at the same time, filled with anticipation. Will I find any objects lying around that will bring me such pleasure or angst as those in Eileen's loft?

Amanda Wallis 121 days ago

A one woman's memorable and moving guide with amusing anecdotes into how she dealt with her loft clearance which makes a good guide for how to distinguish collections versus hoarding. Really wish our loft was this interesting.

Ray Bishop 121 days ago

Entertaining and thought provoking. Will I ever view my loft in the same way again?

Hazel Waters 122 days ago

Completely engrossing. Loft Clearance was perfectly pitched, riveting and so absorbing. I went away feeling both moved and entertained - it made me think, about family, the past, the future - an excellent evening!

RGW 123 days ago

A familiar recount of loft clearance... Eileen evoked bittersweet memories. Sentimental and funny at the same time!

Participants - for further details on our audience and published review policies, including how to add or opt out of reviews, please click here. (4/5 stars) 109 days ago

This modest show is a pleasant diversion from clearing out the loft.

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Participants - for further details on our audience and published review policies, including how to add or opt out of reviews, please click here.

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Participants - for further details on our audience and published review policies, including how to add or opt out of reviews, please click here.