Life Learnings of a Nonsensical Human

Theatre (spoken word, lgbtq+)

Venue Age Restriction: Strictly 18+


Life Learnings of a Nonsensical Human is an ode to the joy and complexities of friendship, queerness and raving. To the kindness of strangers, to the heartbreak of loss and missing and finding joy in the most unlikely places. These stories are for old ravers and fun makers, for anyone who has had a best friend. This is a love letter to the people we meet along the way and the sticky floors that we have danced on for all these years.

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Elaine MacNeil 24 days ago

Thought provoking, emotional and very funny. A very talented lady.

Natalia Tena 25 days ago

Stand up spoken work, I cried with laughter and with tears. Felt like I had done some sort of magical, poetry therapy, but full of life affirming HaHa. Absolute gold.

Bernard McGill 27 days ago

Wow! Just wow! What a fantastic performer. Great stories covering many subjects tremendously well presented.

Sheena Pollock 27 days ago

Such an amazing show. Talking about grief is always hard. Jenny’s brilliant story telling covers many of life learnings with humour & reality. Laughs & tears which had everyone in the audience totally engrossed. Such an amazing talent - we should always look for joy!

Rebecca 27 days ago

Brilliant show ….. a funny and lyrical tour through some of life’s more profoundly personal moments. Entertaining with a dollop of soul bearing. Would highly recommend!

emma anderson 28 days ago

A beautiful and honest show about life! Jenny perfectly tells the stories of her life in a way that is truly relatable and will have you laughing one moment and crying the next!

Laura anderson 28 days ago

Jenny tells her story with emotion, honesty and a jovial approach. There’s room for tears and laughter, a show which has an exceptional delivery. Such a talent and well worth making the time to go and see.

Niamh Fagan 28 days ago

The best show at the fringe this year! Jenny covers topics like growing up, self acceptance and grief all the while pointing out the beauty and joy along the way. Very moving and perfectly vocalizes the intense emotions that come with all those experiences. Can't recommend it enough! She's also a lovely genuine person

Fiona Pringle 28 days ago

A fantastic show by the wonderfully talented Jenny Foulds. This will have you laughing and crying as Jenny takes you on her very personal journey, definitely recommend.

susan watson 28 days ago

What a way to spend an hour!! Riding a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried, but mostly I sat in awe at Jenny's story telling skiils and humour that flowed so naturally at a breath taking speed. Every word flowed from her heart. I LOVED this show... simply LOVED it. If you get a chance, go - don't miss it.

Nikki Price 30 days ago

WOW!!! Hands down, the best show I have seen at the Fringe. Jenny takes you on a witty, joyous, laugh out loud, tear jerker, goose bump evoking, rollercoaster of journey. I was totally immersed in her story telling and felt like I was sat by her side on said rollercoaster. A poignant, beautiful, funny performance. 5 stars!

Jennifer McWatt 30 days ago

A beautiful show by the talented Jenny Foulds, taking you on a ride over a colourful rainbow of emotion through poetic stories of love and loss and adventure leading to some full embodied joy. I loved the musical elements that kept surprising us and served to take the audience together at the speed of light in a time machine to experience key moments along the way in Jenny’s tales to live vicariously through her openness to adventure and connection. She asks, is it joy? Yes, yes it is.

Kay Johnstone 30 days ago

Honestly one of the highlights of my fringe. It’s an emotional roller coaster of genuine heartfelt poetry, the format plays well with my brain as someone who also has ADHD. I Just adore everything she does!!

mary porter 31 days ago

Highly recommend this show for anyone who was a teenager in the 90s, reminiscences fondly about their clubbing days or is part of the "dead dads club". So clever, so fast, so emosh and so funny. Not surprised the Scotsman gave it 5 stars.

Jo D’arc 35 days ago

I loved it! Very funny and powerful depiction of life, love and loss. It has an uplifting and light energy that left me giggling even through the teary bits. Honestly can’t rave about it enough. And on that note…the rave cultural and 90’s references just make it. Beautiful.

jon douglas 36 days ago

2023 Fringe Must See Show!
5 years ago I was on a work night out near Waterloo. Whilst out having a fag I heard a vaguely familiar Scottish voice. It was Jenny Foulds who I kinda recognised from Taste etc. She'd just started performing spoken word and did she let me know it haha.
I've watched on Facebook as the confidence and career grew.
5 years later we meet again as I attend her show.
IT WAS A WET ONE (what queer girls doesn't like one of those haha).
Tears of laughter
Tears of sadness
Beads of sweat (it was a sell out)
She Came Out
She went out
She stayed out
She loved
She lost
She was my festival highlight (half expected smoking fags in a Novotel shower might feature)
Get along, it's free, and stick a score in her bucket if you like what you hear. Say JD sent ya.

Blaise Donald 37 days ago

Brilliant show by a brilliant human being, loved every minute.
Be ready to laugh, cry and feel connected all at the same time. Not to be missed

Jason Cottle 37 days ago

Hands down the best show I have seen at fringe. You will laugh, cry and be in awe of Jenny’s captivating performance. I would highly recommend!!

Bradley Barlow 37 days ago

We stumbled across this show when our planned one was sold out, stumbling through the dark into a basement room, drawn in by the intriguing title. Jenny Foulds has created a poignant, affecting piece of performance poetry that strikes the heart and funny bone in equal measure. Those 50 mins were my own joy machine. 5/5

Helen Miller 37 days ago

Brilliant show! Had us in stitches, sitting in rapt silence and then roaring with laughter again. Wonderful storytelling and there was even a montage! We were singing along, then having a wry chucke at cassette tapes, then gripped by a New York love story, then partying through the 90s and 2000s. There is a warmth and tenderness in the stories that Jenny tells about friendship and about the loss of her father and her love for him and finding the moments of joy in unexpected places that will resonate with a lot of people. Best show of the Fringe! 10/10

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