Letter to Boddah

Theatre (new writing, drama)

  • theSpace @ Surgeons Hall - Grand Theatre
  • 12:00
  • Aug 26
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Watershed Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes, Strong language/swearing
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The Broadway Baby Bobby Award winner for Best Theatre Show at the 2019 Fringe returns! Two young white men go into a disabled toilet in Tesco and change into army fatigues, because they're going to blow it, and themselves, up. Very funny, very dark. You will laugh, you might cry, you will certainly come out going WTF!? The Wee Review came twice (to make sure he was right) before making it his number one choice in 2019 and saying 'One of the most powerful shows I have seen in years'. This year Kyle Fisher plays Billy.

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Margaret Stone 94 days ago

Loved this show! I had not heard anything about it and wanted a show for my last day at the Fringe. The description and the reviews helped me choose it. Top Class acting by both men! The characters are so real in their complexity. The script was an amazing vehicle used to shed light into who one is and how the many factors in one’s life determines the paths we each choose for better or worse. I was surprised how I was able to laugh at and along with the craziness of the characters. This is such a testimony to the great script and the incredible talent of these two actors. I want to see more of their work!!!

Philip Tucker-Bell 96 days ago

What a superb show! Everything from the script, the acting, the lighting, the sound to the staging was brilliant. Like everyone else in the audience you had my gripped attention for the entire play. Thank you!

Julie Greenwood 97 days ago

Lots of twists and turns on a roller coaster of emotions. This play covers so many issues all cleverly linked. A really good script. The two actors were excellent and I was thoroughly absorbed.

Jonathan Smith 97 days ago

In Letter to Boddah, two men in a disabled toilet in Tesco agonise over whether to carry out a terrorist attack. There is humour from the rather absurd situation, drama from the background to their predicament and tension approaching their decision. I found this to be a well-acted and engaging play, which was well-received by a large audience.

Will Harvey 97 days ago

Incredible show, completely captivating from the get go and full of tension. Actors were absolutely incredible in such an intense show with no breaks. Completely blown away, a can’t miss show.

James 98 days ago

Highly engaging from the get go and incredibly vivid portrayals of the characters. There was an appropriate level of comedy that was spread throughout the darker moments and really cemented the piece together. Loved the character development through the play and both actors delivered very impactful and inspirational performances.

Rachel Russell 99 days ago

This show was fantastic! Kyle Fisher and Jordan Reece’s acting is incredible as they take us through the nail biting, adrenaline fueled thought processes of two desperate and disillusioned men. The show perfectly blends personal emotional turmoil with thought-provoking social, political and mental health issues, topped off with hilarious dark humor.
It’s a must see … don’t miss out!

Wilcox Family 99 days ago

Superb acting, intense script, we were gripped throughout and left blown away. A highlight of the Fringe for our whole group.

Cathy Quinn 99 days ago

This one had me at the pre show music choices alone. Excellent script, emotional performances and a perfect way to spend 50minutes. Engaging, moving and funny. Would definitely recommend

David Murphy 100 days ago

Sometimes shows live up to the hype. This one certainly does. A talented duo deliver a fine piece of theatre that deserves to be seen.

Bradley Barlow 101 days ago

Letter to Boddah is an incredible piece of theatre. Darkly funny, thought provoking and intelligent, it takes an absurd situation to highlight genuine community concerns. Can’t recommend this enough 5/5

Denise Havard 101 days ago

Absolutely enjoyed this show. The balance of tragic with comedy was on point and the writing was hard hitting and relevant. Actors were intense, funny, sad and real. Recommend highly

Russell Clarke 102 days ago

Was flyered by one of the actors in the cafe round the corner and promised to go. Very very glad I did. Really terrific and thought provoking piece extremely well acted by two very talented guys.

Harry Richmond 103 days ago

Absolutely incredible show! Definitely up there with one of the best shows I've seen at the Fringe. It is a must see! Dark humour with very talented actors.

David Evans-Powell 103 days ago

Wow! What a bloody excellent show! Brilliantly written and performed - these guys have an amazing chemistry - funny, dark, thoughtful, heartfelt. Loved it. An absolute must see!

Simon E 103 days ago

What a way to kick off a day at the fringe. Darkly funny, touching, expertly written characters and outstanding performances from actors who have genuine chemistry.
If you get the chance, go and see this brilliant play.

Ian Bennett 103 days ago

Clever funny and excellently performed this is a must for your Fringe list

Jay 104 days ago

Brilliant! Great writing and fantastic performance. The characterisation was brilliant and the performers really grabbed my attention and bought me into the story. Poignant, compelling, sad, funny and tragic.

Alec Sleigh 106 days ago

Easily one of the best shows I've ever seen at the Fringe. It has the amazing balance of hilarious, dark, and emotional that few shows achieve. Already making plans to watch it again! (I hope they'll make the rights available for others to purchase as well, I'd love to stage a production of it myself!)

Robin Bernstein 107 days ago

Incredible performances from both the actors. We booked this show minutes before the performance and sat there totally enthralled. One of the best things we saw!

Alfred Webb 114 days ago

I would highly recommend this show - it balanced raw emotional power with some genuinely hilarious moments, and I always felt the comedy added to the drama rather than undermining it. Both the actors gave captivating performances.

Chelsea Newton 115 days ago

Brilliant piece of writing with the characters brought to life by two fantastically skilled actors. I laughed and cried. Highly recommend.

JT 116 days ago

Highly recommended, very good display of characters. Highly skilled actors.

Dorinda Monaghan 116 days ago

What an amazing, thought provoking show. These two are super talented and I’d highly recommend

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The Recs (5/5 stars) 98 days ago

Tightly scripted and moving along at a brisk pace, Letter of Boddah works as both great theatre and a provocative piece of polemic.

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North West End UK (4/5 stars) 102 days ago

The acting is top quality and the script explaining the lads’ motivations, fears and aspirations combines the absurd with just enough reality to keep us all invested and leaning into this.

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British Theatre Guide (4/5 stars) 106 days ago

It’s a moving, dramatic piece of theatre.

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