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Very loosely based on Les Misérables, Les Millénniables is a pop parody about the plight of the generation deemed “millennials". In our story, our millennial protagonist, Jean Valjean, must navigate a world where dreams are dashed by student loan debt. Valjean must find a way to thrive whilst being relentlessly pursued by the ruthless debt collector and Boomer, Javert. Written by two established (but sad) Hollywood female comedy writers of colour and featuring hit songs from our yesteryears, won’t you join in our crusade... against our millennial woes?

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Rebecca Moessmer 21 days ago

This was so fun! Hilarious idea to combine these well-known characters with millennials’ struggles and 90’s/00’s/10’s pop song covers/parodies.
Delightful and funny all the way through, Boomer Javert was certainly the biggest highlight!

kelsey schmitt 27 days ago

The whole audience seemed engaged and laughing throughout this show. I am an American Millennial and loved it! Some of the references might not translate to non-Americans but it is still easy to follow. The best part was the clever ways in which they tied the modern plot into the original les mis. My zillenial sister was less enthused as these topics are a little “cheesy and too on-the-nose” in her opinion.

Peter Mills 30 days ago

I’m sure the cast really enjoyed devising this piece but I’m not convinced it works outside America. The idea is a good one with some clever touches (I loved Eponine’s song becoming ’On My Own’) but the obsession with high student debt didn’t really resonate. I’m convinced this show was not aimed at me as I recognised very few of the songs though some audience members helpfully whooped as soon as the first notes were sounded. The cast were enthusiastic though, for me, Javert was head and shoulders the best. If you are of a certain age, I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

Carola Martin-Smith 31 days ago

A slightly specialised topic if you are not an American. Lots of fun and masses of enthusiasm.

JM 32 days ago

Really enjoyed it! I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did considering I am neither American nor millennial, but I was pleasantly surprised and had a great time! Great comedy, great singing, very fun and engaging. The ending got a little murky because they tried to make it uplifting and obviously the actual Les Mis isn't, but the message was great and very relevant! Javert and Eponine were especially good! Well executed, very funny, highly recommend!

Kevin Moss 33 days ago

Love Les Mis and loved this show, didn't disappoint, great singing and song choices. Easy to follow.

Melissa 34 days ago

This is entertaining enough, and there are moments that are clever but it's very much geared towards an American audience. There were references that didn't really translate and I only got they were supposed to be funny by looking at the 2 loud Americans in the front row!

The millennial problems they focus on are really just American problems!

Kayla Turnbull 36 days ago

This show had me laughing until I cried. As an avid lover of Les Mis and a Zillennial, I was fully engaged and entertained the whole time. I think a teeny bit of polishing and articulation would help the show to be even better, but it was still wonderful.

Nathalie Develin 36 days ago

Very funny if a little loose adaptation of Les Mis but absolutely brilliant. The cast entertains from the get go. The real message is clear for those who want to see it. I want to see this show in the West End / Broadway.

Victoria Howarth 36 days ago

Great music, storytelling and harmonies! Loved it!

Mila Rodriguez 37 days ago

Entertaining, but you have to really be a millennial of a certain age for it to really resonate. (And American. A lot of this stuff doesn't translate internationally.) That being said, as a US millennial who came of age and entered the workforce during the great recession, this resonated greatly with me and was quite entertaining. The first act especially was very strong and well put together; the music choices were spot on. We lost the plot a little in the third act, but it was still a really fun experience. Well done.

Laser Malena-Webber 44 days ago

Les Mis meets Millenial life in this jukebox musical!
The harmonies, the choreography – this show is extremely tight and well produced. A great “everymillennial” story with some very real, devastating reminders of the state of our world – with some real funny moments too!! Javier was an absolute highlight. Such a dramatic and intense and funny character.

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West End Best Friend (4/5 stars) 28 days ago

A musical crusade for modern life.

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Lost In Theatreland (3/5 stars) 30 days ago

A good laugh if you’ve had a few drinks with friends.

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