Leopold Vindictive

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Europe is occupied by the Nazis and fearing imminent invasion, the British launch Operation Columba – parachuting sixteen thousand spies across the Channel. Enter the most unlikely group of secret agents – a highly trained and carefully selected group of... homing pigeons! Based on the true story of a small group of Belgian resistance fighters taking on their Nazi invaders with the help of these winged messenger – and they were called Leopold Vindictive!

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James Harrington 108 days ago

An incredibly impressive and intense performance by all.

Truly captivating and a unique perspective on what was a very interesting but subtle part of the war. Carrier Pigeons.

Acting, costume and production should be given huge commendation. As delivered with a performance that did the story proud.

Maggie Mackenzie 109 days ago

Found this play absolutely fascinating. Part of the history of WWII that I had no idea about. Such a brave small number of people and what a staggeringly simple idea. I was impressed with how the play moved about with timelines which made it extremely effective. The actors fitted into their roles and made them so believable. Enjoyed the humour but such an ending. Very moving indeed.

I have seen all three plays by Acting Coach, Scotland and everyone has been so impressive in their own way. All have been so dramatic and, of course, each one is based on a true story which adds poignancy to the stories. Well done to all the members of Acting Coach, Scotland. Wonderful to see such work from a local theatrical group.

Peter Doherty 111 days ago

Fascinating tale of a lesser known episode of the Second World War, reminding us of the risks that people in occupied countries faced daily. It could have been longer, giving the characters more time to develop; or turned into a mini-series, like Secret Army.

Victoria Cussen 113 days ago

Fantastic show, super talented actor, so entertaining throughout! Highly recommended

Gordon J Millar @scotstreetstyle 116 days ago

Just had the pleasure of seeing Leopold Vindictive at the Fringe, an emotive experience, which remains with you after the final outcome, thanks to the writing of Cecile Durel.

An impressive directorial display by Olivia Ross, who brought out the best from her cast, capturing the spirit of wartime camaraderie and courage.

Support local creative talent, and go see this play,


Kerry 117 days ago

Moving, captivating and well executed play. I thoroughly enjoyed the set up, the portrayal of events timeline, and the clever depiction of the story between the goings on in Belgium and London. The characters moved superbly well between the emotions depicted....fear, despair, bravery and hope. Emotional and truly enjoyable. My favourite theatre of the fringe so far.

Del Richmond 118 days ago

Great story, great costumes/set so it's a crying shame the acting wavered at times. I felt there was some great moments but certain actors brought the energy down with lacklustre commitment and low projection. I also felt there was a bit of tension/nerves from some of the actors which may have caused some line problems. All in all the ensemble felt a bit off and maybe that's due to tiredness from a string of performances, or perhaps the commitment/confidence just wasn't within them in the first place to be let loose on the audience. I felt there was some obvious lines intended to be jokes but they were missed with poor delivery/timing. Or maybe some people just didn't understand them? I was on the fence between the two reasons. The writing is obviously great, but I'd have to give it a 2.5/5 for how the play was delivered.

Alex Burman 120 days ago

Great 5 star fringe show from an outstanding bunch of up and coming acting talent. You'll laugh you'll cry you'll never eat pigeon pie again.

Sheldon 121 days ago

One could not think of a group of more unlikely heroes: a couple of pigeons and the group of Belgian civilians who found them. This was their fascinating true story, played out by the most captivating cast. I felt their hope, fears and desire for freedom, I wanted to be part of it. A must see!

Alex Williams 121 days ago

A heart breaking and thought provoking story, well directed and superbly performed by all. Every detail even down to the buttons on the costumes was thought through. Take note of the names of those on stage, we’ll all be seeing those names again in years to come. Everyone should see this at least once.

Linda 122 days ago

I was enthralled by this true often unheard story of the vital part that pigeons and the bravery of ordinary people played in the fight for bringing down Hitler. Well written and beautifully directed with attention to the comedic use of using homing pigeons for intelligence to the horror of peoples wanting there lands to free.

Robert Bruce 123 days ago

Just watched this show today , cant recommend it highly enough , the pace and direction of the show told the story superbly .Hats off to the talented cast and extremely talented director Olivia m Ross .

Amelia Bell 124 days ago

I’m trying to restrain myself so as not to gush to the point of absurdity. This play is utterly beautiful. From the delicate and honest writing that becomes a beautiful poetic ode to those who sacrificed their lives, to the concise and subtle directing that has lead the young actors to this triumph, this show is not one to miss, and one you’ll remember. The story is heartbreaking yet inspiring, and it tells an incredible tale of unsung heroes I wish we’d studied in school. The actors are so connected to the story that you are unable to look away. Honest and engaging performances that they should be proud of. Going twice to this show has not yet been enough, so without hesitation I can recommend to everyone to go at least once.

Christopher Hume 126 days ago

Leopold vindictive hit me really hard. What a show. I was so connected and invested with those characters. Phenomenal talent put this play together and you would hate to miss it. Based on a true story, I left with a different perspective on the true meaning of sacrifice. Beautiful. Congratulations to all involved. You did something truly amazing here.

If you are considering booking tickets for this show, the creators have produced another 2 (Chaika: First woman in space and walls and bridges) in the same location. I watched them one after another and was not disappointed. Check them out if you're going to the fringe this year. A must see.

Daniel cook 128 days ago

Excellent performance by all would definitely recommend

Daniel Bromley 128 days ago

Went to see Leopold Vindictive. Great story and really well performed by the talented cast. If you get the chance to and see it!

Lewis D’Andrea 128 days ago

I attended on Saturday 3rd of August to see the show and it was fantastic! The show was really entertaining and the actors were talented. Recommend going to see the show during the festival!

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