The Last Vagabonds

Theatre (new writing, dark comedy)

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The Last Vagabonds explores the life of Western society’s hallowed offspring. Bill, the broken hero. The archetypal alienated student: the incurious, the sexually normative, the financially stingy. A Faust tranquillised by porn addiction and insecurity. The play follows Bill through his meandering middle-class life, until he is confronted by a group of anarchists. An attraction is awoken in Bill, not out of moral volition, but from the encounter with an alluring female activist. Bill follows behind in pursuit of affection and purpose. A satire on the absurdity of apathy. 'A generational satire like no other' ***** (

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Benji 29 days ago

This was just beautiful. The characters were so so similar to people I've known down to how they hold themselves and dress. Very cleverly and emotively done - you connect with someone you never expected to. Can't wait to see what these guys do next. Wonderfully written and acted.

Toby 32 days ago

Really insightful exploration of the purpose of life for a drifting student (Bill): told through the eyes of the protagonist’s inner voice as well as his interactions with some radical eco-warriors and his parents. The script and cast bring to life Bill’s existential crisis and his rebellion against his privileged upbringing. Last show tonight and really worth getting to see this well acted play by a great new writer if you can…

Susan Blair 32 days ago

A heartwarming, charming and at times hilarious performance from a talented cast of young actors. Portraying the dichotomy between climate change, love and over consumption, family dynamics are presented with real honesty and conviction. Some fabulous performances all round. Definitely one to watch

Hilary Lamb 33 days ago

Serious, subtle and laugh out-loud funny. Everyone who sees this well written play will identify with the important issues it explores as they watch protagonist, Bill, with his revealing inner voice, coming to terms with who he is and who he wants to be as he faces some of life’s various complexities.

Potential green-washing versus potentially pointless protest; the many forms of over-consumption from candles to cocaine; the complexities of family love to image versus integrity among others.

Do go and see it, it is well worth the watch – compelling in fact.

Sue Brumwell 33 days ago

This is yet another gem in this years fringe!
A hugely enjoyable play exploring the issues of climate change and activism and family dynamics in this generation. Poignant and funny. The directing and acting are impressive with very strong performances from this refreshing young theatre group.

Katelyn Berrios 33 days ago

All of the actors in this show are incredibly believable in their roles. The characters feel fleshed out, and nuanced. The story challenges you to look at your own consumption and way of thinking. Do we just let it all burn and enjoy life while we can, or at least try to do something about what is going on around us? It was a genuine take on what our reality has become.

Albert Enechi 33 days ago

So nice to see some original story telling and brilliant acting! 5 stars, if you’re going to see anything at Fringe this must be it! So nice to see young people tackling relevant issues with such nuance and understanding.

Michael Smith 35 days ago

The Last Vagabonds is essentially "Posh Students: The Play". Am I supposed to applaud these Londoners for making the most trite, obvious, Guardian Headline "observations" and dragging it out for one hour into the most smug, vapid, excuse for theatre I have ever had to sit through? No. It's so awful. Don't go see it. If there was any "humour" to be found here, I missed it. I think their friends were in the audience, because who else would laugh at that. Seriously, the performances are so charmless, the script sounds like it was written by a 14 year old who's just discovered socialism, but doesn't understand it. Posh. Pompous. Terrible non-theatre. It contributes nothing to contemporary discourse on any of the subjects it believes itself to be exploring. It doesn't explore. It is lost. The worst show I have seen at Fringe, ever. To the people involved, please do better next time. To the prospective audience, go see literally anything else.

Jo Hayman 35 days ago

We stumbled upon this show and didn’t know what to expect. It was great! Absolutely what the Fringe is all about. Young people just brimming with wholehearted talent and integrity. Written by one of the guys in show, a true to life and relatable story about the the complex relationships between a young adult son and his well meaning but overbearing parents. Even though it was really touching at times, it was filled with laugh out loud humour that made us reflect on our own lives !!! Very funny, truthful and well observed and great acting from all cast members. This show is a gem.

Emma Tomlinson 35 days ago

An insightful play that nails modern themes with fresh and captivating performances. The comedy from the roles of Bill and his inner voice is central to the play and was executed brilliantly. The whole cast was incredible. A great play to see for anyone looking to discover some new talent, and especially great to watch as a fellow young person with all too relatable themes/characters. Also, the group donates proceeds to charity!

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