The Lady of the Loch

Theatre (dark comedy, music)

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On a stormy night on Loch Ness, Sam is faced with an impossible decision. When finalising the housing development that will destroy the loch, Sam is in need of some guidance. With the loch at risk, who else should appear but the monster beneath. Fresh from their award-winning run in 2022, Simply Surreal return with a new show exploring our Scottish heritage. Featuring traditional music, and some native Scottish language, The Lady of the Loch stands up as a rallying call to act now and save our natural spaces, before they disappear forever.

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Sarah Docherty 40 days ago

Simply Surreal is a powerhouse that will make their voice heard!

An engaging tale with a twist I did not see coming!

Well done to the cast and crew, a fantastic show!

Michael Smith 51 days ago

Now here’s something: a show with fully fleshed out characters who are each chasing and fighting for their wants. So easy to get wrong but this cast exceeds expectations to deliver a thoughtful and powerful performance. To top it off they’ve wrapped a Black Mirror-esque twist to leave your jaw hanging. Impeccable stuff.

Alexander Joyce 52 days ago

A script that manages to be both grounded and whimsical, hilarious and unsettling, propelled by 3 briliant performances by Yannaghas, Laveri and MacNeill. To not see this would be a real shame

Michelle Thomson 54 days ago

Five Stars from me!
Fantastic show and very well written and performed.
This show not only manages to highlight some very current issues but provided alot of laugh out loud" moments at the same time.
I am from the North East so particularly enjoyed the use of the Doric dialect and was very impressed on how the actress could seamlessly go in and out of the accents throughout the show and the use of Gaelic within the show was also very impressive.
One of the best shows I have seen at the EdFringe.

Ali Robertson 54 days ago

Brilliant play that puts a spot light on the very real issues of man's relationship with nature all the while making you laugh throughout. Fantastic writing and directing with the tension building up throughout, coming to a intresting end.
Characters felt genuine and each actor drew in the audiences attention without overshadowing each other. Very creative take on our beloved Nessie and fab use of the Scots dialect.
Very well done! *****

Sean Davis 54 days ago

Lady of the Loch (***)
A real estate developer and his lover are visiting Loch Ness to complete the planning for housing around the lake when Nessie, in the form of a woman, confronts them in their hotel room. I was offended that, despite the two men explicitly asking her to speak slower, Nessie often spoke quickly with in a strong Scottish accent that was rarely intelligible to my weak hearing. The play is confusing as magic only sometimes appears, and the plot twist at the end seems inconsistent with the long friendship depicted earlier as well as preachy.

This is the 34th most enjoyable of the 44 shows I have seen so far at the Fringe this year. I hope to see almost 200. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

Steve Bowden 55 days ago

The play's brilliant writing seamlessly melds dark comedy with poignant undertones, crafting a narrative that will keep you riveted, navigating between laughter and introspection, presenting a fully immersive experience in the world being presented.

The harmonious trio of actors truly shines. Their chemistry is palpable, with each performer complementing the others in a symphony of raw emotion and impeccable timing. Together, they breathe life into their characters, ensuring that the audience remains invested from start to finish.

The show takes the embodiement of "Nessie" to a new level, performed in a way that stays with you long after the end of the show - simply brilliant!

This play is more than just a performance; it's an experience, a journey that blends humor and gravity, challenging us to look inward while also appreciating the complexities of the human condition. If there's one production to see this fringe season, this is it. A genuine must-see!

Liz Ferguson 55 days ago

Definitely a must see. This show is so well written & performed. The writer has found a way to be both entertaining while highlighting very relevant issues. I was entertained from start to finish!

sandra cook 55 days ago

Amazing play , a must see! Brilliant acting especially nessie , wonderful Scottish themed with relevant current topic on climate and commercialism... Simply
Surreal you guys are very talented!

bronagh docherty 56 days ago

A must see at the festival this year. I was entertained from start to finish. Fantastic comedic timing from all three actors. A great story with very relevant topics. Cannot recommend this show enough.

Sara Bartlett 56 days ago

Three fantastic actors in this show portrayed the modern day issues surrounding our world with a serious yet funny tone. I enjoyed the Scottish dialect in the show, the actress was superb and a natural at changing accent throughout. Lots of humour, particularly for those from up North. Some close to the bone! A well written and directed production - a fantastic showing by a small team. Go Team Simply Surreal!

Andrew Bartlett 56 days ago

A very good performance from the 3 actors that feature, lots of things said with expressions where words arent required. Does an excellent job of showcasing the doric dialect, and some gaelic thrown in for good measure. Funny and dark, it tackles the problematic issue of man's relationship with our environment. Going in please take note of the swearing content warning as there's very Liberal swearing, if you don't mind that then you'll enjoy it greatly, go see!

Price David 56 days ago

Funny and serious at the same time.
The cast really got to grips with the nub of our troubled relationship with the natural world. An unexpected twist of an ending. Go and see :-)

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