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Sally has enemies. Or she thinks she does. The problem is, they are all old friends. Gathered around a bistro table after 30 years of silence, five mothers pour out their parenting experiences for dissection. Motherhood may be the ultimate competition, but what's the prize? Who's done it well? Who's plagued by regrets and who deep down wishes they had never done it at all? After an explosive run of Yen, Fourth Wall are back with a witty but strikingly poignant drama holding a microphone to the voice we seldom hear: the mother. ***** (

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Louise Haile 114 days ago

Why should you see Ladies who Lunch? Because it is very good and very truthful: funny, provocative, insightful and moving, and it is the work of a new young writer who is clearly on her way towards an influential future.
Niamh Collins offers us a new angle on the tired cliche of the female dynamic at so-called 'play'. In a little over an hour we witness a group of four old 'friends' reunited for a social 'catch-up', and see through the thin veneer that this lunch has little to do with pleasure, let-alone food, and everything to do with power dynamics and competition. The thirty year gap in the lives of these women soon confirms the cruelty of circumstance and luck. Sally, who opens and closes the play with weary, simmering anger, broken it soon emerges by an unfaithful husband, the financial shackles of single parenthood and recurrent cancer, exposes the shallow smugness of middle-class parenting and 'happy families'. Gradually the layers disappear to reveal the selfishness and sanctimonious assumptions of success.
One of the 'friends' Sandra, has brought along her daughter as driver ( she's nervous of the M25) and it is Lorena, voice of a new generation of mothers, who recognises the truth of Sally's fight with the hypocritical way women see themselves and the pressures of social attitudes.
Sounds dry? It isn't. An impressive array of acting talent right across the board, brings the conflicts alive; the actors are excellent, and convince in spite of their youth. Women's greatest enemy remains not men - (the lovely harmless waiter cheerfully makes clear the bemused indifference of the other team) - but of course women themselves. Shuffling - still - for whatever power and superiority they can establish over each other, they have forgotten to look after the most vulnerable member of the group. They cannot therefore forgive her for reminding them of their fundamental callousness and failure, their lack of compassion.
See this play if you can - you won't regret it.

Amelia Humbert 114 days ago

What a great start to our morning! So great to see a voice being given to women of a range of ages. Very well written and performed, they built the tension very well with fantastic exploration of real and intricate themes. Thoroughly recommend!

Anne Drysdale 118 days ago

Great acting keeping the audience captivated to keep up with the twists in the story. Very interesting interaction between the cast members. A great show which the audience seemed to very much enjoy.

Andrene Dickins 119 days ago

This is one of the best shows I have seen. The writing is crisp, the acting is superb and the venue was not unbearably hot!!
This is a must see show

Noah Breuss-Burgess 119 days ago

An excellent show. Good acting, a well-thought script all surrounding a conversation that I do not often take part in. Thought-provoking and well executed. Watch out for the waiter as well - the most comic of reliefs!

Jason Pratt 121 days ago

Saw this on Tues morning very well acted all around and a very thought provoking play for anyone who sees it. The writing is top class and this definitely needs to be seen for anyone looking for some great entertainment after breakfast.

Tricia + Margaret 122 days ago

If you’ve not got your tickets for this show then get them soon, well worth the early wake up call!

The actors were utterly brilliant, they all intertwined really well, revealing layer after layer of emotions that are true to all of us. The cast were supported by an excellent waiter, who interjected just at the “wrong” moments!

The play took us on an emotional roller coaster ride, scaling from pure joy to utter sadness, which is life.

Niamh Collins was 16 when she wrote this. Her intuitiveness at such a young age is remarkable.


Lynn Hubble 123 days ago

Have just seen this with my daughter. We loved it. It touched us both. Sally was amazing and had us laughing at her witty sarcasm and crying as her story unfolded. Well done to all involved. Fantastic script and well acted. I can see why you were sold out today. I pity anyone who doesn't get an opportunity to see this show. They should book now!

fringe fringer 124 days ago

Had to be up early for this one! 10am start. It’s a show that certainly wakes you up. Thought provoking, well written and acted.

Carol Miller 124 days ago

Some plays get lots of attention but hidden away in the smaller theatres are some real gems and this is one of those. Powerful narrative and well performed. An amazing job. I laughed I cried. I got angry. You captured my experience exactly. Go ladies! I LOVED it. Well done!

Kelsey Hannah 126 days ago

Phenomenal acting and an engaging story told beautifully. Honest, funny and thought provoking, Ladies Who Lunch is definitely a show to see!

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 112 days ago

Four work colleagues reunite after 30 years, in this delightful intergenerational analysis of motherhood. Fourth Wall Theatre have utilised young actors to perform Niamh Collins’ poignant production of pensioners revisiting their experiences of parenthood. Subsequent to thirty years of silence, they reminisce on their experiences – each with their own...

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 115 days ago

Afternoon tea is served with a side of heartache in Fourth Wall Theatre Company’s Ladies Who Lunch. In this fast-paced performance, cynical Sally Williams is invited to lunch with friends she hasn’t spoken to for 30 years. Things have inevitably changed since then, and as these ladies catch up on...

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FringeReview 116 days ago

The front row of Greenside’s Ivy Room down at Infirmary Street is packed with ladies who look like they might have enjoyed a lunch or two in their time.  Perhaps they’re here for a catch up, even though it’s barely past breakfast time but there’s an engaging buzz of chatter...

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The Fountain (4/5 stars) 118 days ago

New writing from the Fourth Wall Theatre Company; students from Durham Student Theatre convincingly portraying views of the older generations on parenthood, friendship and fidelity. Despite a few jarring elements, this is an enjoyable and thoughtful play, giving voice to opinions that are often overlooked.

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Edinburgh Guide (5/5 stars) 120 days ago

We are all likely to have been to a Class Reunion, a decade or more after leaving school - so you can picture the scene.  Four women now in their prime, the autumn of their lives, are meeting for lunch, thirty years since they worked together as colleagues and close...

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