The Ladies

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Harry and Ella walk into a bar. They’ve been together a year now. It’s going well. Until suddenly – after a not-so-quick trip to the Ladies – it’s not. Join us in this intimate venue and watch the drama unfold in real time, first from the corridor outside, and then from within the most glamorous, the most mysterious, the most sacred of all locations: the ladies’ loos. 'The sheer complexity and nuance of growing up that Tyrrell is able to so aptly cram in is staggering. I love, love, love it’ ***** (Cambridge Student).

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Sullivan Holderbach 107 days ago

I regret not being able to stay after the show to personally congratulate the cast and crew because this show is genuinely phenomenal. My brother was given a flyer and so we went, only to be treated to a show with incredible actors, an outstandingly layered script, and a very clever yet simple ‘mise en scène’. For half of the performance, my brother and I were in stitches; however, the light hearted humor did not take away from the genuinely captivating emotional discourse. Congratulations to everyone involved in this show, it’s definitely something worth being proud of. #greensidefamily

Anonymous 110 days ago

We really loved this. Superb writing and outstanding performances from all the cast. Thought provoking and covering sensitive issues but still managing plenty of comedy. An absolute gem - don’t miss this one.

Anonymous 112 days ago

A phenomenal show, The Ladies is a clever premise expertly carried out by skilled young actors. Tyrell's writing navigated some difficult current themes in a mature yet completely relatable way. The best show I've seen at Fringe this year.

Joey 114 days ago

Exceptional. ‘The Ladies’ is a true testament to the idea that hilarious, relatable comedy can indeed be woven within strong, topical and often heavy subject matter that for many weaker playwrights would fall flat. But Tyrell shows great skill and tactfulness in her creation of archetypal yet all too real characters that seem even more real thanks to some brilliant performances from her versatile cast. The cast shine throughout but I was immensely impressed by certain actors’ abilities to display a myriad of emotions and story through simple exchanges of looks. The play hits hardest with regards to it’s exploration of the LGBTQ+ experience and more-so the mine-field that is trying to establish one’s own identity in an environment where people don’t ‘expect’ anyone to be anything else but straight. The play is simple in its premise but vivid and endearing in its execution. A fantastic piece of writing that I hope only continues to flourish as the fringe goes on.

Rebekah 116 days ago

An incredible show! Made me laugh, think anf feel in equal measure. The situation was sharply observed, the writing extremely natural, funny and well-paced. Every character had their moment to shine, and every actor's performance was strong. I loved the tight focus of the show which really left me feeling impacted. One of the best shows I saw at the fringe!

anonymous 116 days ago

A triumph. It’s easy to be sceptical about Cambridge University new writing, but this is the best of the best; funny, moving, compassionate, incredibly well observed. Nobody is a villain in this play (except perhaps the comic relief gal pals from school, but even they have moments of pathos) and that is what makes the writing so extraordinary: it is about normal people getting things wrong on a night out. Each character is so well done by the cast that you are amazed the university had so many talented performers in house at one time — every single character has their moment to shine. I would perhaps question whether the second half (?) could amp up in energy a little but I saw this show day 1 so this will surely grow. I was blown away by this energetic young company, who are doing student theatre better than most could hope to. Cambridge’s pink soap theatre are going far, I suspect!

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Ed Fringe Review (5/5 stars) 113 days ago

A must-see for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond...

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