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One white room. Four white walls. Eight fiery circus performers. Machine de Cirque's UK debut is a gallery like no other; step in and experience incredible skill and artistry, leaving the space only once completely transformed. After the international success of its namesake show, Quebec's world-class performers immerse you in a fleeting canvas, acrobatic feats and live music; a huge spectacle of drama, acrobatics and paint from a first-class circus ensemble. 'Flawless hour of playful acrobatic theatre, filled with edge-of-the-seat stunts and laugh-out-loud tomfoolery as they bring chaos out of order' ( 'Enchanting, hypnotic and breathtaking' (Scottish Sun).

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Lucie Chevalier 116 days ago

Des acrobaties de haut niveau, un décor très épuré et esthétique, un scénario bien ficelé, le tout accompagné par une musicienne à la voix envoûtante, et toujours beaucoup d'humour ! J'ai passé un excellent moment. Un grand merci à tous les artistes.

Bruno Bazinet 116 days ago

Fantastic, original, funny, virtuoso, dazzling. In every respect, this show, and the artists are exceptional. Not to be missed!

Lucy D 117 days ago

A quirky, intriguing and funny performance by very talented acrobats. There's a coherent narrative (mad though it may be!) and fantastic musical accompaniment. One of my favourite circus shows in many years of the Fringe. Suspend reality for an hour and lose yourself in La Galerie.

Gael Clarke 118 days ago

Throughly entertaining show . Funny clever and gripping throughout . Impossible to be unimpressed ... go see this show !

Rachel 121 days ago


martin 125 days ago

What a wonderful show! It has it all - amazing and breath-taking acrobatics, great music, invention, paint, and humour. It will uplift you!

Fringe Bingers 125 days ago

Impressive acrobatic acts woven into scenes of the art world with subtlety, creativity and wit. Highly skilled performances from a spirited and likable team. ****

Henry Hepburn 125 days ago

Amazing show. We sat in the second row (on Saturday) and to see at close quarters what the performers were doing was an incredible experience. Several times I grabbed my mum's arm or almost slid of my seat - it's that sort of nerve-racking experience. It's exhilarating, too, and thoroughly deserving of the standing ovation it got. I imagine tickets will be hard to get by the end of their run, so snap them up now.

Judith Koenig 126 days ago

Standing ovations from the audience for an outstanding mixture of acrobatic, humour and poetic moments.
One of the best shows I have seen in 8 days of Fringe.
Very different but also outstanding are „Dalloway“ and „Spray“.

Aine Daly 126 days ago

Really enjoyed this show. Super talented bunch!

Diana Kenchington 128 days ago

Loved this show. Much more than circus and acrobatics; would definitely recommend. It's different!

Peter Antolik 128 days ago

Wow. Just wow. Amazing acrobatic piece from a troupe of incredible performers. With the backdrop setting of a mysterious gallery, the incredible acrobatics are mixed with humour, poignant moments of creativity, and popcorn. Don't miss this show. You will not be disappointed.

Andrew Murgett 129 days ago

Well we went to the Fringe for stand-up comedy mainly but we were totally blown away by La Galerie in fact it was our favourite show in Edinburgh. The standing ovation at the end was well deserved, I hope that are back next year as we will deffo want to see this amazing and quirky act again.

Barry Teece 130 days ago

Enchanting, hypnotic & breathtaking. Kids loved even more than us.

Ian Anderson 130 days ago

Delightful, sparkling with energy, quirky, original and bursting with talent, I loved this show.

Miss R L Jones 131 days ago

Wow. Fantastically creative circus - amazing acrobatic skills, clever humour, quirky live music and too much popcorn! Mature and fantastically creative (sorry, I already said that!). The hour disappeared. We were blown away. Glad to give it a standing ovation - go go go!

Lorraine Prince 131 days ago

My friends loved this. calling it the best circus/physical theatre they've seen. I definitely wouldn't go that far. It was clearly a good show, but my enjoyment was seriously damaged by seeing three falls, two of which looked like they may have caused serious injury - as I lost my confidence in the safety of the show. One actor awkwardly landed on his shoulder from a failed manouvre (which was admittedly impressive when they eventually pulled it off). I then spent the rest of the show biting my own knuckles in anxiety while they attempted more and more ambitious (and, to my terrified eyes, shaky) tricks, convinced I was about to see somebody die... but most people would probably enjoy it!

Some thought is also needed about how to prevent audience members at the side seeing through the mirror when the lights are low, to the artists mopping their brows behind it!

Oliver 133 days ago

This show was unbelievably good. The acrobatics are beyond belief, and it’s all performed with grace and humour. No talking but with atmospheric (live, solo) accompanying music adds to the sublime atmosphere of this show. I saw it with a 10 year old and we were both mesmerised for the hour. It got a standing ovation at the end which says it all. Bravo! Go see!

Hazel Barnes 135 days ago

Our whole family were amazed, delighted and entertained throughout the entire performance. A must see!

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Edinburgh Spotlight (5/5 stars) 119 days ago

Framed as it is around visitors to a modern art gallery, Machine de Cirque’s playful and innovative circus show is a masterpiece.From sardonically exposing the pretentions of gallery visitors to a spellbinding sequence where portraits literally crawl from the canvases, this loose narrative device links a series of ever-more impressive...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 119 days ago

If you’ve ever looked at a field of unbroken snow and wanted to run across it, or a blank piece of paper and wanted to color it, La Galerie is absolutely the circus show for you. Though the set is minimalist, you can’t mistake the pure white posh gallery aesthetic,...

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The Scottish Sun (5/5 stars) 121 days ago

This show is enchanting, hypnotic & breathtaking. Amazing acrobatic piece from a troupe of incredible performers.

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 122 days ago

The sound of a single piano note that builds with clarinet sounds and eventually some live saxophone playing sets an enticing tone for La Galerie from Quebec’s Machine de Cirque. But what follows holds less excitement than these opening notes despite the creation of a unique piece of Pollockesque art...

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The Skinny (5/5 stars) 122 days ago

It’s not often you see an acrobat wearing a suit – and yet as the performance opens we see the cast of performers decked out some muted eveningwear as they queue up to enter the ‘art gallery’. This tasteful minimalism in costume is extended to the whole set, which provides...

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 123 days ago

Circus is fast becoming a saturated market at the Fringe, to the point where it doesn’t matter how good your tumbles are, you need something unique to define you....

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The Circus Diaries 128 days ago

Let’s get it out there. I really loved this show. With all the technical mastery and solid production values we’ve come to expect from Quebecois circus, Machine De Cirque, from Quebec City, also have an ineffable quality of Quirk. La Galerie is an Alice in Wonderland trip beyond the restrictive norms of cultural conformity into the limitless possibility of creativity. And it’s a massive laugh in the face to anyone who says that circus is not art. More so, to anyone who insists art and entertainment cannot coexist. Director Olivier Lépine has conjured something truly wonderful into the world.

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 129 days ago

Look for tickets... Immaculate white walls, immaculate monochrome performers, suited and booted, enjoying the serenity of their pristine exhibition. But then, what’s this… some colour…Quebec’s Machine de Cirque delivers a flawless hour of playful acrobatic theatre, filled with edge-of-the-seat stunts and laugh-out-loud tomfoolery as they bring chaos out of order.Featuring...

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Fest (3/5 stars) 132 days ago

Quebec circus means much more than Cirque du Soleil, as this fresh-as-paint show is here to remind us. It's the clever, occasionally manic brainchild of Machine de Cirque, a company founded in 2013. This light-hearted, high-concept production neatly skewers art world pretensions while showcasing the accomplished and mainly acrobatic skills...

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