Konstantin Kisin: Orwell That Ends Well

Comedy (stand-up, solo show)

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  • Gilded Balloon Teviot - Wee Room
  • 19:00
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Lisa Richards in association with Anita Elizabeth Holmes
  • Warnings and additional info: None
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Konstantin Kisin, who made international headlines by refusing to sign a safe space contract for a university gig, offers an intelligent, uncompromising look at free speech and "wokeness" in his debut show. Full of strong gags, tales of rags-to-riches, back-to-rags (as the son of a former oligarch) and razor-sharp observations about the world, Kisin's comedy walks the line between offence and humour as he tears into the sacred myths of modern society. Directed by former Jonathan Pie co-writer Andrew Doyle, the show is guaranteed to entertain and ruffle feathers in equal measure.

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Seamus Somerville 83 days ago

Absolute legend, this guy should be playing to a much bigger crowd. He isn't crazy PC and he isn't full on offensive for the sake of it. He strikes a great balance and hits the nail on the head when it comes to the cornerstone of our society, free speech. I mean we need to have a laugh about things... And I certainly did.

Pete Wilcock 88 days ago

Can't recommend this show highly enough. Sharp observation humour and keen wit from Konstantin. He's a much better comedian than his profile gives him credit for and I spent the whole show chuckling away happily.

To have Konstantin in such a modest venue is an oversight that should be rectified for next year!

William Priestley 91 days ago

Great thought provoking show. 50-seater venue doesn't do him justice. Definitely in the 60-75 seater category.

Robert Reynolds 92 days ago

Really funny. Great talent to be both thought provoking and hilarious simultaneously. Definitely worth seeing. Those student snowflakes don't know what they missed.

M Ryder 92 days ago

Utterly compelling and uber smart set from Konstantin. Subversive... And very funny. See this!

Jack Sheridan 93 days ago

Brilliant comedian, best I’ve seen at the fringe. Sharp, self aware, delivers a clear and strong message while remaining hilarious throughout. Will be keeping an eye out for when he’s near me

maxim naumov 93 days ago

One of the best stand up shows at the Fringe 2019 for sure, especially for those inclined to analyse the world around them independently and question the status quo.
Konstantin is a formidable defender of free speech with his family's history to support him. He has been repeatedly tarred and slandered for not submitting to the dominant "party line" of the pseudo-liberal elite, which, unfortunately, controls so much of the current political and cultural discourse.
And he's very funny too!

Benedict Turvill 94 days ago

Been at the fringe over a fortnight and definitely the best comedy I've seen. Laughed so much my face hurt. Absolutely brilliant.

Andrew Beveridge 97 days ago

A thought provoking and well balanced delivery by Konstantin that championed the cause for free speech. Excellent entertainment but much more than that in terms of highlighting the perils of extreme political control of free speech. It should be mandatory for our ruling classes to attend and ponder!

Lynne Raven 100 days ago

A confident and captivating performance, Konstantin makes you laugh out loud and think at the same time. Highly recommended

Judith Dawkins 100 days ago

An outstanding show both funny and thought provoking. One of the best shows I have seen at the Fringe this year. Highly recommended.

Bettina Zietman 103 days ago

Really really good - laughed throughout. A highlight of the shows we have seen. Recommend!

Tom Gallagher 104 days ago

Kisin is an impish eyewitness to a Britain which is revealing some of the authoritarian tendencies which led his grand-father to depart Russia forty years ago. Now well into his thirties he has known the country from his teenage years when he studied at Edinburgh university only to end up sleeping rough in the Meadows when his father went from being a millionaire to a pauper in Yeltsin's Russia. His style is deprecating and wistful on the surface but sharp edged and anxious underneath his relaxed demeanour. He believes he might easily have remained an obscure comic but for sudden fame last year when he refused to sign a behavioral agreement that required him to steer clear of targets which had provided comedic laughs through the ages. His apostacy got a lot of publicity (even from the Russian embassy) and increased the clamour about the choking of free speech at many of or universities.

He has a good conversational style and disarming manner which enables him to come over as a 21st century version of Voltaire's 'Candide', a bemused observer who asks himself if tolerant laid-back Britain is allowing itself to be cast into some kind of velvet dungeon where even independent thought is actively frowned upon.

Kisin confesses to being a centrist who unlike edgy subversive comics revels in bourgeois acts such as he and his wife becoming the owners of a flat in a small English town. He mocks the Brits over their appalling linguistic skills but never too cruelly. He is the latest of a long line of foreigners, from George Mikes to Clive James, who is adept at taking the temperature here. If the BBC was less Brezhnevite than it currently is, Kisin could shine in a 2019 version of 'That Was the Week That Was.' This small guy has bags of talent. Above all, he is good at teasing out the paradoxes of life here. With the right breaks , he deserves to reach out to bigger audiences who have had enough of agitprop masquerading as stale nihilistic comedy. Go and see his show where laughs, irony and wry reflections abound.

Michael Piper 104 days ago

The time flew by and I really enjoyed the show: meticulously written and clearly very well-rehearsed (barely a superfluous word or missed pause in the entire show); excellent delivery and stage presence - a complete natural who was always in total control; zeitgeisty subject matter of free speech which is the front line of the culture war; makes you feel, think and learn which the best stand-ups often do.

Chris Highcock 105 days ago

Keeping me laughing throughout Konstantin Kisin tackled some of the absurdities and ironies of the modern world in which free speech is gradually being eroded. When your speech is controlled so is your thought and with lessons from his own family's experience in the Soviet Union Kisin's show reminds us of the dangers that we face even today in the West. You will leave this show having laughed at some great humour but also having been made to think...and that has to be healthy.

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The Wee Review (5/5 stars) 81 days ago

Konstantin Kisin is a man who has quite the story behind him. The Russian-British comedian had been relatively unknown prior to 2018 when a disagreement with a ‘behavioural agreement form’ at a British university propelled him into popular culture. The comic and podcaster found himself at the centre of a...

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 92 days ago

Konstantin Kisin made international headlines last year, after his decision to decline a university gig because of its safe space policies about “offensive” comedy. ...

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The Student Newspaper (5/5 stars) 94 days ago

"Konstantin Kisin uses his Fringe debut to give a hilarious, refreshing affirmation of the importance of free speech."

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The List (3/5 stars) 104 days ago

A cheeky ode to free speech...

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