Joz Norris: Blink

Comedy (absurdist, magic)

  • Pleasance Dome - JackDome
  • 20:20
  • Aug 14-15, 17-29
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Joz Norris
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains strong language.
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Legendary magician Joz Norris has perfected the hardest magic trick of all time – making an entire audience think and blink in unison. He's got everything under control this time. Nothing can possibly go wrong. 'Joyously silly' (Evening Standard). 'A sort of absurdist Simon Amstell... He really does capture the spirit of creative live comedy' (Guardian). Winner of The Comedians' Choice Award for Best Show, 2019. Writer and star of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom The Dream Factory. Sold out run in 2019. Co-starring Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Ben Target.

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Jerry Hill about 21 hours ago

Best act I've seen this week! Totally manic, absurd but hilarious. A cross between Rik Mayal and Eddie Izzard performing a truly unforgettable show. Loved it!

Lynn Shooter 2 days ago

Sadly, we just didn’t get it. Disappointingly it was our last show before returning home. A last minute booking as the show we’d booked, Henning Wein, was unfortunately cancelled. We expected ‘magic’ but there wasn’t any!

Robin Smith 4 days ago

Right, where does one begin, Joz isn’t your typical stand up, but there is stand up in his set, but it doesn’t look like stand up, in fact, Joz has been deconstructing his shows, and indeed himself as an art form in the many shows I’ve seen by him. He leads you down avenues you didn’t know existed, he takes you out of the box you think you’re looking in, then folds the box and before you know it you’re in the box, there wasn’t a box, and that is a metaphor for his show.

Parts bad magic, parts absurd flights of fancy, body horror, moments of self reflection, but all bafflingly complex, clever, occasionally juvenile, but all part of the Norris master plan.

The audience are baffled, bemused & bloody loving it, the guy behind me told his pal, “I haven’t laughed that hard like that in years”.

Joz’s work isn’t the linear joke telling experience, it’s a circus act in your brain, it’s difficult to explain the Joz Norris Phenomenon, but let’s try summing it up.

It’s well worth your time, money and patronage, but difficult to actually explain what it is.

I’ve seen many of his shows, but still don’t know who the real Joz Norris is, but I do know it’ll make me howl with laughter, it’ll make me think about the show many times after wards, and it makes me intrigued to what his next carefully curated but completely un-pigeonholeable show might be.

Screamingly funny and yet, a bit unnerving.

Tom Dalton 4 days ago

The best rabbit trick I have ever seen, Joz is clearly a true magician and certainly not a comedian! A show I will remember for the rest of my life, and contained way more sausage than one has any right to expect!

Julian Kilburn 5 days ago

The funniest show I have seen at the Fringe and I am struggling to remember a funnier one in any fringe of the last 15 years.
With the extra credibility of not allowing a drop of alcohol to pass my lips for 6 days of the fringe so far I was beginning to think that audiences were kindly laughing at some fairly tired comedy shows or maybe it was actually me who was too jaded, or too sober. I must admit that I had high hopes knowing Joz's reliablity for originality.
But straight from the off, my abdominals were cramping, tears were being wiped and tingles were stuttering back to life
If this doesn't win an award, I honestly think they should get rid of awards, or I will start my own at
I don't think anyone can ask any more of a performer.
Utterly joyous from beginning to end.
Hilarious is the most overused word in comedy reviews.
We should deploy it sparingly.
Consider it deployed.

Emily 9 days ago

An absolute LOL-lercoaster from start to finish. Joz is a master of his craft and this show is one of those shows that makes you pine over the beautiful madness of the Edinburgh Fringe experience. Don’t miss out!

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Theatre Weekly (4/5 stars) 1 day ago

Through all of this, it stands out as a clever comedy performance that fools you into thinking it might be hilarious nonsense only to suddenly deliver some poignant food for thought. Try not to blink, you don’t want to miss it.

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