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  • Gilded Balloon Teviot - Dining Room
  • 20:00
  • Aug 12
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United States
  • Group: Dynamite Lunchbox / Civil Disobedience
  • Warnings and additional info: Audience Participation, Nudity, Strong Language/Swearing
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This critically acclaimed off-Broadway biographical musical combines theatre, cabaret and burlesque to tell the story of the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African American international superstar and one of the most extraordinary figures of the 20th century. Starring six-time Best of the Fest winner Tymisha Harris, who was nominated for a 2018 Vivian Robinson award for her limited off-Broadway run. 'A star vehicle for Harris, and she delivers' ( 'A tour de force' ***** (CBC). 'It's a perfect piece of theatre for the time we are currently in' ***** (PlaysToSee).

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A Jeffery 67 days ago

A great story. Tymisha Harris has so much charm, talent and enough energy to power a small country. A real star.

Richard Collier 69 days ago

Still reeling from Michaela Burger’s Exposing Edith show, where she gives a stunning Piaf, I was amazed to find it equalled and in some ways surpassed by Tymisha Harris’ biography of Josephine Baker. I was aware of Josephine as a singer, dancer, movie star and civil rights activist, I had no idea she also worked for the French resistance, was bisexual and was mother to 12 children. And so much more. If you can imagine the talent it takes to recreate someone like Josephine Baker every night, you can imagine Tymisha Harris, who is an absolute force of nature.

Elinor Rooks 69 days ago

Tymisha Harris is electrifying as Josephine Baker. Her performance is witty and funny, tender, enraged, sensual and warm. She connects powerfully with the audience, creating a real sense of intimacy and immediacy. The preview video didn't even begin to suggest the brilliance of this show-it's one of those things you really have to experience live. Harris' singing and dancing are superb, and her storytelling is top-notch. I had chills from beginning to end, and although she brought tears to my eyes, the show is nothing less than joyful. A revelation. Do see it.

Janice Wilson 70 days ago

Wow... what a marvellous show. Really quality singing, dancing, storytelling, shimmering and interacting with her audience!! Great star quality. Very sexy lady. Fantastic show for the festival. A real treat and we’ve seen a lot of shows!!! A one woman tour de force.

elizabeth green 73 days ago

Saw this last week, it is superb and Tymisha Harris is captivating in the role. Really not to be missed, and I don’t often say that.

Charlotte Midford 74 days ago

I saw this last night. Still thinking about it. It was superb. Tymisha's perfomance grabs hold of you from the moment it starts. The dancing, storytelling and musical elements flow and complement each other so well. Her performance of 'The times they are a changin' was incredibly moving, it had tears streaming down my face. Every word of her rendition was given its whole place and the poetry and force of those words with their optimistic determination came across so well.

Sean Davis 74 days ago

Josephine (****)
Tymisha Harris plays Josephine Baker as sings, dances, and orates through the life of the impoverished black Missouri girl who rose to fame in Paris only to find repeated troubles whenever she returned to the USA. Harris has the voice and body to pull off her imitation of the singer who originally achieved fame through her burlesque dancing in Paris. I appreciated that she integrates the personal life in chronological order to reveal the star’s altruism as she spied for the Allies, adopted twelve children, and made speeches with Martin Luther King Jr.

This was the 10th most enjoyable of the 43 shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

P Holmes 74 days ago

Tymisha does a great job of embodying Josephine Baker. I enjoyed the music and the costumes were absolutely beautiful.

Ian Castro 75 days ago

A fabulous show starring a fabulous woman. Tymisha is incredibly talented and will keep you captivated all night. I learned all about the beautiful story of Josephine Baker while having an absolutely fun time! Don't miss this one.

Carly Jennion 75 days ago

Josephine charmed me out of my seat. From the second she walked on stage I could not take my eyes off her. With her clear voice, magnetic dancing, and effortless stage presence, Tymisha Harris makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room. This is a story about an incredible woman, told through the performance of another one. Josephine will take care of you; you cannot miss it.

lyndsey connolly 75 days ago

This show grabbed my heart from the get-go. This show made me feel so deeply and fully I can not even explain how muchI was moved. Truly belive that every single person at the fringe should see this show. It has a message for every demographic and group. I can not emphasize how important the messages from this show is. I was left on my feet clapping my heart out and teary eyed from inspiration at the end of the show. Seriously I mean it when I say you need to go to this show.

Sydny Hansen 76 days ago

WOW. If you want a show that will leave you smiling for the rest of the night, see this one. Tymisha is lovely and sooo talented. “The closest you will get to spending an evening with Josephine Baker” is absolutely true, and it’s a great time.

Cali Metzker 76 days ago

What an incredible show!! The fierce multitalented ability of the Tymisha and the impactful story of Josephine Baker makes this show a must see! It was an absolutely beautiful and amazing performance that left me wanting more!

Lauren Neville 76 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful shows I've ever seen. Not only did I learn about Josephine Baker, I felt completely immersed in her story. Tymisha's talent and grace shines to create this amazing piece, and the show ended with a completely deserved standing ovation. I cannot recommend this show more; it is a must see.

Paul Shank 78 days ago

What a great show! She has a fabulous voice, quick wit, and the show is incredibly entertaining. It has the dark moments necessary to explain why Baker spent most of her life in France, but this fun show is a must see!

Alan Batten 78 days ago

I had not been familiar with the fascinating story of Josephine Baker, but it was vividly told in this one woman show by a hugely talented performer, who acted with emotion and elegance drawing the audience in to the life of this interesting lady. Beautiful singing and entertaining dancing made this captivating performance. Recommended.

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Fest (4/5 stars) 66 days ago

Josephine Baker lived an incredible life. In one hour, performer Tymisha Harris brings Josephine to life, sharing her story, her music and fabulous costumes in this blend of musical theatre, cabaret, burlesque and storytelling. Harris's performance is stunning. She plays off the audience, those in the front row becoming ex-husbands...

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The F Word 67 days ago

Despite a glorious life well lived I cry at the end. If there’s one message to be taken away from Josephine, it’s that we are all complex people who deserve love, and we all need to stand our ground and fight when we can in a world that still has many, many issues.

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (4/5 stars) 68 days ago

It's all glitz and glamour as we bask in the musical biography of Josephine Bakers life - the first African American international superstar. A fascinating woman, an extraordinary life and a mesmerising perfor...

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 77 days ago

As the last notes of La Vie en Rose hang in the air, we jump to our feet to give our enthralling leading lady the standing ovation she so richly deserves. You’ve heard of a triple threat? Add another dozen skills and you have Tymisha Harris. The star and co-creator...

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