Joe Wells: I Am Autistic

Comedy (neurodiversity led, stand-up)

Venue Age Restriction: Strictly 18+


Joe is not a "person with comedy"; he’s a comedian. Nor is he a "person with autism"; he’s autistic. His video Having a Brother Who is Not Autistic went viral, with over 2 million views. Support for Frankie Boyle and Alexei Sayle. 'Some of the most surprising and thought-provoking material coming from any comedian' (Guardian). As seen on BBC Two’s Ouch! Storytelling Live, BBC Three's Quickies and Dave's Comedy Guide to Life. Writer for Have I Got News For You. A show about being proud of your weird brain.

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Esme Spry 33 days ago

Very clever show had me laughing the whole way :) Hilarious for both autistic and non autistic people alike!

Declan Bracewell 34 days ago

Fantastic comic timing, one joke took me off guard, which was amazing, let me say I hope Micky Flanagan will visit one of his shows, in the future. I tipped the maximum amount. Absolutely well deserved.

Catherine Quinn 37 days ago

Natural performer - engaging, likeable and very, very funny. I laughed far more than I expected to at noon on a cloudy Tuesday. A smart set. Consistently funny throughout with sprinkles of wisdom and insight that left us uplifted and inspired in equal measure. I would highly recommend.

Ken Towl 38 days ago

At times poignant, often disgusting, always brilliant and very very funny. Head and shoulders above everything else I have seen on the free fringe. Get there early and get a "placeholder" ticket from the bar or you might not get in.

Kevin M 43 days ago

Loved hearing Joe talk about his life and his perspective - really funny and well crafted observations & anecdotes. Show was virtually full (Mon 16th) so get your placeholder ticket early if you don't want to miss out! Very enjoyable, definitely recommended.

Helly Look 44 days ago

The first act seen and what a show - highly recommend - one of the best

Catherine Coutts 47 days ago

I have to confess to already being a fangirl of Joe Wells due to his online presence.

We were lucky to go into the pub early and get placeholders (tickets by another name). Try to do this if you can, otherwise you may not get in.

Show did not disappoint, lots of excellent jokes (won't spoil them here!)

Go see. 10/10.

Ian Jones 48 days ago

Brilliant show. One of the best I’ve seen this year. Joe is an excellent comedian who makes you question your assumptions about autism. Friday’s show was a total sell-out. Note: The venue operates a queuing system. Placeholder tickets needed for entry are available from the bar one hour before the show starts. Arrive early or you may not get in.

Suzanne H 52 days ago

Superb show. Genuine laughs throughout from both husband and me - indeed probably more so than some of the "big names" at the big venues. A supremely funny show from a really nice guy! Highly recommend!

RJ Garrison 53 days ago

This was my wife’s and I first time at Fringe. I checked out a couple youtube of Joe Wells and found his comedy very funny, and even better LIVE! As a non-autistic person, Joe was able to break down the comedy so the I could understand it, kept the audience laughing, and gave us a discount at the door! (Um, two times zero is…, I’m shite at math.). Seriously, the BEST free show at the Fringe! Don’t miss it!

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Neurodiverse Review (5/5 stars) 41 days ago

I would recommend everyone try and catch this show while it’s here. Make sure you get there early and get your placeholder ticket, I have no doubt this will be a Fringe-must-see

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North West End UK (4/5 stars) 48 days ago

In summary, if you’re Autistic, I would highly recommend that you go and see this show – you’re going to love it. If you’re not Autistic, I need you to go and see this show – you’re also going to love it.

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