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Based on Edinburgh-born Robert Louis Stevenson's classic thriller, this evocative tale of a brilliant doctor and his murderous counterpart has become a modern classic. Will Jekyll find a cure for the demon he has created? With a lush, romantic pop score, the show was a modern classic even before the show began its smash-hit Broadway run. 'Captivate's production [of Les Misérables, 2016] blows every other musical at the Fringe completely out of the water' ***** (

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Murray 85 days ago

So good I watched it twice!
Tom and Ian make an amazing team and I can’t wait for them to do more.
They encouraged the best and more out an already fantastic orchestra and cast.
What show in the Fringe or indeed anywhere has the audience buying tickets during the intermission to see it again? Nuff said!

Anonymous 85 days ago

Having seen a number of shows in this year's Edinburgh Fringe, I can honestly say that this was by far my favourite. An amazingly, slick, professional show staged by the increasingly popular Edinburgh based Captivate Theatre, it would stand side by side with any professional production currently in London's West End. The role of Jekyll/Hyde was played expertly by rising star, Alex Peters, and I can only see a glittering career ahead for this young man. An amazingly talented supporting cast. The musicianship and lighting all added to this fantastic production. The only negative I can think of is that I only managed to see this production twice. 5 out of 5 Stars!!

Cameron 86 days ago

Great show, very well sung and acted.

Would have been better if bigger venue as very loud and found it hard to hear some of the lyrics.

Instruments would have been better if a little quieter for this size.

Andy S 86 days ago

An excellent production, talented performers, and a very
entertaining and captivating show - would thoroughly recommend.

Ruth Bennett 86 days ago


Flawless is the only word that I could use to describe this five star production of Jekyll and Hyde. This show has left me speechless and left me wanting more. I have never seen a more professional production of this show. I was gripped right from the get go.

Let’s start with the ensemble, the best one I have ever watched! The talent and skill that this ensemble bring to the show makes it. Every single member should be very proud of what they do in this show.

Lucy Whitney as Lucy Harris amazes the audience with her renditions of “Bring on the Men” and “ Someone Like You” leaves the audience in awe of her talent. She brought our whole group in from the first moment to the last moment she stand on that stage.

Rosie Graham as Emma Carew. Connects emotionally with the audience from the first moment we see her caring for Jekyll himself. Her angelic voice tops of her character creating the perfect Emma Carew.

Callum Ford as John creates the perfect side partner to Jekyll himself. Supporting him from the start we see the good in him shining through. Callum’s portrayal was theatre gold!

Last but definitely not least, Alex Peters as Jekyll/Hyde. His talent shines through in this role and I could not see anyone else who was as perfect as he was. His portrayal of Jekyll showed us his true talents and His portrayal of Hyde was absolutely brilliant right from the moment he turned the audience were left in fear of this character. Amazing voice, amazing acting skills and Amazing talent. Well done!

The amazing duo Tom Mullins and Ian Sutherland form the perfect team as they create this beauty of musical. From Ian standing conducting the full orchestra to the enthusiasm of Tom Mullins is absolutely beautiful. Tom Mullins must do something with directing because he would go places quickly!

Great show you should all be proud of each other.

Graeme Luke 87 days ago


There are no words to describe one of the best shows that I have ever seen. Having seen hundreds of shows in London, around the UK and locally here in my hometown this production is one of the best.

The whole experience was superb and if you see no other shows then this is the one to spend two hours at the fringe. Alexander Peters is a future West End Star, his portrayal of both parts was spellbinding and the transformations from Jekyll to Hyde amazing. The final scenes where he switched between the two just blew me away.

The entire cast and ensemble were totally fantastic, and they kept the attention of the audience throughout the entire score.

I have seen Captivate now for many years and this is one of their best and this local group play to full houses across lots of their show and are a credit to themselves, each other and their families. 10 Stars

Gail Dempsey 87 days ago

Quite astonishing show
The characters are strong throughout and the interaction between Jekyll/Hyde and his girls is superb. Thought his assistant was also very assured and powerful throughout ably assisted by a wonderful ensemble and absolutely terrific orchestra

douglas graham 87 days ago

If you like music theatre, don't miss this. The pace and precision are breathtaking. Alex Peters is a stunning, terrifying Jekyll/Hyde, Rosie Graham and Lucy Whitney are heartbreaking in their duet (and throughout), but it almost seems churlish to single out individuals, because the ensemble work in this production is beyond brilliant. Director and MD have brought out every ounce of talent (and energy) from a gifted cast. You have one last chance to see it - don't miss it!

Natasha Iqbal 87 days ago

I have been waiting to see a production of Jekyll and Hyde ever since I fell in love with the musical four years ago, I seen this production yesterday and it was absolutely incredible it was better than I could have ever hoped it to be! What an incredible cast and fantastic male lead to play Jekyll and Hyde, such a phenomenal voice! I honestly wish I had seen it sooner than yesterday as I would have definitely seen it again! I’m so happy to say I’ve now seen my favourite musical I only wish I could watch it over again it was absolutely amazing.

Rod Graham 88 days ago

A very fine show, and truly thrilling in places. It moved me to tears. I would recommend that you go and see it.

The staging is very clever, and the chorus are clearly having a great time. Every member of the cast gave a 110% performance - no shy wallflowers here.

My favourite moments were the finale (but I'm not giving anything away) and the number in the brothel ("Bring on the Men").

Petra Ukota 88 days ago

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this show! It was incredible. I bought a ticket to see it again during the interval because I was so impressed. Genuinely the best male lead I have seen in any musical so far. Hands down the best show I have seen at the fringe, and probably one of the best shows I have seen in my life.
Do yourself a favour and go see this show!

Vikki & Ines 89 days ago

Captivate’s Jekyll and Hyde was outstanding! They were all excellent but in particular for us Alex Peters stood out as the lead character(s). I truly believed he was two people at once and just wow, those voices! They all put on such a fantastic show and would’ve loved to have seen it again. Bravo to you all! Definitely a favourite of the festival so far for us both.

Loz Whitaker 89 days ago

brilliant! Truly amazing show! More enjoyable than some of the stuff I have seen in Manchester!

Katie Crisp 89 days ago

What a fantastic production! The entire cast, orchestra and lighting crew did a great job. The actors should be immensely proud of themselves, they all really are living in the show, everyone brings 1000%. My only regret in seeing the show was not giving them a standing ovation !!! There is only a few more days left to see this show and if you are looking for a musical thriller then this is your show. Bravo !

L Sonny 90 days ago

I enjoyed seeing this production for the first time yesterday and I really enjoyed it. A committed cast, where everything was performed with conviction made for a really exciting performance. Clever movement choreography and a great MD (who made some subtle but very rewarding musical advances on the pieces original score) meant that I was engaged throughout the full performance. The lead as Dr.Jekyll was fantastic - great voice and just a great performance throughout. However, the cast member who really stole the show for me was the actor playing Emma (Jekyll's partner). This performance was outstanding and I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. Clearly a seasoned performer - the actor engaged with the lyric of her songs in a way that shone above the rest. Her natural phrasing and impeccable vocal tone really stood out for me. This is not a character that I normally rave about but seeing it done so well made me realise how much potential this role has if played well - and it was most certainly played well. Bravo!

Zeljko Radic 90 days ago

Tried to leave a review on Showcatcher like I did for bunch of other shows (53 this year), but this show is not on there, so I created an account here to praise this production.
I've seen the show 4 times by now and it's the best show I've seen at the Fringe 2019!
I loved the level of professionalism. I watched other Captivate Theatre productions last year (Rent and Jesus Christ, which I also watched this year) and I have to say, Jekyll and Hyde impressed me the most. Such simple, yet effective staging, great acting and singing. I just hope you bring it back next year because I noticed that all four shows I've seen were more or less full.
Also, maybe a suggestion for next year, at least for the basement of Rose theatre, if not the main stage: Urinetown. It's my favourite musical and I'm sure you'd do an awesome job with it.
If you haven't seen the show yet, you still have a few days. Don't miss it.

I would so love to see this production (plus the song "Girls of the Night") on the West End stage.
Could you do that please? At least in a smaller theatre. I'm sure it would completely sell out.

Samantha Lister 90 days ago

Beyond comprehension. This performance rivalled and defeated shows I have seen on the West End and the Birmingham Hippodrome. The singing, the acting, the choreography, the musicians, the lighting - flawless is the only word to describe it. At several points during the performance I suddenly realised that my mouth was hanging open, and I'd been so captivated I hadn't even noticed!
It goes without saying that the lead actor was sensational. His voice was beautiful and his acting Oscar-worthy: the song in which he consistently switches between Henry and Hyde was mesmerising to say the least. Whoever organised the lighting for that song deserves a medal as well - the lighting coupled with the acting truly made it seem like there were two separate men singing that song.
The lead actor deserves all the praise in the world, but there was honestly not a weak link in the cast. The individuals in the ensemble were mesmerising as they remained in character at all times and dictated the atmosphere of the stage by their movements and expressions. The two lead actresses who played Emma and Lucy were wonderful to behold - they truly embodied the characters and their singing heavenly. The two central girls from the Red Rat who also signal Hyde's arrival were also absolutely brilliant, their choreographed repositioning of the set was seamless throughout.
I could honestly give lengthy praise to every single actor, but this review is already resembling War and Peace. Those involved in casting, directing, choreographing (or involved in any element of creating this performance) must swell with pride when they watch it. It is the first show I have seen from Captivate Theatre and if this is the standard they produce then I will be attending every play I can of theirs.

Erin Ramsay 90 days ago

This show is absolutely fantastic! The energy from all the cast members was tangible. If you enjoy musicals you must go and see Jekyll & Hyde before the run is over. Very talented cast, fabulous orchestra, and the lighting and technical cues were all spot on. A wonderfully directed and executed production - 5 star in my books.

Josefin Hartmann 91 days ago

This is a fantastic show! The actors are so talented and have great voices and the performance was absolutely superior. I can only recommend it and would go again next year.

Kirsty Nicholson 91 days ago

This show is an absolute must! Incredible performance by all involved, along with fantastic musicians providing the soundtrack and great use of set - particularly loved the clever use of mirrors! You can tell a lot of creativity went into this production - I felt like I was experiencing this well-known story for the first time again. Well done to everyone!

Gaia 91 days ago

Thrilling performance!

H Moss 91 days ago

The singing was far superior to the acting . But better than i can do , so maybe i should shut up . I dont really know what else to say to be honest

Fiona Thorne 91 days ago

Just brilliant. Completely exceeded all expectations of an amateur performance group. The production value is second to none and the minimalist stage design really adds to the show. The mirrors are a stroke of genius and happy to see the crates making a reappearance! #capticrate The musicians and singers are all phenomenal - the resulting sound is really powerful! Congratulations to the cast and crew on a truly excellent show. Hot tip - sit right at the back to get the full visual of the stage and mirrors!

Elizabeth S 92 days ago

GO AND SEE THIS SHOW! Oh my goodness! I am in total awe of the talent just seen on stage this afternoon at The Rose Theatre with Captivate Theatre’s production of Jekyll and Hyde! My first visit to The Fringe and my first show - and what a show! Such intensity, passion and energy in the acting and phenomenal vocals from absolutely everyone on stage - in particular Jekyll and Lucy who demonstrated complete vocal control and were simply BRILLIANT . The audience were enraptured throughout with an excellent band that supported the actors superbly and stunning lighting that was used to a fantastic dramatic effect- especially in the confrontation which was mind - blowing. I was completely spell bound throughout both acts . This needs an immediate transfer to the West End please and thank you ! Huge congratulations to all cast and creative teams - coming back for more later this week !

Claudia Cunningham 92 days ago

Absolutely fantastic! A brilliant adaptation of a great story. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Richard Cook 92 days ago

WOW!!!!!!!! I have just came out of this show having to wipe tears of joy from my eyes.
Absolutely blown away by the performance, talent (from the actors and musicians alike), vocal tones/harmonies, emotion and the amount of explosive energy given by everyone.
Myself and all others in my group came away singing the songs (or trying to).
I have seen this in the west end years ago and I'm not sure what it was but there was a lack of gusto, emotion and feeling in it, but tour show today WAS ASTOUNDINGLY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED

Albertus Raynaldi 92 days ago

An amazing and professional performance from Captivate Theatre for a person who doesn't know about Jekyll and Hyde, and came astonishingly surprised and in awe after the show.

Personal favorites were Alex Peters as Jekyll and Hyde himself, on his amazing development of character changing smoothly as both opposing characters and still can sing flawlessly without breaking character, and Lucy Whitney as Lucy Harris with her equally challenging musical numbers nailing each of it with her amazing vocals and posture.

An overall one of the most professional production to come out on my Edinburgh Fringe binge weekend. Might come back and watch it again next week since it is that good!

Terry Weston 92 days ago

A superb show. Thoroughly professional performances from all cast members and musicians, and it was brilliantly staged. Very good use was made of the entire auditorium at points during the show. You believe Hyde becomes so much more alive as the actor shifts into another gear entirely once transformed - not that he was shabby to start with! I rarely enjoy musicals but this was truly excellent. I'll definitely keep an eye on future Captivate Theatre shows.

Lisa Thomson 93 days ago

What a phenomenal show! Have seen it on Broadway and it wasn't a patch on this! Absolutely loved the characters captured by the actors, all whom where amazing, and loved the use of the mirrors - very clever. The ensemble were fabulous with their amazing voices and costumes and added a wonderful dark spin on a this very clever interpretation. Would highly recommend. You will not be disappointed!

PAUL EDGE 93 days ago

Saw this yesterday. Do not miss this. There are not enough superlatives to describe how good this show is. One of the best I have ever seen and definitely would not be out of place in the West End. Direction, music and staging were superb. The cast were amazing, delivering outstanding, professional performances, capturing the characterisations perfectly. A special mention must go out to the actor who played Jekyll and Hyde. His performance was amazing. The part is one of the hardest to play on the stage and he delivered it to perfection. There were so many spine tingling moments. This is the 3rd year we have seen Captivate shows at the Fringe and they are always excellent. We came up to Edinburgh for the day especially to see this show and enjoyed it so much, we are coming up again next Sunday for their final performance. Wow ! Wow! Wow!

Charles Helm 93 days ago

Saw this yesterday. Having seen a somewhat sterile Jekyll and Hyde at the Playhouse, was hugely impressed by the quality on show. Intense and atmospheric, the cast led magnificently by a quite superb performance from Alex Peters In the main role produced a west end calibre show for an appreciative audience who stood in ovation for fully five minutes at the end.
Clever use of mirrors, superb lighting and a great support cast all contributed to a real gothic feel. The use of the pimp and prostitutes to support Mr Hyde’s evil persona was inspired by the Director Tom Mullins. Couple this with a 12 piece band delivering exemplary musical support and fantastic singing from all and you get the best value for money show in the Fringe. Special mention must go to Lucy whose “someone like you” was sung with wonderful angst. I thought Rent last year was brilliant. This is better.

Kyra Helberg 93 days ago

I have no words to express how amazing this show was. I've been a fan of the musical for years, and in that time, I've seen more productions than I can count, but this one topped them all. Every single singer, from the main cast to the ensemble, had an exquisite voice. The lighting was incredible, and the use of the set was some of the most creative stuff I've ever seen. My only complaint is that I'll end up spending my whole month's earnings seeing this show again and again! I can't praise it highly enough.

Fiona Clarke 94 days ago

This show blew me away - absolutely BRILLIANT. If you get a chance to go see it, do it. The cast were phenomenal - the performances were of West End calibre. You will not regret seeing this - in fact, it’ll probably be the highlight of your Fringe experience.

Glen Allan 94 days ago

The amateur show with the heart and soul of a broadway production. This show is teeming with life..and death. Pitch perfect. Unbelievable acting. An absolutely breathtaking show see this show while you can!!

Tony Barratt 94 days ago

Visually captivating, vocally engaging and truly deserving of the ovation!
Well choreographed and perfectly executed. Congratulations, Captivate Theatre! I’m truly blown away by this breathtaking production.
How is this show not headlining?

Hilary Williams 95 days ago

This was the best show I have seen! Outshone many West End shows.. great cast, slick performance! Particularly loved the devil prostitutes.. amazing!! The whole show had the audience spellbound and a well deserved standing ovation! Singing, acting, musicians.. all spectacular! This is a must see production!

Celia Ford 95 days ago

Fantastic show with amazing performances by the entire cast. Standing ovation well deserved. Don t miss it folks.

MIchaela 95 days ago

What a show!! Absolutely mind blowing performance and a must see show for all. I have seen West End shows that do not compare to this.The whole cast are so talented and I am going back for seconds as it was that good.

Paul MacDonald 95 days ago

Incredible. Every single member of the cast gave 110% and it showed. You could see how much Jekyll/Hyde had given to the role. No single cast member stood out as they were such a tight unit. Even though I've been in the show, it was great to see a different interpretation and the minimalist set is used to full potential. Highly recommended and thoroughly deserved ovation. I saw Phantom in London earlier this year and would agree with the reviewer who said this show was better than that. Well done all

Greg Fitch 95 days ago

Wow!Wow!Wow!What a spectacular production!I am here for the month and can’t imagine I will see a better show.Beautifully directed,technically brilliant and a sublime cast!I’ve been in a production of this show myself but honestly believe it can’t ever have been performed anywhere better than this.An absolute triumph and very deserving of ‘best musical’.Well done to everyone connected.

Mihika Acharya 95 days ago

Just watched this today. I don’t normally like musicals so I was a bit skeptical at first. By the end of it I was in tears - it was by far one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen!! The singing, the acting were brilliant! Dr Jekyll’s transformation was acting gold. Better than stuff that’s on at the west end(including Matilda and the lion king) and better than stuff that’s on in broadway (phantom of the opera and les mis included).

Alex Abbott 95 days ago

Fantastic! Simply incredible performance. No weaknesses only strengths. Thank you for the best show I've seen in Edinburgh.

Amie 96 days ago

Extremely impressive production with outstanding performances from Jekyll and Lucy.

Jacquie 96 days ago

After last years sell out run of Rent , Director Tom Mullins and Musical Director Ian Sutherland were back tonight with an amazing production of Jekyll and Hyde. First night standing ovation - well deserved. Well done to all involved - couldn’t have seen better in the West End.

Anna MacLeod 96 days ago

This show is NOT to be missed! The director Tom Mullins and musical director Ian Sutherland have created a innovative and fresh new take on this classic thrilling story. From beginning to end I was hooked thanks to the breathtaking talent from every single cast member supported by the incredible band and stunning visuals.
West-end standard for a fraction of the price. Get your tickets before it’s too late!

Anne Hunter 97 days ago

One word - INCREDIBLE! The talented duo of Tom Mullins as Director and Ian Sutherland as Musical Director has created yet another production which would merit appearance in the West End. The impressive talent on stage - notably Alex Peters as Dr Jekyll - is beautifully supported by an amazing nine piece band .This is definitely a show not to be missed.

Lara Fitzgerald 97 days ago

A thoroughly captivating performance of Jekyll and Hyde by an outstanding and incredibly talented cast! Absolutely loved every minute. A must see

Janet Telford 97 days ago

Fantastic performance, Dr Jekyll’s voice is outstanding, acting was impeccable with real passion. Better than London West End.

E 97 days ago

standing ovation! an incredibly fun & fast paced musical which was funny, campy and hit all the right emotional beats. everyone in the cast was amazing, but the real highlight comes from the incredibly strong ensemble who had some of the most fun numbers in “facade” and “bring on the men”. the space was used imaginatively, with the minimalist mirrors/panels bringing energy to the performance and the use of ensemble with amazing costumes around the audience creating an immersive experience, especially as mr hyde came to snarl at some of the front row! the live orchestra was fantastic and the lighting plus choreography gave energy and fun to the well-sung musical numbers. only notes i would give is to possibly tone down the strobe lights as it meant it was difficult to see some of the amazing choreography such as in the confrontation, and add more emotional intensity to the final death as it felt a tad rushed. however, for an early performance, it was really enjoyable and polished - everyone in the cast should feel very proud! not one to miss!

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