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  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United States
  • Group: Phoebe Angeni
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing themes, Strobe lighting, Strong language/swearing
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It's not all in your head. Fantasy and reality merge in this autobiographical one-woman adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey. Dynamic, dramatic and at times darkly comedic, Ithaca explores the journey of Nobody, a feminine aspect of Odysseus, who was born in the Cyclops’ cave. Nobody’s journey is about finding home, but also creating space and a voice for herself within a world and body, which seem to forcefully reject her. Ithaca is a stage-for-screen production examining crucial social issues (fatphobia, bullying, domestic harassment, mental health, chronic illness, and immigration) and features physical theatre, devised movement, poetry and some special effects.

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Nic Lawton (co-founder of Expial Atrocious theatre company) 41 days ago

"Freedom is everywhere and it's our greatest con."

Wow. I don't even know where to start with this review. Phoebe Angeni is a power-house performer in this female-fronted adaptation of Homer's Odyssey.
I was gripped by Angeni's story and performance straight away in her powerful opening monologue. Her physicality and choreography was stunning and complimented her dialogue beautifully. She meant every word she said, which made the questions, self-deprecating comments and detailed storytelling descriptions hit home.
There are many shows out there about the Arts, how difficult the industry is, how body image is almost always taken into account, how your weight can affect your chance at getting an acting job, and how women have impossible body standards. But there has never been a show that deals with those issues quite like this one. She was relatable and rather than a mouthpiece for the gods, she was the voice of a generation of women who struggle with body image in the theatre industry. There are always people telling you to be better and sort yourself out or no-one will want you, and when Angeni's character 'Nobody' was possessed by the voice of her father, this only succeeded in highlighting the patriarchal power some men still think they hold over female performers.
This was an amazing piece of feminist theatre, but also just a great piece of theatre. The acting, lighting, direction, set and editing were all spot-on and really helped to build this world the character was exploring.
Angeni's vocal talent is something to behold as she voiced numerous characters throughout the show and embodied them with exaggerated physical movement. This, for me, is something in theatre shows that I love to see, and I love it when its done well. Ithaca is a wonderful example.
The script for this show is a true gem of the EdFringe this year and there were so many quotes I would underline if I read this in a book. It truly felt like a mythological retelling in the form of an adventurous novel which was then adapted for stage/screen. Angeni has such a way with words that I found myself gasping or sitting with my mouth open in awe as her descriptions painted stunning mental images for the audience, particularly in the moments of fast-paced spoken word.
This show was a beautiful message about being a strong woman who has a whirlwind of emotions inside of them, about how we may not need someone to depend on but it is nice from time to time, and about knowing where your home is. You make your home and your life what you want and should never let the 100 voices in your head try to change it or take it away from you.
The references to mythology and the notable characters of Circe, Odysseus, Poseidon and Athena were cleverly interwoven into a thrilling narrative that I couldn't help but fall in love with.
Everything about this show was wonderful, from the acting, the script, the movement, the editing, the greenscreen, the dynamic camerawork, to the deeper meaning, the poignant questions, the revelations and what it means to be a plus-size woman in the theatre industry. As this is something I can relate to on a personal and very physical level, I really appreciate how Angeni touched on this topic in a refreshing way that made me remember that I am a strong woman and I can make my life incredible if I travel down my own path.

Phoebe Angeni is a force to be reckoned with, and Ithaca is another personal highlight for me from the EdFringe this year. 5 stars!

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Fringebiscuit (5/5 stars) 26 days ago

Homer's Odyssey is reimagined as a modern woman's quest for self in this sublime solo show. Intimate yet epic, Phoebe Angeni's riveting performance plumbs societal demons and scales personal triumphs, seamlessly blending reality and fantasy, ancient and contemporary.

LouReviews (5/5 stars) 43 days ago

Angeni has created (she also directed, filmed and edited the show) a complex work in which she throws herself into an exhausting performance, physically and emotionally. You don’t have to know the original book to follow this show, as she has really made it relevant to modern feminism, but Ithaca can definitely count itself as a claimant to one of the strongest digital fringe shows this year.

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