Islander: A New Musical

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Eilidh stares out to sea and dreams of a new life beyond her lonely island. Myth and reality collide when the tide washes a mysterious stranger onto her beach, changing her life forever. Epic storytelling, intimately staged with a contemporary Scottish folk-inspired score. The cast live-record and layer their voices to create an ethereal adventure for the ears and imagination. 'Superb' (Herald). 'Lush, harmonic voices' (List). 'A real treat of a production' ( Originally developed in association with Comar. Part of the Made in Scotland 2019 showcase.

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KEITH GALLOIS 89 days ago

I loved everything about this show.
Beautiful theatre, and what gorgeous voices.

Ren Reynolds 92 days ago

I will just add to the weight of positive reviews by saying this is a wonderful way to start your day. There's nothing dangerous, or innovative or weird about the show. It's just simple and beautiful and executed with amazing skill.

Judith Hepburn 94 days ago

One of the best shows I have seen in 30 years of Fringe shows. The singing was beautiful and kept the whole room spell bound from start to end.
Almost sold out but try and get a ticket if possible.

C Cowe 94 days ago

Fantastic show and well worth seeing, beautiful ethereal singing and the overlay is an interesting feature

Eden Longson 95 days ago

I saw this show based on the cool poster... then I fell in love with this show thanks to the incredible storytelling and performance by it’s two talented costars, genuinely moving and a wonder to behold.

It is the first 10am Fringe show I have ever seen get a standing ovation, just saying.

Katie Worsick 97 days ago

Lovely story, beautiful music, wonderful singing, fantastic acting, superb loop-use, atmospheric lighting, excellent sound, great venue! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The absolute best of all 9 shows we saw during our trip. Go see it!

Mike Tivnen 98 days ago

A beautiful 2-hander: exceptionally clever, thought provoking and genuinely spiritual. Based around a small, isolated community on a remote island off the coast of Scotland (probably Mull), life for one young resident changes dramatically when a stranger appears on the beach. Well two, actually. The mechanism for this is song, backed by loops, live recorded on stage and used to layer the sound and harmonies. Bethany Tennick and Kirsty Findlay have the most beautiful, pure voices. And their acting is the equal of their singing as they spin through a whole range of characters on (and off ) the island, all portrayed by just the two of them. One or two of the characters have near-impenetrable Island dialects – no idea whether they nailed them but they sounded pretty authentic to me! Incredibly moving - you'd need to have misplaced your soul not to shed a tear at some point. Got to be an Orange Tree transfer on the cards.

Chris Green 98 days ago

An utterly magical production that deserves 5 of anyone's stars! The way the two performers built up the soundtrack of the show through the use of sampling would itself be remarkable, but coupled to an intelligent script and some wonderful songs made for a memorable beginning to a Fringe day. Each character portrayed by Bethany Tennick and Kirsty Findlay emerged fully-formed, especially the two main protagonists Eilidh and Arran, and the underlying theme of the fragility of community, both on land and in the sea, was effectively brought out without ever being preachy. My one quibble would be calling the production 'A New Musical' - it's far, far more than that!

Natalia Ignatenko 99 days ago

Beautiful, moving, and gorgeous to listen to. 4.5/5

JM 100 days ago

This is one of the best things I’ve seen at the Fringe this year. Very good performances, compelling story, well-written music and lyrics—it’s just so enjoyable and impressive. Highly recommend!

Ry Herman 101 days ago

Wow. This was amazing. Highlight of my Fringe so far. Get your tickets now, before it sells out -- because it will, and it should.

Julia La Puma 101 days ago

An absolute triumph. I couldn’t stop crying because the voices were so beautiful. By far the best show I’ve seen at the Fringe. If you can only see one show, I would recommend this one. Fingers crossed there will be a cast album someday!

Sheila Pankhurst 103 days ago

Wow! This show is very, very good indeed. Utterly captivating song, soundscapes and story. Completely blown away, and Islander moves straight into my top ten best Fringe shows ever (and we have been coming to the Fringe for many years). Such talent, and a very well deserved standing ovation.

Ben L 103 days ago

Bethany Tennick and Kirsty Findlay were incredible. Favourite new musical I've seen this Fringe!

Sean Davis 105 days ago

Islander: A New Musical (*****)
A young woman on a small, moribund Scottish island comes upon a strange, dispirited, young woman on her beach who seems quite out of place. From their opening duet, the voices of the two captured my soul as there was something ethereal as they intertwined with the help of a music looper. This well suited the spirit of their mythic tale of forgiveness and redemption.

This was the 7th most enjoyable of the 43 shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

Andrew Wallis 105 days ago

Captivating and beautiful. The haunting music so expertly created by the performers made this a wonderfully atmospheric tale. I was transported. Well done to everybody involved.

Isabel Paterson 105 days ago

Our first show and what a start! A gentle depiction of magical myth and harsh reality in island living. Exceptional performance standard, with harmonies on point, some super colloquial accents and characterisation and great imagery conjured up by sound and light. Well done all. What a glorious sensory adventure.

Kate 106 days ago

I loved this show. Brilliant story, and top marks for acting and singing. Not specifically a kids show but captivating from start to finish for children and adults. I'm recommending this to all of of my friends as a must see. It's sure to sell out.

Penny Wilson 107 days ago

5 STARS all the way! From the transporting music, to the exquisite singing, to the masterful use of technology, to the stage direction, to the script writing, to the SUPER-TALENTED performers with the voices of angels (or maybe fairyfolk). Don't miss this show -- well, MORE than a show, really. It's a journey, as it takes you away to a totally believable magical place. This is one of THE most enjoyable performances I've seen in the past 6 years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If this show doesn't win a Fringe First or Herald Angel award, I will be shocked. Well done!

Calum 109 days ago

Beautiful story, wonderfully performed. Brilliant way to start the day.

Shonagh Murray 111 days ago

Finn Anderson's music and lyrics are outstanding, and Bethany Tennick and Kirsty Findlay's ability to transport the audience to a place, time and multiple different people of varying ages and background is magical. A perfect show for all ages and a wonderful reminder that you don't need set or props to create a new world if the audience are willing to use their imagination.

Lydia Davidson 111 days ago

Loved this show! Clever, moving and so funny! Bethany Tennick and Kirsty Findlay’s performances are brilliant.

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Culture Bean 87 days ago

[T]his production is really quite magical. It’s funny, quirky, touching and full of life. I can’t recommend it enough.

Islander truly breaks the mold. It’s sold out for the rest of the Fringe but I hope it tours the UK soon. Everyone deserves to have a taste of this real treat.

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Exeunt 90 days ago

Islander is the third show I’ve seen so far this Fringe where young people keeping an animal alive is used as a metaphor for ecology. It happens in Parakeet (which, like Islander, also plays in Summerhall’s Roundabout) and it happens in one of the Traverse’s Breakfast Plays, Kit-Kat. Both of...

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 91 days ago

One island, split in two with a thundering crack: half for the fishermen and half for the farmers. Fast-forward a millennium and both halves are in crisis – Kinnan struggles with a stalled economy and a low population, and its people are deciding whether to stay or leave it. Meanwhile,...

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The List (4/5 stars) 91 days ago

Charming family-friendly musical with a timeless narrative...

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Deadline News (4/5 stars) 93 days ago

A DECEPTIVELY simple performance, Islander: A New Musical is a contemporary take on epic story-telling and traditional Scottish music.

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UK Theatre Web (5/5 stars) 93 days ago

Lovely pacing and brilliant songs support this retelling of a Scottish myth, drawing us in to the island world and the stranger who arrives on the shore. I found this incredibly moving, joyous, funny and enjoyable. Skillfully directed, performed and written this is a genuine delight.

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (5/5 stars) 94 days ago

Far from your average sing-a-long musical, this production weaves new life into the form, layering myth and reality, with a contemporary Scottish folk-inspired score.  Using voices and vocal loops, the company...

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Radio Summerhall 95 days ago

A small stage in a small circus style auditorium is magically transformed into a remote, wind and rain swept little Scottish island. There are no props other than a box and no screen visuals to aid our imagination, simply two excellent young performers in Kirsty Findlay and Bethany Tennick who conjure up the myriad characters who live there and clever use of looping technology to create the soundtrack of island life and the haunting strangeness of its history and legend.

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Musical Theatre Review (5/5 stars) 96 days ago

These eight creatives offer us an outer world of welcome, a theatrical world to open our senses and a mythic majesty for us to wonder about which is often, like our futures, “shrouded in mist and invisible by day”. I sense this will have a global life and it is most fitting to be a piece of musical theatre celebrated in the Made in Scotland programme.

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Miro Magazine (5/5 stars) 97 days ago

The talent and timing in Islander is breathtaking, a production that subtly injects a thread of magic into every single vein.

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 97 days ago

It has to be said that Summerhall’s Roundabout theatre is the perfect stage for Amy Draper’s Islander: A New Musical. Contained by the theatre in the round set-up, the secluded nature of the island is already felt by the audience as they wait for the show to begin. Combined with...

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ScotsGay (5/5 stars) 97 days ago

If I could give this six stars, I would: it’s so good words fail me when I try to describe this haunting, mysterious and poignant piece. Eilidh lives with her gran on a small remote island, her mum having left to go to the mainland to find work. Mother and...

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The Stage [paywall] (4/5 stars) 97 days ago

Folklore and myth are brought dizzyingly up to date in Finn Anderson and Stewart Melton’s live-layered musical, using just two voices and loop pedals. Although a new piece of work, it feels timeless, like an archetype or folk tale. Eilidh is a lonely girl on a remote Scottish island. She...

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British Theatre (5/5 stars) 98 days ago

Using sound, music and words, Islander transports you to a windswept isle off the coast of Scotland, located somewhere between myth and the everyday. [...] A flawless gem lasting only an hour, it is a modern folk tale that is hard not to fall in love with.

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The Empty Blogspace 100 days ago

‘Islander’ Asks important questions about our sense of ‘home’ and how it comes to define our identity. What defines where our home is? Is it the place, or the people? The sea is a constant presence in the text, the songs the sound and lighting design. It protects and nurtures life, simultaneously it also traps, separates and takes life away. What it will always be, is magical, like this beautiful musical.

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Primary Times (5/5 stars) 101 days ago

Islander: A New Musical is a marvellous, mesmerising show and our family (with children aged 11 and 15) unanimously loved it.

This is a truly special show, one that will stay with me for a long time, and one that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone with slightly older children - the sheer number of characters and the fact that the scenes are all set with subtle shifts in position or slight changes to the props used could be confusing for a younger child.

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The Skinny (4/5 stars) 101 days ago

On her island home, young Eilidh stumbles across a whale calf with a song to share. This moment sets her challenging journey in motion as she makes new friends, questions her family relationships and the future of her home life. As part of the 2019 Made in Scotland Showcase, Islander: A...

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FringeReview 102 days ago

A full house at 10am sit to be entranced. I sit among them bleary eyed, missing a caffeine fix. From the first harmonious note until the final image Kirsty Findlay and Bethany Tennick make me forget all that and their final standing ovation is testimony to the power, their undeniable...

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Whats On Stage (4/5 stars) 102 days ago

There are probably quite a lot of things you'd associate with the phrase 'a new musical' but two performers, one loop peddle, recorded live harmonies, remote islands and very broad Scots are, I'd wager, not usually some of them. But those things are what you get in Finn Anderson and...

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Fest (4/5 stars) 105 days ago

Voices are layered like rolling waves in this sparse new musical, sung entirely a capella with a loop pedal and sample pad. Eilidh (Bethany Tennick) has chosen to stay with her grandma on the fictional Scottish Island on Kinnen while her mum has gone across to the mainland. Meanwhile, a...

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 107 days ago

A New Musical transports its audiences to the remote island of Kinnen. The piece of music theatre is part of the Made in Scotland 2018 showcase. The enchanting narrative follows Eilidh (Bethany Tennick), a young girl who has chosen to continue with life on an island where investment is dwindling,...

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