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There are no coincidences... only connections. Shortly after the 30th Anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, a remarkable chain of follow-signs lead award-winning playwright/composer/performer Amy Engelhardt (Bastard Jones, Grammy nominees The Bobs) to Lockerbie, Scotland. What begins as a bucket-list trip to honor lost friends evolves into a personal and global exploration of grace, kindness and simplicity. A multimedia scrapbook of the journey, Impact unfolds through photographs, video, storytelling and soul-stirring original songs as Engelhardt's previous and newfound connections to the tragedy unexpectedly yield a renewed hope for humanity.

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Ian and Callum 31 days ago

We attended IMPACT on Saturday 19 August and were very affected by it. Your ‘performance’ (because it wasn’t!) was naturally visceral and from somewhere very deep.

A little bit about us: we are married and both come from the Solway area - Callum is from Carlisle and Ian from Langholm originally. We live in Edinburgh.

We have the utmost respect for you with this having lived through it - we think that our duty to memory is the most important part of our humanity. Thus, your show of remembrance and positivity is one that reminds us of our humanity and should be shown everywhere!

We cannot thank you enough for such a cathartic experience. We must admit we came along with some trepidation - digging up old memories etc. To find that you found the people of our area so wonderful was good to hear. Doing this every day must take it out of you - please look after yourself!

You are a very talented lady and we wish you all success in the future. We hope to come to see you in Carnegie Hall one day…..

Connections, connections and what a lot we found!

Ian and Callum xx

Theatre, Films and Art reviews 33 days ago

Although this is a story of tragedy it is also a journey of so much love, kindness, and unquestioning humanity.

Alison Harper 36 days ago

We were left with the impression that it was very similar to Come From Away, in that it celebrated community, and people doing extraordinarily loving and generous things in the wake of disaster, without being overly sentimental or hokey. Some great original songs, such as The Girl in the Garden. Deserved a bigger audience.

Zac 36 days ago

From the description, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this performance and, in all honesty, even after it I’m not exactly sure how to describe it! But, that doesn’t matter, Amy tells a fascinating story in a caring way, and I was gripped throughout. It’s an interesting combination of music, story telling, perhaps even also documentary. I would thoroughly recommend.

Kurt Erickson 39 days ago

What a great show!!!

Incredibly powerful theatre, tackling an important but seemingly forgotten subject. Moving and personal - watching the narrative spin out from the different connections was truly expert storytelling. For those of us of a certain age, the Lockerbie bombing was our 9/11.

Check out a performance, soon!!

Mark Stenzlet 39 days ago

Today, I attended the performance of Amy Engelhardt’s one-woman show, “Impact”.

Intelligent and full of compassion, Amy is an incredible storyteller through her own prose and music.

Amy is beautifully accompanied by Harriet Davidson on cello.

Sarah Russell 41 days ago

Loved this! A deeply personal story, told with respect and love. Amy held us carefully with beautiful poignant songs accompanied by a cello and drums…very movingly connecting the past and present.
Go see!

PAMELA LAIRD 41 days ago

I took a punt on this show, having seen it recommended on my local Facebook group. I wouldn’t normally go and see a “serious” performance like this but I’m so glad I did- I was transfixed the whole way through. I’m old enough to remember the event itself but had largely put it to the back of my mind. I feel guilty now that I hadn’t considered the impact on so many lives. A poignant and thought provoking show - I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Jan Roper 42 days ago

We have now been 4 days at the Fringe, packing every day with as many shows as we can handle. But when we sit down for a spell to digest and chat about what we just saw, we find we keep revisiting Amy Englehardt’s Impact, though it was only the 2nd thing we saw. I guess it’s because the title is so aptly named. I urge you to make room for this little show. It is truly beautiful and handled so delicately. The songs are pitch perfect and delivered with a simplicity that just feels right. You will wish you had a bell to ring to honor all those special moments that seem connected in life.

Ryan Hugh Mackey 44 days ago

Amy weaves a beautiful story exploring the way tragedy ripples out from its center and leaves life-long changes in its wake—straining the fabric of the tapestry of life. And yet, while Amy’s story doesn’t shy away from the destructive forces of tragedy, her real focus is the simple acts of humanity, of community, that unite the people left behind to heal and comfort one another. A true gem of a show at the Fringe.

Alison Turnbull 45 days ago

Impact is an extremely powerful and thought provoking piece. Amy Engelhardt navigates "thin moments" and her own personal connections with the Lockerbie bombing. Her story telling is accompanied by a beautiful original score.

Walking into the performance, I thought my main connection was remembering the incident but in fact I could think of three connections by the end of it. I have been mulling over the show all week. For me it really emphasises the humanity of tragedy - and ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. I was really, really moved with the tales of the visit to Lockerbie and meetings with some wonderful sounding human beings. Thanks to Amy for sharing this story and bringing it all together

Calum MacPhee 45 days ago

Impact’s subject is dark and difficult, and it’s hard to imagine anyone could handle it with the necessary understanding and care, but Amy Engelhardt does it perfectly.

In it she explores connections of time, place and individuals that lead to a central point: the power of kindness.

Amy’s telling of the interweaving circumstances that brought her to Lockerbie, and led her to create this show, is very moving. Through many examples of warmth and compassion, sometimes in the simplest of actions, she shows how powerful kindness can be.

The show is punctuated with a number of songs, each beautifully sung. I will confess that one in particular, The Girl in the Garden, had me wiping tears away, and I know I wasn’t alone.

Through her songs, images and words, she gives a voice not only to those who lost someone but to the residents of Lockerbie who united to support the victims’ families.

It’s a show of dignity, character, hope, respect, love, tears, hugs, humanity, laughter, heart, and inspiration, and I am so glad I found it.

Alex Stein 46 days ago

Enormously moving exploration of how events can create gigantic ripples that affect people for many decades. By focusing on human connections (and the many coincidental ways we are all interconnected), this show illustrates how the best of humanity can shine through in the worst situations. Amy's chronicling of the empathy shown by the people of Lockerbie in the aftermath of Pan Am 103 provides wonderful examples of how powerful it can be when human beings act with care. Although many in the audience with me were moved to tears during this show, we left with a sense of hopefulness and an understanding that embracing our common humanity is the best way forward.

Although this is not a musical, there are five original songs and they are all extraordinary. Don't miss this!

Marni Rachmiel 46 days ago

We found Impact to be tremendously moving and truly impactful. If you have any connection to Lockerbie this is an essential piece for you. Amy took an experience that i, like most of us, only read about in the news, and through unpacking and vulnerably sharing her experience of being adjacent to victims and their survivors, has changed how i will think about tragedies in the future. Her close view has given me a deeper level of imaginal empathy for the individuals and communities directly affected by events that i only see on the news. And her songwriting and the music are excellent.

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it conveys its story with a straight-to-the-heart power that only well-crafted songs can evoke

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