I Love You, Now What?

Theatre (new writing, comedy)

  • Pleasance Courtyard - Beside
  • 15:35
  • Aug 28
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Sophie Craig / The REcreate Agency
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains distressing or potentially triggering themes and strong language
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Can love survive when someone dies? 'No bastard ever warned me that your love life goes down the shitter when someone dies.' This brilliantly funny, heart-warming and raw debut play by actor and comedian Sophie Craig, examines a beautifully ugly story about grief and love's place within it. I Love You, Now What? opens a window into Ava and Theo's lives, following the diagnosis and loss of her father, causing her world to come tumbling down. Directed by Toby Clarke (director of the Olivier-nominated Warheads) and produced by The REcreate Agency.

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Christine Howard 35 days ago

Brilliantly acted by all concerned. Very moving and believable writing.

Alice Connolly 36 days ago

WOW!! I went to see this show because I follow Sophie on Facebook and think she's HILARIOUS!! So I was prepared to laugh hysterically (which I did) but I wasn't prepared to cry like that - what a moving performance. I don't think a single audience member walked out of that venue with a dry eye. (But don't worry, you're left with a beautifully hopeful ending). Sophie is an amazing playwrite and all three actors' performances were incredible! You have to see this show! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Laura M 36 days ago

I've been attending the Fringe for a decade, and I can confidently say this was the best show I've ever seen here. The trio of actors displayed unparalleled chemistry that brought the performance to life. The writing was a masterful blend of humor, heartbreak, and raw emotion. The single piano set used as a symbol of the journey was a stroke of brilliance. Not a moment of downtime; I was captivated from start to finish. A solid 5-star experience that left me thoroughly impressed.
You NEED to see this show.

Ricky Zalman 40 days ago

This wasn't just the best show I saw at the EdFringe - this was the best thing I've seen in a LONG time.

Beautifully written with impeccable performances; there wasn't a dry-eye in the theatre when I saw this play - and for good reason. I lost my father at the age of 24, and I recognised and felt every single emotion Sophie's character displayed, or didn't show. From watching my father's health deteriorate, to watching my relationships come crashing down around me - this was one of the most honest reflections of real-life I've ever seen, written and performed with such sensitivity, humility and truth.

Bravo Sophie, Andy, Sean and the entire company. I implore you to see this play - you won't regret it!

Leah Clegg 41 days ago

This play is absolutely beautiful - a reminder that all will be okay, even when the world feels like it's stopped turning.
The superb comedy elements serve to make the moments of grief/pain more visceral and completely capture the human experience of life and death. A thoughtfully crafted piece of theatre which strikes a gorgeous balance between naturalism and more stylised conventions - I particularly loved the symbolic use of properties, sound and movement throughout, to enhance the dramatic impact of the production.
I cannot recommend this play enough! I'd love to see it picked up and published - I can just imagine the likes of Frantic Assembly working alongside Craig (et. al)! It is truly spectacular and I'm so happy to have seen it.

Best of all, Sophie Craig is enormously warm and talented and I can't wait to see what she does next!

Ellie Baldwin 41 days ago

One of the best fringe shows I’ve seen. A combination of sweet funny moments and bits that made me sob and sob made such a poignant show about something so real - thank you!

Lisa Bennett 42 days ago

Went to watch this today - laughed and cried - loved it !!
Do not miss this show if you are going to the Fringe!

Alicia Cartwright 43 days ago

Oh wow, such an amazing show! I was an emotional wreck by the end. I'm a fan of Sophie's comedy on Facebook so I really was not expecting to have my heart broken and put back together by this show. I'm so glad it was though, it has to be one of the best things I have ever seen at the fringe.

Anna 44 days ago

I’m glad that I was relatively emotionally stable when I watched this as if I hadn’t been either Sophie and the rest of the cast herself or the other audience members would have had to console me. At times light hearted acting surrounding poignant moments in everyone’s life. I love Sophie’s comedy which drew me to come see her at the fringe and I wasn’t disappointed. Pleasance is beautiful venue and you really feel the atmosphere of the fringe while waiting for your play.

Steven Thomson 44 days ago

Saw this on 13th and loved it! Been a fan of Sophie Craig's work for years and this play blew me away. It was powerful, funny & emotional. One of the best 1hr performances i've ever seen!! All 3 actors were brilliant in it. Expect a rollercoaster of emotion when seeing this. It's helped me look at how to deal with grief in a different perspective as i lost my mum over 20 years ago. The chemistry and stage presence from all 3 was second to none. Loved how the music brought each scene to life. I'm surprised how they haven't lost their voices yet they were giving 100% into their characters. I got goosebumps and chills seeing it from the front row! Was so happy to meet Sophie after the performance for a little chat and i got a photo :)

Karen W 44 days ago

The play is powerful, well acted. The comedy is mostly in the first half, leaving the second half to deal with grief and sorry (which isn't that funny). But on reflection, the balance works. It sets you up to deal with the second half. But the first half of the play also spends time really cementing in the audience's mind what the 'before' looked like.

When you walk in they give you a tissue saying 'you're going to need this'. Yeah, right! But as the play progressed, I found a tear or two slowly falling down my face and I reached for the tissue (honestly, it was just hayfever).

And the piano was a great metaphor. Loved how it didn't actually completely close at the end.

Hannah Fudge 45 days ago

This show was phenomenal. Genuinely exceeded expectations which were already very high. It made me and my friends sob and laugh while sending very relatable, hard hitting messages about how grief and love intertwine. The acting from the main actress herself as well as the other cast members was mind blowing and immersed you fully into the emotional turmoil that was being conveyed. Overall, one hundred percent recommend to anyone looking for a laugh and/ or cry!

Julie Phillips 45 days ago

Our 37th show this year! Emotional sad and moving. I made good use of the hankie provided! The best show we’ve seen this year so far.

Sarah Parris 46 days ago

Made me laugh, made me cry... Thank you for a heartwarming hour from someone who lost a parent & lives with life limiting disease. This is indeed a gem, cleverly, beautifully and energetically delivered. #theatreastherapy!

Hannah Golding 47 days ago

A gem of a show that sublimely passed between the hysterical to excruciating heartbreak. The napkin message on the seat was a brave choice but the cast lived up to it and I found myself in tears on multiple occasions as well as cackling with laughter. I also enjoyed my cameo!

Anna Janmaat 47 days ago

Really loved this. Manages to be both funny and moving. As a person who has experienced bereavement I found it to be very truthful about the experience of losing someone close. All the performances were great. Highly recommended.

Jenna Thomas 47 days ago

What can I say about this show? It'll be hard to sum up in just a paragraph but let me try. Pure, raw and vulnerable. I am NOT a public crier but I sobbed. That type of chin wobbling, deep sob that only comes when you can relate to something so deeply. Sophie portrayed the raw grief, despair, anger and hurt you can only know when you've lost someone, so beautifully well and Andy and Sean were equally amazing. My Husband has been Theo and I have been Ava and it was portrayed so scarily accurately that my sobs ended up being quite cathartic. It was funny too and just when I thought I'd just end up a mess they pulled me back just in time. It was a roller coaster. And Sean, your portrayal was spot on, as someone who knows it better than I wish too, just amazing. You three are fantastic and I would come and see anything any of you are in, in a heartbeat. I've never been to fringe before and I travelled up from Yorkshire by myself just to see what it's all about and this show was the only one I saw but the one I needed most. Genuinely, brilliant. Do I reccomend you see it? Without a shadow of doubt.

Suz C 50 days ago

Oh my good grief. The most beautiful, moving, funny, snot-inducing show. Incredible performances from all the cast and so beautifully and cleverly done. Although, disclaimer alert, you may well need to lock yourself in a portaloo after for a good cathartic ugly cry. Definitely go see it.

Phil Raynor 51 days ago

Do not go and see this show unless you're hooked up to a saline drip. Pink eyed and lachrymose is the state you will find yourself in.

As a wizened 50 year old fart I found myself, thinking not only as a son who lost his father but as a father weeping for his own children's future.

If I can shed a tear, I implore you to watch this tour de force of a show with a beautiful simplicity that allows the emotions and essence of the characters to breathe.

Brilliantly acted and superbly written, please take the time out to watch something that will live with you.

Jane H 51 days ago

I loved this show - moving and funny. Highly recommend. Wonderful performances from all.

Mairead Dunsmore 55 days ago

A really lovely show. It hurt a lot - but in the best possible way. The cast are all absolutely fantastic and really help you feel all the conflicting emotions of their characters which helps the writing just really shine through. It’s a great show, go see it! But bring your tissues!

Removed 45 days ago

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