How To Rob a Millionaire (In Five Easy Steps)

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A charming, self-obsessed criminal mastermind assembles five eccentric individuals with peculiar skills to rob a world-beloved charity toy maker. The heist takes place at a formal event, where secrets, tensions, old grudges and new alliances threaten the plan. Chaos ensues and it becomes clear that nothing is quite as it seems.

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Sally Allen 31 days ago

Lots of laughs, with more plot twists than any of the audience saw coming, and great performances.

Chloe Robertson 33 days ago

Extremely funny with great comedic timing. The cast came together to create an amazing atmosphere. It was very enjoyable to watch and would highly recommend.

Kayla Douglas 33 days ago

I’d like to give a massive congratulations to everyone who came together to create such a brilliantly funny show as this. The script was well written and comedic remarks were delivered perfectly throughout. I especially loved the acting of Lia Palmer who took on the role of the Millionaire toy maker with great passion and who’s delivery of both angered and humorous lines was superb! Would definitely recommend going to see this show with family and friends!

Rae Hamilton 36 days ago

Impeccable! A show of many twists and turns keeping you glued to your seat in earnest of witnessing the outcome. The comedic timing in this show keeps the rhythm and has you giggling throughout. The cast are incredible and the show is written flawlessly, 5 stars* would highly recommend you give this a watch as it’s an absolute winner!

Pat Carroll 39 days ago

Me and my family are through for the fringe for a week and after we had dinner one night we decided to take a chance on a random show, and we remembered a flyer for this show that we were given by a lovely guy, so we went to see this show. It was surprisingly great! The cast were all funny, and they all performed very well, and we were really entertained throughout! We especially thought that Blake was very lovable, and that Al and Margot were a great double act. My wife thought that Ava was horrible, but as the villain, she was supposed to be!
A very good show, and well worth a shot!

Molly Lloyd 39 days ago

How to Rob a Millionaire is such a cleverly written show that you have no idea which twist is coming next. The characters are dynamic, each so different that they really shine in their own right. The actors really embody the roles and bring great energy to them - particularly the actors for Darcy, Ava and Al. Overall a great show which is really worth the watch!!

KJ 39 days ago

An absolute joy to watch!
The comedic timing was amazing and it was clear that each actor cared a lot about the performance and enjoyed being a part of it.
The twists were really well done and the complexity of characters such as Gwen (and all of the others) made the show an entertaining but also gripping watch.
Would absolutely recommend that you check it out : )

Joyce Smith 39 days ago

Fast moving, funny show and five star cast. Well worth an hour of anyone’s time. Loved it

TD 41 days ago

Another enthusiastic and funny show from the Napier University students.
Enjoyable, inventive and worth an hour of anyones time.

Rosa Tolland 42 days ago

This was very much an amateur production. The quality was at the level of a highschool play, however the plot was charming and we laughed at times. The acting from the main character "Nick" was excellent and he definitely stole the show.

Dustin Martin 42 days ago

I decided to avoid the bigger names of comedy and took a punt on some student theatre last night (Aug 14).

Quite often these events can be hit and miss, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I chose a show called ‘How to Rob a millionaire in five easy steps.’ My logic, I’m not a fan of rich people and perhaps these individuals may be able to provide some tips…..

Right from the outset I was engaged in the heist, enjoying the energy and delivery of the two leads ‘Ava’ and ‘Nick’.

‘Ava’s’ opening stanza made me think she has a future hosting game shows or travel programmes, whilst ‘Nick’ perhaps could appear on a crime drama, or could read the weather!

A raft of other performers brought the heist to life, however as the show progressed it became somewhat convoluted as the end approached.

I enjoyed the waiter character (whose name I now forget), not taking himself too seriously (unlike some others). The quips and one liners provided a number of laughs and the performers seemed overall to be having a great time.

On the back of this I shall now be looking forward to more student theatre. Well done Napier!

Nell Lang 42 days ago

I really enjoyed this show! Clever writing, funny jokes cleanly delivered. Strong performances all around and genuinely a joy to watch, and such a feel good show (I was in a good mood for hours afterwards).

Goncalo Gois 43 days ago

How To Rob a Millionaire (In Five Easy Steps) is an exceedingly clever show, who's actors manage to do the inherently funny script justice, as well as have the audience on the edge of their seat wondering where the story is going. The structure of the play gives it the rhythm and pacing it needs, meaning there's not a dull moment in the show. Definitely a Fringe Show to watch out for!

Participants - for further details on our audience and published review policies, including how to add or opt out of reviews, please click here. (3/5 stars) 32 days ago

provides a great deal of fun, and audiences will definitely enjoy it.

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Participants - for further details on our audience and published review policies, including how to add or opt out of reviews, please click here.