Hetaira: A Mythic Cabaret

Cabaret and Variety (drama, historical)

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The world has long whispered her name. Aspasia. She’s seen the rise and fall of empires (maybe caused a few herself) and she is here to share her thoughts on everything. Come join the best Hetaira of the age(s) for a cabaret that is sure to entertain, allure, and inspire.

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Sean Davis 111 days ago

Hetaira: A Mythic Cabaret (**)
A talented singer assumes the role of 2500 year-old woman who has figured in many historical events. The story line just doesn’t work as she as she progressively assumes the mantle of both a debater of Socrates and muse of Mozart, among other prestigious positions—it would have been better to have been their minstrels. The show really goes awry as it ends by suddenly jumping backward in time to blame the Viking god Loki for her troubles.

This was the 95th most enjoyable of the 113 Fringe shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website: www.fringefan.com.

Nigel Johnson 111 days ago

A mesmeric performance - this is a totally original show with Allie Jessing capturing our attention with presence, physicality, story- telling and superb singing. A tour de force through the ages exploring immortality. Well supported on piano and key love interest. This show deserves a large audience.

Michael Judkins 111 days ago

A highly original presentation and story line which is well worth going to see. Allie has created a series of historical settings based on her character having lived immortally through all of the decades since Ancient Greece. Her ability to hold audience attention never wavers, and Allie delivers the material with huge energy, many costume changes and in a way which gives her audience no real idea what is coming next. And what a fantastic singer she is too. A marvellous production which needs to be witnessed by as many as possible before the ending of its run. You will not be disappointed !

AdrianDeane Brannen-Jurgenson 114 days ago

This was well worth the pre-noon, brisk stroll to Greenside. The lead is truly a mesmerizing storyteller (and she puts all of it into her incredible singing voice). And by the end, she had me remembering my younger, dreamer’s hope and wondering, “Wait, DO I believe her tale?!”

Alan Coyne (@DoyleELF) 114 days ago

You must, must, MUST go see Hetaira: a Mythic Cabaret. You will hear songs you have never heard before: ancient Greek, old Norse, Italian opera, and post-WWI Berlin cabaret, all masterfully performed by Allie Jessing (accompanied by Stephanie Babirak) in a fascinating piece that showcases her incredible talents--singing, of course, but also clowning, story-telling, and chameleonic character transformation--to the fullest. Not only that, but she forges a powerful connection with her audience throughout. How she does it all so early in the day amazes me! I haven't seen anything quite like it at the Fringe so far.

Simon Parsonage 118 days ago

Magical show telling the fictional (or is it) story of Hetaria through words, song, movement and costumes. She has a beautiful classic singing voice with songs to tell the story and to take you through the centuries. With a talented keyboard player who also provides Hetaria's love interest I highly recommend Hetaria. *****

Nick Fenton 118 days ago

Excellent way to start the day! Superb singing, clever and witty and extremely well acted. Highly recommended, energising and engaging performance. Should be a sell out.

Crystal Sharadin 119 days ago

If you like mythology, historical fiction, and musical comedy, you will LOVE this powerhouse, one-woman show! Hetaira, a beautiful, fictional goddess, is energetic, loving, dramatic, and hilarious as she brings the audience on her epic journey of adventure, music, and everlasting love. Allie Jessing is a magical force on stage - wowing us with her powerful and versatile voice and charming us with her unexpected and well-timed comedy. You gotta see it!

Keith Prince 120 days ago

Absolutely amazing performance. In my 18 years of coming to the Fringe the best singing voice I have heard. Songs in Greek, Italian and even Old Norse, with costume changes a plenty and historical detail too. A well researched piece beautifully performed. Extremely recommended.

Jamie Ross 121 days ago

Wonderful piece of entertainment.....written and performed by Allie Jessing....and accompanied by Stephanie Babirak....recommend this highly.

Sheena Murray 121 days ago

Loved this show. Well written and Allie Jessing has a superb voice accompanied by Stephanie. One not to miss.

Niall MacQ 121 days ago

This has been my favourite show of the fringe so far. Allie treats her audience to a range of music and songs from across history. Her beautifully singing voice is captivating and I was completely engrossed in the story.

I would love it if Hetaira had a CD to sell, this show is certainly a must see for everyone.

Beth Gallagher 122 days ago

Allie and Stephanie are both beautiful, soulful performers telling a truly engaging and unique story. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see this mesmerizing piece and hear Allie's enchanting voice sing in so many different languages! See this show!!!

Sweeping, fun, sweet, funny, sexy, playful, smart, & thoughtful. Cabaret meets storytelling done with a little chocolate & a lotta years.

Neil Jones 125 days ago

Great story, sublime performance, a must see.

Norman Ellman 125 days ago

We loved this show! Allie is a wonderful performer with a beautiful voice. A history of music (and feminism) in a delightful presentation.

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 113 days ago

More of a personal theatrical experience than what one might expect from a show described as ‘cabaret’, Allie Jessing’s Hetaira: A Mythic Cabaret sees the talented actress delivering a mostly-monologued insight into the life of an immortal woman called Aspasia. Our narrator and protagonist tells us of the experiences she...

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