Heroin(e) for Breakfast

Theatre (physical theatre, drama)

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  • Pleasance Dome - 10Dome
  • 10:30
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: King Brilliant Theatre, Richard Jordan Productions in association with Pleasance
  • Warnings and additional info: This show uses bursts of smoke and contains nudity, scenes of violence, strong language, and drug references.
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Can heroin put the Great back in Britain? Three flatmates battle Marilyn Monroe, cultural identity and snowflake mediocrity to save us all! In 2009 Philip Stokes' ***** (Scotsman, Sunday Telegraph, Fest) award-winning play exploded at the Edinburgh Fringe. Now ten years later, its original creative team reunite to revisit the play in a new production where today its prophecy and warning has become a reality. 'Quite astonishingly accomplished, so beautifully written, that it takes one’s breath away' **** (Sunday Telegraph). 'An astonishingly intelligent piece of work' ***** (Fest).

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Colin Summers 59 days ago

I work with addicts (mainly alcohol), the depiction of addiction and the effects of substance abuse in this show was heartbreakingly real. An absolutely stunning piece of theatre. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it (that’s the wrong word) but I was deeply moved by it. I will be recommending this to my friends who will be coming to Edinburgh in the last week. Well done.

On a side note, I always find it interesting to read others comments and I was appalled to see a few people comment who said they had walked out. If you walked out how can you have an opinion? In the show I saw two people walked out. It made me think they will very likely be the same people to walk past these people on the streets and ignore them, tut in disapproval for wasting your oxygen. They need help. They are people, just like the characters in this play. Shame on you.

Katie C 60 days ago

Absolute rubbish - I NEVER walk out of shows but I could not endure another moment of this. It starts with a gratuitous sex scene then the toxic, hateful, swaggering central character verbally abuses the girl he's taking advantage off, is vile to his female flatmate and is then racist. I could barely hear some of the actors as they were mumbling.... Do not waste your money, there are far better things on the fringe to spend your precious time on.

Nick Hunn 61 days ago

This was a highlight of our Fringe when we saw the original production ten years ago. Now, with an updated rewrite it's even darker and more visceral, with more to tell the audience.

I can't recommend this enough. This is a good year for shows but this still stands out as a must-see. If you're going to see one piece of theatre, choose this.

Ian Smith 61 days ago

We saw Heroin(e) yesterday.

It was the most powerful, moving, heartbreaking piece of theatre I have ever seen.

The cast were ALL outstanding. Totally believable and convincing.

I don't want to reveal any spoilers but the scene with Edie and Chloe towards the end was heartbreaking, moving us to tears. None of us could get over how realistic and tragic the actors made it feel.

Tommy was superb. Just played to perfection.

A smart script, and a smart way of challenging the audience which certainly made me examine my thinking.

This is 5 star piece and performance and should be playing to large full-houses. I'm sure if it was put-on later in the day it would be. We all felt drained as we left!

This is what The Fringe should be!

Maxine Wade 63 days ago

Even 10 years on, this play still packs a punch, an exciting, edgy and uncompromising look at the nature of heroin addiction. Superb acting throughout and brilliant writing from Philip Stokes, I left the theatre needing a lie down.

Agnes Joyce Wells 64 days ago

This is bang on. This kind of life is a hidden feature within our society. I found the actress who played the heroin was fantastic, menace in her every step. The two women are typical of the vulnerable that are groomed by men on drugs. There is a lot to think about following this show. I highly recommend.

Lewis Hann 65 days ago

A brilliant and current play that looks into drug culture. Combining physical work, comedy and drama, Heroin(e) for Breakfast is an impactful piece that is amazingly well performed.

Kindall Goble 65 days ago

Phuque moi!! It starts out with huge, roaring hilarity. Nothing is so precious that it can’t be laughed at. As the story unfolds, and addiction pays a visit, the masks come off.
Yes, this is ultimately about addiction whether sex, drugs, food, brexit, money or dreams. They can all be addictions.
The excellent, bravado, powerful performances match the power and acuity of the script. It’s a wonder the walls held. This kind of excitement is what theatre is for!!

PHILIP HEALING 66 days ago

We took a chance on this, and boy, we had no idea how happy we would be. A crackling, profane and skewering script, beautifully directed. Every actor nailed their character. It is shocking, awkward, crass, ugly, repulsive, heartbreaking; but overall it drives home the power of how drugs ruins lives. Don’t miss it. Can I shout that? DON’T MISS IT.

Julie Phillips 68 days ago

I was doubtful at the start but it was a powerful performance. Can’t say it was enjoyable that’s the wrong expression. Thought provoking and sad yes. Well delivered. We’ll be looking out for this company next year. We only book in advance companies we’ve seen before and know we won’t be disappointed. You’ve made it onto our list. 5* from me

DELLA SMITH 71 days ago

Went to see this show because I thought it was about Marilyn Monroe. I didn't have a clue on what I was about to see..... I WAS BLOWN AWAY!! THIS WAS AMAZING! The script itself was very fast pace with acting skills from all cast that captivated all audience members. I walked in embarrassed at the start, laughing in the middle and sobbed at the end. To endure an hour and 10 minute show with 3 different emotions , I would say is an achievement in itself. I visited the fringe for 3 nights 4 days and see 15 shows.... This was by far the one that stood out and that I am still thinking about! Great acting and very clever.

Julie Miller 73 days ago

This is one of the best things I have ever seen at the Fringe. Beautifully written....excellent and believable characters. Storyline is thought provoking, emotional, funny and realistic. This is life for too many. An experience not to be missed.

David Paul 74 days ago

Excellent,Excellent,,Excellent,,,a must see show,powerful,thought provoking,brilliant performance's from all the cast.
One of the Best shows I have seen in Edinburgh for a long time,,5star all the way.

Michelle Kirk 74 days ago

Saw the show this morning... WOW!!! Utterly lost for words. Superb acting from all the cast. I laughed and I cried. I highly recommend this to everyone at the fringe this year. I’m still shaking whilst writing this, it was that good!

Kate Gaul 75 days ago

Heroin(e) for Breakfast (UK) by Phillip Stokes - Billed as a gritty and glamorous drug drama this was theatre of the unbearable (dated content, appalling acting, broad strokes production). As the lights went down between scenes, I fled. No score.DO NOT GO

Chris Gill 75 days ago

We saw this show on Saturday and were bowled over by it. The personification of the addiction worked for me because the actor playing this part was able to use her physicality to dominate the pathetic and vulnerable characters in the story. The whole thing ends inevitably in self destruction and abuse. Tough viewing for a morning show!

David Hellewell 76 days ago

I hate doing negative reviews but for me this was absolutely awful. It is the 1st time in over 30 years I have thought of leaving part way and was hoping sadly when they had a brief scene changing break that they might just stop early. To be fair 3 of the 4 actors do their best but the “heroin/heroine” actress was really poor and as hard as they tried and even though what they were trying to say I just didn’t like it or get it. The script and storyline was for me rather forced and the “plot twists” visible a mile off and all rather luvvy and righteous and self important. Apparently it’s a re-visiting 10 years on by the same theatre company of the same play they did in 2009 to great reviews but for me was a massive disappointment with virtually nothing to say positively about it and for me was 1 out of 10 and a fail grading

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The Stage [paywall] (4/5 stars) 65 days ago

It’s been 10 years since Philip Stokes’ award-winning Heroin(e) For Breakfast first appeared at the Fringe. A powerful, flamboyant drama on the destructive cycle of heroin addiction, Stokes’ play presents the drug as an entity. It is the seductive figure of Marilyn Monroe, potent and utterly ruthless. Stokes has shaken...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 66 days ago

A high energy, jovial start introduces us to a young couple getting down to some sexy time. There’s an initial indication that all is not well when the male protagonist fails to maintain his erection, and in following scenes, we are introduced to his flatmate – a ‘junkie slag’. Then...

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FringeReview 69 days ago

An incredibly powerful piece of theatre. First presented at the Fringe in 2009 to rave reviews it appears to have lost none of its pizzazz and hard hitting impact. The writer and cast have done some revising and updating but nothing stands out as anachronistic or awkwardly placed. Ten years...

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British Theatre Guide (4/5 stars) 71 days ago

Look for tickets... As one who for many years of Fringe-going enjoyed the work of Horizon Arts Theatre, now vanished in the ethereal manner of so many Fringe regular companies, it pains me that I never made it to see the company's final Fringe production. But as luck would have...

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