The Heresy Machine

Theatre (new writing, lgbt)

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'Darling sweetheart, you are my avid fellow feeling. My affection curiously clings to your passionate wish. My liking yearns for your heart. You are my wistful sympathy: my tender liking. Yours beautifully, Manchester University Computer.' <3 ;-] A queer love story between mathematician Alan Turing and his computer creation; an original machine-ballet from five-star international collective §175.

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Nathan Wright 57 days ago

I loved the The Heresy Machine. It is a visceral meditation on what it means to be alive and to have a voice in this world. I was very moved by the way complex language is stacked against elegant and organic movement. If one knows some of Alan Turing’s life much of the story will intelligibly resonant; if not, the journey is still potent as it feels universal. The creators, director/ writer Dimitri Barcomi and playwright Seth Majnoon, have chosen to build a theatrical piece that relies on the fundamental formula of theatre: time + space! Performers Mari Moriarty and Michelle Kariuki provide vivid polar energies to Marc Sinoway’s brilliant work as Turing. See its last show or miss out!

E J 57 days ago

The Heresy Machine was beautiful and comforting and emotional in so many ways I didn’t expect going into it but in hindsight probably should have - thank you all for such a wonderful show, and congratulations ! especially loved the music / background which flowed so well with the rest of the performance and would have stood out by itself !!

Matt Lemains 61 days ago

Intriguing and exciting.
Bizarre and fascinating
Very ambitious.
A real artistic experience.

Daniel Pana 65 days ago

Alan Turing was a man persecuted both for his genius and designation as a “sexual deviant” by the imperialist British government. Turing grappled with questions of profound implication while struggling to exist as a man ahead of his time — an extra terrestrial among Neanderthals. The Heresy Machine paints a beautiful tapestry of Turing’s inner life. Through sound, motion and speech, the actors vividly portray the battles he fought within himself to understand the nature of human consciousness and the limitations of technological progress, all while battling with the social isolation that accompanies genius and the persecution of being a gay man in post-war Britain. I would recommend this play to anyone interested in these themes and the work of Alan Turing.

Jesse Reid 66 days ago

Saw this show at a preview in NYC. This play was like your favourite biopic re-imagined as a gay fantasia. During the show I was intrigued at first, then confused, then inspired, then unexpectedly moved. Alan Turing was a genius of a man on the level of Einstein or Tesla or any great mind anyone who is reading this could know about. But I only know that because the words from this play inspired me to learn more about this incredible man. Marc Sinoway keeps you there the whole time with his daring interpretation of an undeserved historical icon. The hard work of the entire cast is apparent throughout and I'm so glad I got to see this daring and important show. Do not miss!!

Charles Gershman 67 days ago

The Heresy Machine is a WEIRD, BOLD, CREATIVE piece of experimental theatre. I was continually surprised and often delighted by what I was watching. Don't go expecting a play--it blends genres and often feels abstract. In other words, I LOVED IT. One of the most enthrallingly bizarre things you might see in Edinburgh in 2019.

Michael Davidson 67 days ago

I saw this work in New York last week, and was so impressed with the nuance, the physical control, the clarity that Marc Sinoway brought to this complex, rather opaque theater piece. "The Heresy Machine" defines for me what experimental theater is all about. Don't miss it!

Darling Fitch 68 days ago

Brilliant and beautiful work. Go if you are interested in any of the following: queer love stories, computational metaphysics, alan turing, gay history, machine learning and AI, investigations into the spiritual and corporeal, and/or the nature of systems, love, obsession, and plain old humanity.

Much respect to all involved in creating this strong piece - would definitely see it again!

Oliver Kroll 68 days ago

Saw the Heresy Machine in NYC just before it moved to the festival. Definitely a play for our times. Combining movement, machine and (hu)man it’s reflects on the past to bring light to our future as technology invades and invigorates our lives - now and in the future. Definitely prep for the play by briefing yourself on Alan Turing. With that insight, the play will come to life not only in the dialogue but the hidden “easter eggs” popping up through out the performance. All the actors stand out but an extra notice to Marc Sinoway as Alan Turing. Definitely a show to find at the Fringe.

Joshua Bouchard 69 days ago

Who knew that a meditation on love, rendered in binary, could leave me feeling like I've been loving incorrectly all these years?
Is "The Heresy Machine" bizarre? - utterly. Does it dance on the outer edges of sanity? - most definitely. Is it complex and, at times, confusing? - totally. But if you're willing to let it wash over you, accepting it's baffling structure and chaotic beauty, then you're in for a real treat.
Dmitri Barcomi and crew (shout out to the amazing cast; the sound designer(s); set designer(s); projection creator(s); stage manager(s); et al) have crafted a wholly unique fever-dream of a show.
Barcomi's creation harkens back to a more experimental time when "fringe" sat in stark contrast to "establishment" and "commercial" - when artists wore their messy hearts on their messy sleeves and took chances for the sake expression...and I for one find it refreshing as hell.

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