Hello Kitty Must Die

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You may think Fiona Yu is just another Hello Kitty stereotype... but you’d be dead wrong. From the Tony-winning producer of Six comes an outrageously irreverent world premiere musical mash-up of Asian feminism with a killer score. Fiona Yu is a high achieving, but highly disillusioned Chinese-American woman. She is fed up with the stereotypes forced onto her by a white, patriarchal society – namely that she is the human embodiment of a speechless cartoon feline. Based on the cult novel by Angela S Choi, this musical is a ruthless combination of sex, violence, and stilettos.

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Rebecca Ellsworth 29 days ago

LOVED this show! Dark, witty, very tongue-in-cheek. The songs are great, the script is so clever the cast is amazing- one of my Fringe favorites for sure!

Jason H 33 days ago

This was disappointing, which is a shame because the performers were clearly extremely talented with incredible voices! Sadly, the songs were forgettable and the dialogue nonsensical. After an initial burst of energy, where they excoriate the stereotypes/fetishization/oppression of Asian women, they fail to really explore or deliver on those ideas. It descends into a story about a naive woman who must escape a (spoiler alert) killer. It is also borderline racist in how one-dimensionally it portrays Chinese parents, relatives, and love interests as stereotypes of backwardness, without depth or humanity. I honestly had to double check to see if the writer was a white man, and was surprised when it was not.

Zac 33 days ago

It was ok, certainly an entertaining story (I plan to buy the original book now), but otherwise it was sadly disappointing. The songs felt crowbarred in - I usually love musical theatre, but felt this would have probably been better without the songs, and good though the story was, I don’t think it was done justice in 60 mins. I can see potential for the future, but I don’t think it’s ready just yet…

JB 35 days ago

This show has a lot of potential. I like the idea but the plot still needs a lot of work. The main character is just a girlboss with not much beyond that, the show doesn't give us much time to really feel or root for her. I think this is caused mainly by the length of the musical with it sacrificing the character's emotions for the sake of telling the entire story.
Some of the songs are absolute bangers (especially Hello Kitty Must Die) but the vocals were shaky on some of them.
I see this musical as a work in progress and I personally cannot wait to see what it could become with the right changes (and longer runtime). It also gets bonus points from me for having an asexual main character.

Grace 37 days ago

Loved it! The cast were brilliant (great to see an all female Asian cast) and they transitioned expertly between different characters. The songs were brilliant and catchy, I've been chanting the main song 'Hello Kitty Must Die' for several days now! I'd recommend not reading too much about the story ahead of seeing it as it took some fun, surprising turns. I kind of got Six and American Psycho vibes so if you enjoyed both of those musicals then I think this will be right up your street! I'd love to see it again if it transfers to the West End (which I think is very likely).

Alex M 38 days ago

Wickedly funny, catchy tunes and very well performed. Both the singing and the character acting were superb, and the transitions were very slick. I can definitely see the DNA of Six in it (as mentioned in the blurb), so if you enjoyed that there's a good chance you'll like this (especially if you like dark comedy).

mike owens 42 days ago

Technically superb, and a theme deserving of loud and proud disruption. But then it was just Heather's.

Iain Broadway 47 days ago

Brilliant show. Tightly rehearsed with strong acting and musical numbers. Tightly rehearsed and engaging. Recommended.

Kerrie Mumford 48 days ago

The description is fairly accurate-exactly what you expect from the Fringe. Singing and choreography was on point and the story was just dark enough. Very impressed with the performances of the actors changing from one person to the next.

mark gorman 50 days ago

I really enjoyed this. You can read my detailed review here.


Kathy 50 days ago

Went in not entirely sure what to expect - I've been to ultra-feminist musicals in the past and found they often struggle to maintain it for an hour without getting overly preachy/repetitive. So this was a bit of a punt to see what they could do with it.

Aaaand so I was completely taken by surprise - there is definitely a commentary on female Chinese stereotypes and how damaging they are, but the show went in a completely different direction than I expected and I LOVED IT. The cast is brilliant, the songs and choreography are very professional and sleek, and all of their voices were stunning. Thoroughly recommend!

Tom SC 50 days ago

It didn't live up to expectations at all. Their singing was really off key and it became uncomfortable to follow. The show was really disappointing.

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Around The Town Chicago 29 days ago

The concept is entertaining and a message that needs to be exposed.

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Theatre Travels (4.5/5 stars) 37 days ago

Deliciously dark and slick, this challenges what a Fringe Festival show can be.

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To Do List (4/5 stars) 39 days ago

A feminist Sex in the City style murder romp, destroying submissive female Asian stereotypes

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Lisa in the Theatre (5/5 stars) 42 days ago

From the producers of SIX and The Play That Goes Wrong, this wickedly dark comic musical is set to be the smash hit of the Edinburgh Fringe.

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Fest (3/5 stars) 44 days ago

A feminist takedown of racial and gendered stereotypes, and a cartoon cat

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Theatre Weekly (4/5 stars) 44 days ago

The multicasting is handled spectacularly, and each characterisation is incredibly polished

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West End Best Friend (4/5 stars) 45 days ago

Musical vengeance at its best.

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 46 days ago

Hello Kitty Must Die has an extremely strong cast with killer vocals and a dark and twisty plot.

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The List (4/5 stars) 47 days ago

A darkly humorous story and great songs make for a twisted delight.

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