He Wears It Well

Theatre (lgbtq+, drama)

  • Greenside @ Riddles Court - Clover Studio
  • 11:25
  • Aug 26
  • 55 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Pin Theatre Collective
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes, Scenes of a sexual nature, Strong language/swearing
  • Accessibility:
    Relaxed Performance
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  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


Roleplay, costume and fanfiction form an intimate and fundamental spark within a new queer relationship. Archie and Stephen work in male-centric environments. They both feel boxed in by stereotypes and crave genuine human connection. Meeting at a costume party, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, finding freedom in disguise and cosplay. They begin to explore how heteronormativity influences the dynamic in their new relationship. A show filled with laughter, masks, and many many hats. But is it all fun and games? Which parts of their identities are performative, and which are their truth?

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  • Relaxed Performance
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SARAH 104 days ago

So this was a show we stumbled across by accident. As we got in the queue we had no idea of the premise, genre, story. So it took us by surprise. I loved the story, so poignant. I felt though that the acting was a little wooden, the first half certainly. But it warmed up in the second half. Enjoyed it though and would definitely recommend!

Bev Kippenhan 106 days ago

Keep an eye on Pin Theatre Collective! They are going places. Beautifully written and heartwarmingly performed. This play validates how hard it can be to be yourself in the world and encourages its audience to take that risk anyway. It’s an especially important piece for queer people, and provides a lot of joy that our community has been needing. Even if you aren’t in the LGBTQ+ community, this play is an absolute must see.

Jennie Hughes 107 days ago

A beautiful two person show that highlights some really challenging issues with charm and grace. I was moved to both tears and laughter by these two performers. The show gives a peek into the softness and playfulness that men can experience if they let themselves be vulnerable and the pain of having to hide your truest self in this toxically masculine world. Touching, heartfelt, and joyful in the end!

Andrew Shillaber 110 days ago

A quality performance from the acting and stage direction to the writing. I somehow expected something a bit more trivial from the dressing up description but was bowled over by the unique and highly relevant storyline and kept my attention throughout - being a small venue only added to the atmosphere. With only two actors playing multiple parts, the character changes worked seamlessly

Jane 111 days ago

We loved this play and would definitely recommend it to others.
Riddles Court is a charming venue, ideally located for enjoying all that the fringe has to offer.

The play is a delightful mix of thought provoking content, with great acting plus an amusing and moving story line.

We enjoyed the costume changes and the skilful football moves!

Clive 111 days ago

Very good show. Good script, well performed. Definitely worth seing.

Ian Bennett 112 days ago

A beautifully told story which is an easy, funny watch whilst addressing an important issue. Only a small venue so help these guys fill it up for the rest of their run.

Juliana Wong 114 days ago

I had no idea what it was about, and I was positively surprised by one of the most wholesome plays I have ever seen. To start with, the play is in a tiny room which makes it so much easier to not enjoy the play but genuinely read the actors body language. It’s a sweet little queer story about a famous football player and a game designer while they navigate coming out and being queer in a heteronormative world. The performance was extremely intimate. It was wholesome and made my heart warm. Highly recommend!

PJ Vickers 114 days ago

A game designer is tasked with digitally creating the likeness of a Premiership footballer for a computer game… and Cupid strikes.
This delightful, two man team take on the taboo topic of coming out as a gay football player.
As their relationship grows, so too does the risk of loosing everything in the macho world of football.
This tender play is performed with humour and heart - maybe one too many costume changes - but maybe that’s all part of the fun…
Warm-hearted, sincere and joyous, with no attempt to shock: this is a tale, not of sex, but of love.

Matthew 117 days ago

10/10 - Serious subject delivered in a fun play to start the day with - well written and acted. Commentary by Hewitt worthy of a spot on Match of the Day.

Nicola Macri 119 days ago

I was completely charmed by this show. Earnest, tender, thoughtful and funny.

Serena 119 days ago

A dash of heartbreak and a whole lot of wholesome, this show is a gentle tale that's all too real. Charming, witty, and heartwarming, the actors did a brilliant job. Well worth a watch.

Sally 120 days ago

I really enjoyed this show; a thought-provoking play that held humour, slick and stylised devices and a clever script to communicate important issues. The small space was skilfully navigated by the actors with inventive set and costume. Some lovely moments of sensitivity and connection ignited by an engaging narrative structure. I recommend this show!

Michelle Warr 120 days ago

What a brilliant, intimate piece of theatre tackling real issues in a sensitive way. Beautifully performed by Luke Hewitt and Nicky Cooper. If you haven't seen it yet treat yourself to an early morning outing! You won't be disappointed

Hazel Barry 120 days ago

This must see performance has been brilliantly written to be witty, heartfelt and a true sign of the times, engaging the audience to think what it’s like for queer couples in the public eye or in stereotypical job roles. This will have you laughing and welling up. The actors and director have done a great job of portraying their various characters and use of the stage!
Would highly recommend!!!

Mx Mike 121 days ago

Charming, funny and important.

Maria Hemming 122 days ago

Don't miss this outstanding piece of new theatre!! Not only is it funny, emotional and heart warming but it also hits on some extremely important topics that need to be heard! A must see! It was a brilliant way to start my morning - book your tickets now while you still can!!!

Lucy Barnfather 122 days ago

Such a beautifully written and performed piece - laughter and a few tears.. So glad I saw this!!

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Starburst Magazine (4/5 stars) 106 days ago

This is a delightful, warm piece of theatre, with an important message about embracing your own identity.

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