Havana After Dark

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (dance, music)

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The World premiere of a breathtaking new Cuban dance show, created in Havana. Sexy, spectacular, unmissable. Ballet, Salsa, Mambo, Rumba, Hip Hop, Afro-funk, Reggaeton. Featuring gorgeous dancers from Carlos Acosta's company, Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Ballet Revolución, Henry Gual Danza, and live music from a sensational seven- piece salsa band. Hot Latin hits from Beyoncé, Mark Anthony, Bad Bunny, Gente de Zona. Discover the secrets of the world's most fascinating city as night falls. Dirty Dancing, Havana style. Created by five-time Fringe First-winning director Toby Gough to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of Havana. My Heart is in Havana - Camila Cabello

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Deirdre 112 days ago

For the most part, I thought this was an enjoyable show but I think the choice of venue took away from the atmosphere they were trying to create. A smaller, more club like venue may have been a better choice. Despite that though, I enjoyed the performances and the singing, and if making you want to visit Havana and Cuba was an aim of this show, it definitely achieved that with me.

Martin burroughs 112 days ago

The venue, not uncommonly for dance in Edinburgh, was not sloped enough so views were obscured, especially of footwork. The curtains werent wide enough to give a view of the whole band for those to the right, yet it looked like they could have been opened more.

As for the performances, not sharp to be honest. Could have had way more energy and precision than it did. Looked like it had in a large part been choreographed for show rather than to show good dancing. And much of that music wasn't cuban surely!

Adam D 115 days ago

Watching the audience spill onto the stage to dance with the performers at the end of the show was mesmerising. The show was brilliant throughout and worth seeing.

Linda 115 days ago

Amazing show. I enjoyed every second of it. All the team members - dancers, singers, musicians are great! I would absolutely love to see another show performed by this team. Highly recommend.

Paul 116 days ago

A dance extravaganza from Danza Cuba in celebration of 500 years of the capital. It seeks to paint a picture of Havana and it succeeds – the atmosphere being created by competent lighting, an exceptional band, a solid pair of singers and a group of talented, keen and hardworking dancers. A vague story around the history, politics, suffering, oppression, character and resilience of Havana and its people is created by songs and numerous dance forms, majoring on Salsa and Ballet but utilising others including stilts! Quality and high energy were evident from the off, they seemed to be enjoying themselves and that was infectious. The musicians, especially the keyboard player, deserve particular mention – the jazz interlude being one of the highlights. An uplifting hour with a large ensemble provided excellent evening entertainment for all ages, and very good value.

Adrian and Family 117 days ago

A mixed response from us as a family. 12 year old son was perhaps more impressed than we were. As a short dance show it delivers as a hit of Latin culture. There was repetition in the Latin. Like others we felt the ballet was the best bit. Worth a £10, yes on overall reflection.

Rick 120 days ago

Enjoyable. Ballet dancers very good and entrancing . Rest all competent but not quite what I was expecting for Cuban music. Dance routines a bit too similar to the one before. Read they had not much time to rehearse before hand so can’t be too hard on them. They were all putting there all into it so longer it goes on the better it’ll be .

Fringe Bingers 120 days ago

Not entirely Cuban music, but still bursting with wonderful Cuban energy, rhythm and talent both of dancers and musicians. ****

Kenny Toal 120 days ago

Absolutely fantastic show! Brilliant energy from start to finish from the dancers, musicians and the singers. I would like to thank the two female dancers we met after the show tonight who spoke so kindly to my friend from Cuba who is visiting Edinburgh for the first time. You made her very happy and we will be coming back to see you again before the festival is finished.

If anyone is wondering whether they should see the show then don't think twice.


Aiga Augspole 123 days ago

Loved it! Loved it!! ♡♡♡ The atmosphere was great and the picture that the artists built...I felt like I actually travelled to Cuba. The live music was amazing and the dancers had so much energy that I was struggling to stay in my chair. And at the end we got to join them on the stage- Me voy pa mi casa!!! ♡ Highly reccomend!!

John Clayton 124 days ago

Wonderful music. Absolutely loved the beautiful ballet dancing. A big and intimidating venue but still a great show. Especially at the end when I was in the many up on stage.

Georgia Turnbull 125 days ago

Incredible show filled with lots of energy! Mix of contemporary and modern dance and music as well as traditional Cuban styles. Dancers were so impressive as well as the singers and the band. Best show I've seen at the fringe yet!

Adam Lantos 126 days ago

I found it to be an overal worthwhile show.

The band and singers were the best part of it, with very energetic music and voices.

The ballet dancers were the next best thing.

The part of the show that I wasn't crazy about (but it wasn't bad per se, I just expected much more) were the latin dances. The choreographies were underwhelming, with most being simplistic and maybe trying (but failing) to make up with sex appeal. The latin dancers were nothing special either, with the males being clearly better than the females.

I had a good time, but would think about it twice before I recommended it to a friend.

Kinga 126 days ago

It's a fun, high-energy show full of good vibes, but it *is not* that Cuban! A lot of American pop songs, not even remixed in a Latino way. Which is fine, but totally not what I expected or came for. There isn't much Cuban dance or music, mostly ballet and hip hop with just a handful of reggaeton tunes. Make sure you know what you're getting when going to this one!

Peter 127 days ago

Really great show. Brilliant band, 2 brilliant singers, many brilliant dancers, both contempory and ballet. Great great music, Oh I must visit Cuba just for the music. Both singers were top top beautiful voices. The two ballet dancers were superb.

Elle 127 days ago

The ballet dancers were by far the best thing about this show. The others were good also but I personally found the dances to be a bit repetitive. The male singer is better than the female and story being told doesn’t really pair up with the dances. A high energy show non the less which I’m sure most people would enjoy.

Francesca Williams 127 days ago

Wow! What an amazing show! Loved it!

Celia Perea 127 days ago

Wow, what a fantastic performance, I can highly recommend this wonderful show of exceptionally talented musicians, singers and dancers. Amazing and full of energy show

Alexandra Cristea 128 days ago

Amazing. So much energy on the stage, very very talented people, absolutely worth seeing!

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One4Review (5/5 stars) 112 days ago

An incredible 5-piece band, led by award-winning musician, and Buena Vista Social Club pianist, Rolando Luna set the scene brilliantly with their sounds of Havana. They are accompanied by two singers, Gisela Lepio and Joaquin Garcia who get the evening … Read More...

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The Scotsman (5/5 stars) 116 days ago

Dancing the darkness away ...

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The List (4/5 stars) 118 days ago

Cuban extravaganza of fabulous musicianship and sassy dance...

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Fest (3/5 stars) 119 days ago

Happy birthday, Havana. The intoxicating Cuban city was founded 500 years ago. Produced and directed by Fringe veteran Toby Gough, this artistically variable but likeable commercial entertainment wants to mark the occasion with music and dance (and just a touch of political consciousness-raising).  Our guide is Gisela Lepio, a capable...

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The Student Newspaper 120 days ago

Havana After Dark is an exhilarating musical journey through Havana’s history. The show, a celebration of Havana’s 500th birthday, directed by Toby Gough, demonstrates a political message- despite sanctions on the country, Cubans are strong and resilient.
Overall, Havana After Dark is the perfect show to see before you get your night started at a Latin party.

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Deadline News (5/5 stars) 120 days ago

AN inflight announcement welcomed the sold out venue to the José Martí airport in Havana on Saturday night and one hour later at curtain call, you could be forgiven for believing that five-time Fringe First winning Director, Toby Gough had taken you for real.

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