Happier Daze

Theatre (music, devised)

  • theSpace on the Mile - Space 3
  • 12:25
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: RIFF Theatre and New Celts Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing
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Struggling to cope with the loss of their drummer, Happier Daze are desperate to make their first big break. Even with their inspired music and catchy riffs, they don’t seem to be able to make it big. Battling the trials and tribulations of young-adult life, the five members of Happier Daze evade grief, test friendships, loyalties, morals and passion in hopes of discovering not only who they are as a band but as individuals. Packed with witty one-liners and original live music, Happier Daze will have you questioning what it means to be young, confused and alive.

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Megan O'Neill 35 days ago

This show has everything to offer! A mixture of comedy, tear jerking and heart touching moments, the show has it all! The acting was phenomenal from every person and truly by the end you felt like you personally knew each character. I feel it takes a great talent to achieve this and they all did it so well. I have never been to deeply touched by a show that approaches the subject of grief in the way it did. You can relate to at least one character I can assure you. The original songs and live band were amazing as well! I wish I could buy their music it was genius! This is defo a show to see, it was absolutely incredible and I cannot hype this show enough please go see it!

Glynis Wozniak 35 days ago

I went to see Happier Daze because my amazing client Stevie Reilly is in it; yet I rose to my feet to give a standing ovation for the entire cast at the end; the writing; the connection between the characters; the storyline; the original music; the voices; the energy; the tenderness, and the outright laughter; chasing dreams, and team spirit; as well as the trials and tribulations of the music industry.
It came as absolutely no surprise to me that they are the winners of the Outstanding Contribution to the Fringe. What an honour and so well deserved.
The story is, at once, moving, and absolutely hilarious. Bravo!

Emily 36 days ago


Leeloo Moreau 41 days ago

Happier Daze is the musico-play that anyone needs. Through touching emotions from the actors going from a range of laugh and nostalgia, it tackles many point of views on loss and growth. The original music performed in front of you is not only well played but equally well written and soulful. Consider this play like the therapy session you needed. Beautifully directed by Grace and Phoebe, congrats!

Colin Kilbride 41 days ago

I really enjoyed this show. It was moving and hilarious in equal measure, and the live music was well executed to add delicate and poignant moments, particularly as the piece progressed. Well done to the whole team and best wishes for the rest of your run and beyond. Colin

James Reilly 42 days ago

A great performance from start start to finish, original songs which were great to listen to, emotional with a storyline that keeps you hooked from the word “go” and then there is the comedy element which was unexpected but hilariously funny!
Thoroughly recommend

Gary Nunn 43 days ago

Took a chance on this play after reading the reviews and fully agree with the other reviewers comments.
A very clever play which has everything to entertain contained within, Great acting, great music (actually played on real instruments by the actors) and very real issues covered throughout.
Fully enjoyed the show.
Put it on your list, go along and enjoy.

Anna Murray 44 days ago

An amazing show!! All of the characters had so much backstop and each actor made the story their own. Beautifully written and performed with a lot of passion. The original songs are amazing too a must see

Caladh Walker 44 days ago

A must see!
The play on the whole is the perfect balance of emotive and funny, showing an honest depiction of how a lot of people in our generation deal with loss whilst trying to find themselves. The characters were instantly lovable in their own ways with such emotional depth that I would happily watch several plays on each individual character.
You can instantly tell how much the company care about the show. And it was a joy to experience!
Cannot recommend it enough.

Yasmin Taylor 47 days ago

I came out of this show in a Happy Daze! Absolutely brilliant. I couldn't believe that the songs were original (man, where do I buy the CD?). Amazing performances all round from the cast. A beautiful exploration of grief whilst also having plenty of funny moments to not let the whole thing sit too heavy on audiences.

Victoria Pendry 49 days ago

Amazing from start to finish. What an brilliant group of young actors. To write and perform their own play, compose original music, true talents. The play covered grief, new ventures, the transition through life with humour and raw emotion. The quick witted humour was on point juxtaposed against the fragility of life. Hats off to the cast and directors a show not to be missed.

Gordon Bruce 51 days ago

Fantastic must see show! A very well written story full of emotion and witty one liners. Great performances by all the cast

Samantha Bruce 51 days ago

An absolutely fantastic show. A roller coaster of emotions and real laugh out loud moments. An intimate venue that connects you to the whole performance. I'm trying to schedule another show before it finishes. A must see during the Fringe

Angela Mullen 51 days ago

A must see must see show! Written and preformed by a very talented cast who had me both laughing and crying throughout the performance. Go see this show!!!

Ewan Mullen 51 days ago


Elliot Carr 52 days ago

Acting from all cast members was increadible and so professional
I was moved by all of their performances and thought the blending of comedy and more serious themes was executed perfectly.

Cara Barbour 52 days ago

I laughed, I cried, I questioned everything and I would do it all over again! A truly amazing show by an amazing group of people!

Freddie Henderson 53 days ago

Amazing show will recommend

Matt 53 days ago

This show explores different stages of grief, all the characters are relatable throughout all aspects. The score is epic, which can take you on an emotional journey from start to finish, gripping from the moment you sit down.

This show is a must see this year!!

Tracy Dunham 54 days ago

A play highlighting the dynamics of a young band and how grief affects us all, in different ways. I thought it might be rather depressing but how wrong was I. It is filled with humour and live music as the talented young actors are also accomplished musicians. This play took me on a roller coaster of emotions as it reminded me of what it is like to be young and full of aspiration and hope for the future.

A must see. Add it to your list now...

Connor Sweetman 54 days ago

5/5: Made me laugh, made me cry. The actors were compelling, the jokes were well executed, and the music was phenomenal. It was a great example of the “show dont tell” principle, as the show sends a message without lecturing the audience. I will be seeing this again this fringe!!

Ewan McIntosh 54 days ago

I was charmed from start to finish. Extremely well written, extremely well acted. The music is also spectacular. Following the endeavours of this group of musically talented friends is a catchy, hillarious and emotional time. Will be watching again. 5 stars

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Fringe Review 45 days ago

with it’s highly emotive start and blistering finale, it’s a good show

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All Edinburgh Theatre (3/5 stars) 46 days ago

There is a genuine emotion on display here that makes it impossible to dislike.

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