• Summerhall - Main Hall
  • 10:00
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: Poland
  • Group: Lubuski Teatr
  • Warnings and additional info: Performed in Polish
  • Accessibility:
    Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
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  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
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Gusla is based on the second part and excerpts of the fourth part of Adam Mickiewicz's drama Dziady (Forefathers' Eve). World-famous director Grzegorz Bral (Scotsman Fringe First Award winner, 2004 and 2012), founder of Song of the Goat Theatre, has translated the Polish Romantic classic into a poignant, deeply emotional theatrical language. Growing out of a ritual in honour of the dead, Gusla touches not only on mourning and the loss of a loved one, but also on contemporary Poland and its great ideals. Performed in Polish.

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Paul Devine 36 days ago

This was fantastic - the staging, the actors, the costumes - and the MUSIC, wow. My only gripe is that there wasn't an English synopsis given out. Or at least, not that I could quickly see in the programme we got on the way into the venue before the lights went down. I didn't keep my programme as I had no bag and 5 more shows to see. I still really enjoyed this though, it was definitely a highlight.

Krystian Budzinski 45 days ago

Love it. 5/5 Recommended to everyone. Acting, visually and musically masterful. I recommend reading the leaflet for English speakers to get to know more context because the show is in Polish

Peter Napier 49 days ago

WOW! Mind-blowing virtuosity. And I don't understand a word of Polish. 5 Stars.

Artur Hoffman 51 days ago

Great performance by professional theatre from Poland. Five Stars. I would advise people to search for Adam Mickiewicz: Dziady to have brief idea what's that about. ..

Marcin Pulawski 51 days ago

Grzegorz Bral, the founder of the Song of the Goat Theatre and a two-time Scotsman Fringe First Award winner (2004 and 2012), once again proves he is among the most innovative directors in contemporary theatre. "Gusła" is not just an adaptation of fragments from the second and fourth parts of Adam Mickiewicz's drama "Dziady" but is, more significantly, a deeply emotional, universal tale about mourning, loss, and the pursuit of grand ideals.

The theatrical language Bral employs in presenting "Gusła" is emotionally charged and provokes introspection in the viewer. Translating Polish Romanticism onto the modern stage is no easy task, yet in Bral's hands, it becomes a genuine masterpiece. The play emerges from a ritual honoring the deceased, touching not just the hearts of Polish audiences with themes of fear, loss, and grief, but also commenting on modern-day Poland and its towering ideals.

Though the performance is in Polish, the emotions and universal themes are conveyed so potently that the language barrier seems to dissolve. Grzegorz Bral has the unique ability to transform a classic into a contemporary work of art that resonates with the hearts and souls of viewers regardless of their background.
"Gusła" is a jolting and moving theatrical experience that leaves an indelible mark on the memory of anyone fortunate enough to witness it.

Snap Judgement 55 days ago

★★★☆☆ Glimpses into the Underworld. Enjoyable, despite the flaws.

* Atmospheric. The air was alive with ancient whispers.
* Artistic Costumes. Intricate costumes that capture the eye and imagination.
* Live Accompaniment. Piano music painting a vibrant auditory landscape.

* Lost in translation. The monologue-driven show was unexpectedly in Polish. (the warning was added later)
* Monotony. Sporadic stretches of performance lacking dynamic energy.
* Monology. Missed opportunities for storytelling through other means.

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Adrianna K 58 days ago

I absolutely loved it! The costumes, singing, acting, makeup, music - everything was absolutely perfect and I am so happy that I saw it. I am Polish and my boyfriend is Scottish, so he didn't understand the words but I did explain to him beforehand Dziady Mickiewicza. That to say, both of us really enjoyed it.

James Gordon 60 days ago

So glad I saw this,despite understanding less than one word in a hundred! An extraordinary piece of musical, physical, ritual theatre, based on a classic text, as rhythmically intense as the Rite of Spring (although this is a rite of autumn), with spectacular, fantastical, swirling costumes, the likes of which are rarely seen nowadays.

If you want to know what's going on, there's a lot of background information on the Wikipedia page for Dziady by Mickiewicz, especially if you follow the bottom-most weblink and autotranslate the summary of Part 2.

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 45 days ago

Easily the freshest, richest and most viscerally stunning piece of Fringe theatre Scotland has seen in 2023.

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Lost in Theatreland (5/5 stars) 49 days ago

Lubuski Teatr has done a great job in inviting curiosity for Polish history and culture, one that doesn’t necessarily require the knowledge of the language to dive straight in.

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Disrupting Stages 58 days ago

Lubuski Theater ask us to be present, put aside preconceptions of high or obscure European performance and embrace the on-going creativity of a company committed to sitting at the edge of theatre-making.

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