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  • Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose - Nip
  • 19:45
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Limerence Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Language/Swearing
  • Accessibility:
    Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
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Charlie's had enough. He's giving up sex. No more booty calls. No more walks of shame. No more sleeping with that guy who gave him gonorrhoea... twice. He's taking a breather. He's having some me time. He's learning to love himself. He's bought some face masks so he's already halfway there. After two total sell-out Fringes, the internationally award-winning Limerence Productions is back with Fudge: an honest, warm and witty exploration of the difficulties of gay celibacy. 'You don't have time to draw breath for laughing' ***** (UKTW.co.uk). 'The script is absolutely spot-on' ***** (TheatreReviews.Design).

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Tom Howe 91 days ago

I thought this was brilliantly written, and seamlessly performed. Great show!

Trevar Alan Chilver 101 days ago

Fudge is a very engaging and enjoyable piece featuring stellar performances and authentic dialogue

Hannah D. 101 days ago

I absolutely loved the Fudge. It's a play about friendship, love, life... Its authenticity just blasts in your face. You're not only watching it. The play sucks you in.
I wanted to be their friend. No, I felt like I was their friend or was I them?!
Brilliant acting, great set,... possibly my favorite show at the fringe. It did really touch me.

anonymous 104 days ago

This is by no means a bad show; the script is usually good, the performances are strong and the staging is not dry given the size of the stage they were working with. I will preface my reservations with what I did find very good; the actor playing Charlie does some excellent work -- he is, in turns, vulnerable, clever, nuanced, clearly adept at making lines feel as though they were being said for the first time, and charming/attractive enough to make the plot plausible. The script is often very funny, and all three performers onstage know how to carry the humour of the show (especially the actor playing Sophie.) Where the show falls down, however, is in its larger plotting and the lack of cohesion of styles at play; the script is big on relatability but small on substance. I was often smiling at how the show may have connected to my own experiences or the experiences of friends, but rarely did I feel it was saying much more than anything I could politely smile at. Even in its conceptual discussions of sexuality, gender, friendship and infidelity, I rarely felt like the show was scratching far beneath the surface, preferring to make comments anyone could identify with than to say anything really new or sophisticated. I would also say that the three actors felt as though they came from different plays; the two boys were at opposite ends of acting extremes -- we flitted between RSC denunciation and exceptional diction on the one hand (not a criticism!!!) and naturalism of delivery on the other (also not a criticism.) Both actors were good, I was more confused by the decision to stick them in the same show; they didnt make sense living in the same flat because their performance energies were so radically different.
This review sounds really harsh; I did enjoy the show and would like to re-emphasise that. I would question some of the plotting and casting choices, though.

Connor Rowlett 109 days ago

A wonderful short play about gay celibacy and the everyday sadness of unfulfilled connection between friends. Sweet, funny, and sad in equal measure, and told with a wonderfully subtle touch by astonishingly convincing actors.

FringeFan1985 111 days ago

Last year's production, Marmite, was one of my top shows, so I booked this as soon as possible. It doesn't hold together as well; it tends towards "characters pair off to have heartfelt/intense/overdramatic conversations on a messy sofa" scenes, and the through story begins with an emphasis on celibacy and ends on the fallout from bad decision making without quite enough development, but it's still solid work. I was so pleased to see two of the actors returning from last year - can't find either of their names on the website.

I don't care if Charlie's dancing is there to be mocked; I wanted to go clubbing with him, or end up in a 4am game of Truth or Dare.

Still have no idea what the series of food-related titles are all about, since they don't connect to the plays, which makes it awkward when trying to recommend it ("You saw a play about fudge?" "Not in slightest, but there's gay drama and some tablets that might have been ecstasy?")

Highly recommended. 4/5.

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ScotsGay (4/5 stars) 102 days ago

Charlie, Ben and Sophie are at home in their flat in Bristol. Very soon Ben is due to leave to live with his new man in Swindon – what Bristolians might consider a sad fate. Charlie has been off sex for two months. An amazing length of celibate existence. Could...

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 103 days ago

Charlie, Ben and Sophie are flatmates. Two gay men and a woman, they watch rubbish television together, drink, party and look out for each other. ...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 104 days ago

A gay themed Friends for the Grindr generation, Fudge, playing now at the Gilded Ballroom Patter House, is a funny slice of gay life play.Charlie, Sophie, and Ben are fun-loving, bad movie watching, flatmates. The action of the play centers around a final night party among the three flatmates as...

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