Friendsical: A Parody Musical About Friends

Theatre (musical theatre, comedy)

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  • Assembly Rooms - Music Hall
  • 13:00
  • Aug 24-25
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Birdbrooke Entertainment Ltd
  • Warnings and additional info: Age Category: 12 and above (12+)
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  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
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A new parody musical, inspired by the iconic TV show. When Ross' wife leaves him for another woman, he fears he will never find love again. But then Rachel runs back into his life... will he end up with his true love? Featuring original songs: (He's her) Lobster!, Richard's Moustache and You're Over Me? When Were You Under Me?, the gang take on naked Thursdays, a power cut and a dinosaur convention. What could possibly go wrong? This is a loving parody not to be confused with the Warner Bros Entertainment Inc series Friends.

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Louise about 14 hours ago

Went to see this with my sisters - we are huge friends fans and we totally loved it! We laughed from start to finish. Good fun!

Jayne 1 day ago

The absolutely worst thing I’ve ever seen in six years at fringe. So disappointing.

Lauren Gresty 3 days ago

Myself and my mum went to see this show as we are Massive FRIENDS fans. I have read so many negative reviews about this show but both my mum and I simply LOVED it! A little slow to get started but it was so funny and the music was funny and true to the show within licensing limits of course! The final song was stuck in my head for days and now any time I mention this show to someone it pops back into my head and I start to sing it again. It is one I would recommend over and over to any FRIENDS fan. Well doe cast and crew!
The only criticism I have is lack of access for those who are in wheelchairs, luckily the young lady in our performance was clearly used to fitting into tight spaces where as many I would assume are not. It was also incredibly rude of so many of the audience to climb over her to get past and leave the show. No issues with cast or show just the venue.

Alistair Lomas 3 days ago

The rest of the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Stephen 7 days ago

This show was hands-down the worst thing I saw at Fringe this year, from 60+ shows. It is a cynical cash grab that trades purely on its name. It offers little by way of artistic merit, quality music, comedy or performance. It was a frustrating piece to watch.

The sad thing is it will likely be among the few fringe shows this year to turn a profit, when thousands of quality pieces aren’t able to attract an audience.

I should also add that the venue did a very poor job of accommodating patrons in wheelchairs. There are no spaces set aside for wheelchairs. At the performance I attended, two wheelchairs were placed in the front row, in front of the seats and wedged up against the stage. This meant that half of the auditorium had no way to exit as the only pathway out was blocked. Frustratingly, many people simply climbed over a young girl in a wheelchair to get to the bar or toilet (or to simply leave, as many did). It is appalling that a major venue like this is unable to properly accommodate patrons with special access requirements.

Tony 7 days ago

A fast paced trip with songs through 10 seasons of the show, better for those with an intimate knowledge of the show.

mani naghibi 10 days ago

Pure nostalgia. Great take on the whole concept. Monica, Ross and Phoebe’s characters are nailed and other do a solid job. Feel good and fully recommend.

Kerr McKinlay 14 days ago

Saw this on Friday and it was fantastic. Hilarious from start to finish and I found myself drawn in by the accurate portrayals of all the characters (in particular Ross, Chandler and Monica). Fun songs and a strong recommendation for any friends fans. A strong 4 and a half stars

D 15 days ago

It was a pain. The actors didn‘t speak, mostly they screamed like silly kids. Especially the female cast. They also sang glaring and screaming in the highest levels. Music was okay, but all human voices were too shrill and loud. After 90 minutes it‘s a mercy when it comes to the end. No recommendation.

The Ockerts 16 days ago

It was really bad... if you wants a Friends experience, just binge watch it on Netflix.

Kathy W 17 days ago

This was the worst show of my Fringe. I went in with relatively high expectations - West End performers, toured round the country - should at least be high quality singing if nothing else?

Well, the singing was good, but unfortunately it couldn't save the awful writing. It was like someone had gone - you know this moment in Friends? You know it's funny? LOOK AT IT. ISN'T IT FUNNY... for 90 minutes. Yes, it was funny... when I first watched it in Friends. When someone makes a parody, I expect it to be clever, say funny things about the topic, make interesting asides - not just almost flat out repeat things that happen in the show. A whole song just going 'Rachel and Ross are on and off again' - well, yeah? It was just lazy writing.

In addition, the characters really grate after a while. Chandler was brilliant, Monica also very good, but the repeated screeches from all the female characters genuinely gave me a headache. Joey wasn't at all familiar - you can't just go 'he's a bit thick and eats all the time' and expect that to be enough!

I ended up walking out 15mins before the end as I couldn't stand it any more - and I haven't walked out of a show in years.

If you want a proper parody musical, go see Unfortunate instead. SO much better.

jackie 19 days ago

We were a bit ambivalent about Friendsical to be honest. The cast are undoubtedly very talented and put their all into the show. There were moments of brilliance and real laugh out loud humour, BUT after the first ten minutes when you are admiring how good they are at capturing the characters (particularly Phoebe, Chandler and Monica) they start to grate. The songs are a bit “Meh” on the whole and it doesn’t help that you can’t hear all the words. We preferred the speaking bits which tended to be more amusing and captured the essence of the ten years of Friends storyline. The asides to the audience were just cringy. If it had been 60 minutes, punchier and with fewer jazz hands songs, it may have been pretty good. Some people walked out half way through. Maybe they had other shows to go to? Perhaps we just weren’t avid enough Friends fans?

Cameron McMichael 20 days ago

Great show and great character portrayal. Phoebe was the best.

Removed 10 days ago

This review has been removed by the original author

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Mind the Blog (4/5 stars) 1 day ago

If you’re a Friends obsessive, and love musicals, then the chances are you’ll have a fantastic time – it’s irreverent and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s definitely something to remember. Speaking as someone who’s watched the TV series countless times (thank you, E4/Comedy Central/Netflix!), it’s an absolute joy to try and pick up every little detail that’s thrown at you throughout the 90 minutes. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee?), but definitely good for a giggle.

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Edinburgh Guide (4/5 stars) 7 days ago

Friendsical is a great excuse for nostalgia over one of the nation’s favourite TV shows. The cast are phenomenal and incredibly convincing. In particular Mitchells (Chandler), Lee-Morgan (Ross) and Goggins (Monica) really sell the part and have the mannerisms down. The set is a gorgeous, brightly coloured haven, featuring both...

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Musical Theatre Review (3/5 stars) 9 days ago

This young cast oozes energy

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Daily Business Magazine (5/5 stars) 9 days ago

This is a well-written and entertaining show which has been a worldwide hit. I particularly enjoyed watching Mitchells as the dysfunctional Chandler (always my favourite, we all had one) with his quirky mannerisms and cutting one liners. He and Lee-Morgan got their characters to a tee. If you are a Friends fan go see it, you will not be disappointed.

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 21 days ago

Long-running US Sitcom, Friends, has a cult following and so it is no surprise to see queues wending their way round the block outside the Assembly Rooms. Friendsical: A Parody Musical About Friends, has been much talked about in the run-up to the Fringe and has everything a Friends fan...

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 21 days ago

Friendsical: A Parody Musical About Friends is the condensed 10-year will they/won't they story of Ross and Rachel told over just 90 minutes. It is addressed at the beginning that the timeline is off and iconic scenes will pop up out of the usual order. The casting for this production...

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