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In this poignant and compelling new work, an ambitious manager introduces a new first violinist to a longstanding string quartet with an uncertain future. As the reconstituted quartet plays, over twelve weeks of rehearsals and performances, it becomes evident that this new blood has disrupted the settled dynamics of the group. The award-winning playwright of Four, Clé Holly (Parallel Lines, Stretch, American Standard), is herself a violinist, and it shows in the verisimilitude of this sharply written drama. Featuring live music.

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Rory Stewart 28 days ago

This play might be an acquired taste, but i enjoyed it. Saw this 3 days ago. I would give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! I hated the manager character, he was sa sleazy and was played really well by the actor. He was so sleazy that i am not realizing that i am actually affected by his performance and i catch myself realizing that it was just all an act. The girl in the play was the best musician of the group, she was so good with the violin. The older guy was a little clowny sometimes, but i enjoyed his performance when he shows tenderness. All in all this play was a joy to watch, good thing i had 3 cups of coffee and a pint of beer in the morning before watching it. I don’t know the names of the actors so i could not really name them. I think they still have performances the entire week. Go and watch!

Douglas 30 days ago

This was a play about the difficulty experienced by an obviously talented violinist in joining a string quartet following the demise of one of the members. I found it interesting that the quartet, in real life, consisted of 3 American actors pretending to be musicians - ok, I concede one was a musician also - plus a Scottish musician pretending to be an actor. He seemed very wooden but perhaps he was asked to play it that way. I wonder if he was brought in at the last minute. I did quite enjoy the play. The female in particular was very accomplished.

leon coleman 31 days ago

Poor diction and poor acting left me scrambling for the show description to find out was was supposed to be happening. Hardly heard half of the words that were spoke.n. The length of the show as advertised was supposed to be 1 hour. The play lasted no more than 44 minutes. I want my money back !!!

Kelly Rowland 34 days ago

Talented musicians, some interesting acting from the manager called Hassim. Most of the time i could not hear what the other actors are saying. I am not sure if it was intentional that the black guy who was about to sing did not really sing or maybe he forgets the lyrics of the song? Who knows, we could not hear most of them anyway. I like the idea that it is a slice of life. I am not sure if i am ok with the idea that not all of them don’t have actual instrument, but it was different. This was still interesting with all the comedies and circus shows in Fringe. Come and watch it.

Nick Ledingham 35 days ago

Disappointing. Poor acting. Not really any music. The storyline was poor as well.

Sean Davis 36 days ago

Four (*****)
The manager of a veteran string quartet made up of older men finds a female Julliard grad student to replace a departed first violin player. What a wonderful mix of short musical excerpts and vignettes exposing the strains and joys of having a new member. It was interesting to see how well the show functioned with only two real musicians.

This is the 4th most enjoyable of the 122 shows I have seen so far at the Fringe this year. I hope to see almost 200.

James Arbuthnaught 39 days ago

Just to be clear, this is a play "about" a string quartet. It is not a play "with" a string quartet. The story is quite sweet but the production and cast lack dama, theatricality and stagecraft. Two violinists play live, the others players mime "air" cello etc. That said, there is very little music anyway. The actor who sings a song has a good singing voice, the only redeeming aspect of the show really. I am sad to say it doesn't really work as a piece.

George Hawryluk 41 days ago

Beautiful story about passing and moving on, very talented musicians, recommend seeing and experiencing the very well played play.

Sam P. 44 days ago

The play features the dynamics of a string quartet grappling with change, with a touch of melancholy. The live music adds an immersive layer, accentuating the genuine emotions portrayed by the talented cast. A great staging overall

Mademoiselle A 44 days ago

I came into the show with zero expectations and I was happily surprised and glad I was able to watch! This tear-jerker was a much welcome palate cleanser in between the stand up shows, circuses etc around.

The plot is simple, but in its simplicity it was able to showcase each character and how it affects the group’s chemistry. Special mention to the manager Hasim for giving life to a multi-dimensional character—both awe-inspiring but also annoyingly ambitious, dramatic but also funny. Roger also moved me to tears in his ultra-realistic portrayal of loss.

I recommend watching this show!

Ally Cherst 47 days ago

Saw this the other day and i feel like it needs to be tighter. Just some thoughts, the girl is a good violinist, the manager was interesting to watch. I wish there were more actors who played real instrument. Overall i enjoyed it.

Kathy 48 days ago

Unfortunately, I don't think this show was ready for the Fringe, for a number of reasons. In a show marketed about a string quartet with live music, I expected a quartet to play. Instead there is one talented musician (who is also the best actor by far), one 'backup' musician for background notes and the rest are mimed. The actors are often stilted, bar the female violinist. The storyline is confused, with the ending in particular having no real relevance to the rest of the plot. It is a shame, as somewhere in there could be an interesting play interweaving live string quartet performances with the challenge of keeping traditional classical music relevant to paying audiences, but it is not there yet.

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