Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World

Musicals and Opera

  • Pleasance Courtyard - The Grand
  • 13:30
  • Aug 29
  • 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Suitability: 8+
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Kenny Wax Family Entertainment in association with MAST Mayflower Studios
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains loud noises, haze and strobe lighting.
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The Fringe premiere of new kickass-pirational pop musical from one of the producers of hit SIX, that celebrates the lives of Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst and many more. Join our inquisitive heroine Jade as she breaks away from her class to take a peek at the not yet open Gallery of Greatness in the local museum where she meets some of history’s incredible wonder women. Celebrated dramatist Chris Bush and No 1 hit songwriter Miranda Cooper (Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue) adapt suffragette descendent Kate Pankhurst’s award-winning picture book.

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Sean Davis 36 days ago

This very professional musical has an eleven-year old Black girl wander into a restricted part of museum dedicated to accomplished women of the past. The cast, particularly the girl, are all top notch with strong, upbeat songs, and fun choreography. As each famous woman, particularly Rosa Parks, comes alive, they serve to bolster the girl’s resolve to be special and her awareness of her own self-worth.

So far, I have seen 121 shows at the Fringe this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

Joanne Holloway 36 days ago

Absolutely loved this. The energy, the calibre of the singing, and the message all combined to make it incredibly memorable and emotional. As others have said west end calibre. Would watch again in a heartbeat

Hannah Ross 37 days ago

A future west end smash hit!

Elin 37 days ago

This has been one of the best shows I’ve seen at the fringe.

It’s def not just for girls and is not only educational but funny and entertaining.

Erin Maguire 38 days ago

Everyone needs to see this show, especially kids. It’s a special one - it definitely belongs on a West End stage. The songs are fantastic and the cast are extremely talented. The show as a whole is so powerful, emotional, and inspiring.

PJ Vickers (ZAV) 39 days ago

Just saw this...
Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World
A thrilling show - truly uplifting. Like A Night In The Museum, but with inventive, smart women who have moved the culture forward, but have been shamefully over-looked by the history books. The amazing cast brings these heroines to life with song and comedy, all intended to help a young kid find the hero inside herself. Quality.

Julia K 41 days ago

Fantastic! We loved this (including my husband - this show's not just for girls!) Great soundtrack, outstanding performances. Look forward to seeing this follow its "big sister" Six into the West End. Meanwhile make sure you see it here first!

Joséphina Fransilja 41 days ago

What a fantastic, moving show :) so empowering. Took my little sister a long and she absolutely loved it. All star smashing cast, lovely voices. Catchy songs - cast wait to listen to the soundtrack on Spotify !!

EW 43 days ago

A musical worthy of West End and Broadway! Great songs, superb harmony, vocals and dance routines! Highly recommend. One of the best musicals in the last 3 Fringe festivals.

Chase 43 days ago

An amazing show for all ages! I would not be surprised to see this on west end or broadway someday!
Show was amazing. I was so blown away by the incredible set and use of props throughout the show! Not to mention the amazing talent, fabulous songs, and wonderful message.
Would see it a second time if I had the chance!

Jason 44 days ago

One of my favourite shows I’ve seen in the 3 times I’ve been to the fringe. Constantly thinking “how is everyone so talented?!”. Such good fun and fantastically enjoyable for all the family. I’m always cautious in expectations when hearing original musical songs but my gosh, I loved every song and thank the world that they rhyme! Must see!

kyla Cranmer 44 days ago

Do not miss this show! Me and my daughter gave it 6 stars(!) Unbelievably talented cast, great songs and powerful messages. Doubt I’ll see anything better this week

Russell Goddard 44 days ago

Wow! Just wow! One of the best shows I've seen in twenty years coming to The Fringe. Buy a ticket and thank me later.

Polly 44 days ago

Absolutely loved this show! A brilliant musical with a very talented cast. By the end of it, you and your kids will believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Liddy Millar 46 days ago

This has to be one of the best shows in the fringe, I cannot recommend this show enough. A feel good show for anyone!

Debbie Campbell 46 days ago

We absolutely loved this show. It was West End caliber - so much talent that the stage could hardly hold it. Every single actor sang and acted their hearts out. We were able to talk with the cast after the show (they hung around outside the theatre) and you could tell they truly loved what they do, and they believe in the message. Don't miss it!

nikki and kids 50 days ago

Just AMAZING and FABULOUS!!!! I enjoyed Six but think I actually love this more. Kids (12, 10 and 9) loved it too. Made me cry a bit as its everything I would want to say to my 12 year old daughter! The cast are sooooo good. We loved all of them! Go see! I would happily go back everyday...

Claire 51 days ago

If there were loudspeakers, on every street, playing the excerpt ‘Show Me The Way’, every night, then the world would be much better place…

There are not enough good words to describe this show. The phenomenal talent of the cast, combined with the outstanding songs and truly inspirational premise, make this an awe-inspiring and incredible performance. It is funny, poignant, emotional; and the stories of these women, on whose shoulders we stand, have never felt more relevant. We saw the show when it came to the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh in April, and it was even better for seeing it the second time. The actors are amazing – their energy is phenomenal, and their enthusiasm, commitment, belief, and acting, singing and movement skills are truly amazing. All four of the leads could be (should be) household names, they are so talented. The fact that the actors and the performance – and their energy – felt so fresh (when they have been touring this for months) was hugely impressive – they were just as full of belief and dedication and energy as the first time we saw them. There are so, so many highlights, and the show gets better and better as it goes on; perhaps our very favourite moment (from an absolute banquet of riches) was to go from the high energy of the Marys’ song to the incredibly measured and contained performance by the actor playing Rosa Parks, which gave it even extra poignancy (and her simply outstanding singing). But it’s all incredible. The cast are all incredible. Everyone should see this show. And they should play ‘Deeds Not Words’ from every loudspeaker too.

Maria Gray 51 days ago

So glad I made it to this great musical. All so talented. Great songs, great choreography and costumes. Loved it!!

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One4Review (5/5 stars) 37 days ago

With its positive message for women and exuberant musical numbers, this is a must see show for all the family.

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North West End UK (5/5 stars) 37 days ago

Congratulations to the writers, cast and creatives that have shaped this play into a magnificent, colourful, inspirational show, which is suitable for a family audience (recommended for children aged 7+).

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Everything Theatre (5/5 stars) 39 days ago

An exceptional new musical that brings the stories of incredible women to the stage in an exciting, vibrant production.

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 43 days ago

The songs are incredibly catchy and fun and are bound to stick in your head long after leaving the theatre.

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The Indiependent 45 days ago

With its great soundtrack and inspirational messages, Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World is a must-see at this year’s Fringe.

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Musical Theatre Review (5/5 stars) 46 days ago

Well, there’s talent and joy in abundance in this all-female production. The singing is as good as it gets. The storytelling is lively and the dialogue, razor sharp. Lyrically, it’s as complex and straightforward as it needs to be to make its point. It makes clear its musical language from the start, and it speaks it fluently. The three-piece onstage band is brilliant. Every song is greeted with a roar of approval.

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Squirrel Comedy 48 days ago

A very polished performance that is heaps of fun.

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