Fall and Flow

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (physical theatre, international)

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Immerse yourself in the world of Hong Kong action films, and watch the magic of physical theatre storytelling laced with kung fu. Take a breath as Hong Kong’s award-winning physical theatre company dive deep into the depths of war, the power of love and hate as the futility and sorrow explode in front of you in their six short stories.

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Paul Devine 30 days ago

This wasn't bad, it was something different and our party all enjoyed elements. However I would say it should have been billed as an interpretative dance / clown show with no mention of kung fu. The music was really good, wish there was more singing.

jean anderson 32 days ago

I was so disappointed in this show. I could see the performers were very talented but their weird horrible contorted facial expressions were so off putting, Sorry, not for me.

Gillian B 36 days ago


This show was beautiful to watch. One of my favourites from this years fringe. Be sure to arrive in time to read the handout paper that explains what the stories are about.

Julie Diewald 39 days ago

From the very first minutes, I was drawn in. The performance was high energy, funny, engaging. Loved seeing the stories play out. Innovative use of costuming and props. Want to go see more of their work!

Kerry 41 days ago

This was ... interesting.

The performance itself was good, and the performers were very tallented in their skills. But, personally, it was a bit too abstract for me. I understood the story, but only because of the handout they gave before the show. Usually, that wouldn't be a problem, since I tend to enjoy dance or matial arts shows regardless if there's a story or not, because I appreciate the talents and skills on display. However, since this performance was focused a lot on the story it was telling (and this was a bit unclear at times), rather than the kung-fu or singing, I found my attention dropping in places.

Maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea.

If you're similar to me, but are looking for a Kung-fu/martial arts show, I recommend 'no dragon, no lion' by another Hong Kong theatre group.

Dominic Irwin 44 days ago

This show is visually gorgeous. Through mime, dance, facial expressions, body language, opera and shadows, this performance packs a punch. An interweaving of several ancient Chinese tales, themes of tyranny, sycophancy, loyalty and betrayal take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotion. Frequently humour thinly masks tragedy which unsettles the audience and this is deliberate in my view because really the story is not funny at all. Cultural signposts can be opaque as this is a new world for us: we are in ancient China but somehow Hong Kong is all around us. For me the experience was magical, and the ending so stunning it made me cry. A masterpiece really.

Robin Auld 44 days ago

The stand out Fringe performance for me. A beautiful allegory exploring Chinese storytelling through a mix of contemporary dance, Cantonese opera, mime, live music and physical theatre. A 6-piece metaphor for the human condition. I was spellbound. Fall and Flow is quite unique in the journey it asks its audience to take, as so much interpretation is left to unraveling a relatively unfamiliar artform. It's on till the end of the month, so get in there and be transported into a gentle clash of myth and reality.

Neil 45 days ago

Not what I expected, but still very enjoyable. This show presents 5 separate stories, where the initial plot of the stories is made clear by the programme we're handed on the way in, but after that, what actually happens on stage isn't immediately clear. The actual choreography, live music (including live contributions from the performers themselves) and the physical performances are all incredible though, and had me completely gripped when it all kicked in.

There are a few moments of silence where I felt maybe we were supposed to be laughing. It's because of this that I don't feel the show quite connects with the audience in the way that it wants to, although perhaps this was just at the show I attended.

Regardless, a huge amount of effort has gone into this show, and I'd recommend it for anyone with a love for asian martial arts films, or looking to see a more unique approach to a dance show.

William (Billy) Weems 46 days ago

Though not steeped in the culture, very enjoyable. Well done.

Snap Judgement 48 days ago

★★★☆☆ Enjoyable, despite the flaws

* Mastery in Movement. From comical miming to poignant expressions, a silent story unfolds before your eyes.
* All Ages Welcome. A treat that can be enjoyed by both young and young at heart.
* Elegant Stage Aesthetics. Minimalistic, yet intricately designed, capturing the essence of oriental beauty.

* Cultural Fall. Some symbolic references went over my head, making me crave for context.
* Missed Flow. Pinpointing where one story ended and another began proved challenging.
* Expectation vs Reality. The show poster led me to anticipate a more serious narrative.

My Instagram for more reviews like this: @snap.judgement.reviews

Agnes Joyce Wells 49 days ago

What an amazing sequence of dance moves! Not dance really…but storytelling using the body. The choreography in each section was complex and mesmerising. Lots of kung fu moves incorporated between the participants. A fabulous show which depicted life in ancient China and showcased their amazing skills. One to see!

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Scottish Field (4/5 stars) 34 days ago

I recommend you check out Hong Kong-based Theatre de la Feuille’s charming family-friendly and dynamic production.

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The Stage (4/5 stars) 38 days ago

Hypnotic, sharp and clear.

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Theatre Travels 39 days ago

This is stunning work.

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euronews 40 days ago

A refreshingly bold piece of physical theatre.

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